Social Justice And Food

by Izat Khan

Injustice Kills The Food 

Just as it is futile to try to feed a goat by tying it in front of a lion, a healthy goat cannot be kept healthy by being tied to a lion. No living being suffering from grief or any other serious problem like fear feels hungry, then finally its health becomes worse. This situation applies to every animal and human being.

You know that millions of people are very scared, very worried, and very sad because of the cruelty and injustice of their fellow men. The second irony is that, usually, such people are victims of poverty and a lack of education. Due to fear, worry, sadness, poverty, and low food, these people often suffer from various diseases. My own experience is that nature has so arranged that the human body can be as healthy on a simple and low-nutrient diet as it is on a nutrient-dense diet. Provided that there is social justice in society.

But this does not happen; it is the opposite. I have seen thousands of people who eat very simple food. They do not care much about hygiene. But they do not suffer from fear, from any great anxiety, or from any particular sorrow, and their health is enviable. On the other hand, thousands of people who eat the same food but suffer from fear, severe social anxiety, or some particular affliction are often suffering from some disease or great weakness.

 Doctors And Human suffering

The suffering increases when these people go to a doctor for their treatment. The doctor prescribes medicine and diet in the routine. But these patients are not cured. Even if something improves, they will soon fall victim to another disease. Because the doctors do not know their real disease or the cause of the disease. I claim that these patients are suffering from some disease due to fear, severe social anxiety, or other suffering. The doctor says that some of them have a bad stomach, some of them are treating a heart patient or muscle, etc. These diseases are indeed caused by the above-mentioned causes, not by food; the treatment will be successful only when the cause is removed.

These millions of patients have a common problem: the diet is not giving us any benefits, and our stomachs and bodies are very weak. But it is very sad to say how the doctors who are considered educated in society are unaware of such a big and horrible fact that society is full of injustice, selfishness, and oppression and is treating crores of people torturously. In that society, which stomach can digest and accept the food there?

Or can a person get health only through food and medicine? Or does a person get sick only because of bad food and a bad environment? Or does a person die only because of disease? Can’t a person die or get sick due to a big fear, a big social problem, or a big sorrow? A healthy and prosperous person melts away the sweet sorrow of the separation of a loved one for a few months.

Individual And Collective Anxiety

So why do nutritionists and doctors see only vitamins and minerals everywhere? If no germs are found in a patient’s sample in the laboratory, then the patient is declared delusional or the victim of some other slander. Because the doctor only studied individual anxiety. There is a big difference between individual anxiety and collective anxiety. Individual anxiety is treatable and not very disturbing. A collective disease that causes irreparable damage to society, food, and health and is incurable by the doctor. Doctors waste their time and the patient’s health and money by treating it.

The only remedy is social justice. Due to the absence of this, the food and health of millions of people are being destroyed. Anxiety is created in a certain environment. The environment is created by human beings. In a society where there is war, corruption, or injustice, food and health become meaningless for the affected people.

Why don’t doctors say that the full benefits of health and food cannot be achieved when there is no peace and justice in society? Why don’t they say that our treatment will be meaningless when oppression and injustice are not stopped? Why don’t these doctors say that food will not satisfy hunger until there is social balance? The emphasis of doctors and nutritionists is on good food, exercise, and a clean environment. These things are indeed necessary for good health, but to take full advantage of food and to maintain health, many things are more necessary than the advice of a doctor.

Importance Of Temperament

As much as you can arrange good food, an environment, and the best medical facilities, if you do not eliminate the fear, social injustice, and cruelty in society to the extent possible, then the benefit of food and the health of the affected people will remain a dream. This dream is completely destroyed when the government and doctors fail to tell the public that any food is useful for the body only when we understand the temperament of the body. What is the temperament of the human body? I have already written many blogs on it.

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