Sweet Foods For Strong Body

Sweet Food

by Izat Khan

Food for Strength

Friends, today I will tell you the recipe for two such natural, strength-giving, and very delicious sweets that you may not know before. The name of the first sweet food is Khushabi Dahoda, which is the local name. Khushabi Dhoda is a very popular dish in Pakistan. This popular food was a wrestler’s recipe to gain and maintain physical strength. This food became so popular due to its effects and taste that it became a business.

Today, it is sold in most sweet shops in Pakistan. This delicious food was prepared in the last century and is still popular today. First, the recipe of this food was also kept secret, but later its recipe became public. But due to inflation and the poverty of this region, the production and sales of this sweet food have decreased significantly.

Temperament Of Food

It is a pure natural food that is very effective for the strength and immunity of the human body. As I mentioned before in each of my blogs, any food that is not compatible with your body’s temperament will always harm you rather than benefit you. Friends, this food has a hot temperament. Therefore, those who have a hot body should use this food only in cold weather and in a smaller amount. For those who have a cold temperament, this food is very beneficial. They can eat it in any season. But moderation is essential in food as well as in everything. especially those who suffer from physical weakness. If they prepare this food at home, there is a strong hope that their weakness will be removed to a large extent.
This natural food is actually meant for wrestlers. Physical exercise is very important for those using this diet.

Ingredients Of This Sweet Food

The ingredients of Khushabi Dhode are milk, coarsely ground wheat flour, pure ghee, jaggery, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, melon seeds, and other dry fruits of your choice.

Quantity and its preparation

The recipe for its preparation is as follows:. First, one kilogram of wheat is soaked in water for a day. The soaked wheat is spread on a clean cotton cloth. A clean cloth is placed on it, it is covered, and it is left for a few days. When each grain of wheat grows, an inch or half an inch of fiber comes out of it, and the grains are also dried. Then all the grains are lightly rubbed with a clean cloth so that the hair-like fibers that come out of all the growing grains are removed. This way, your wheat grains will be clean. Wheat grains are coarsely ground with a mill. Wheat grains are ground to the same size as millet grains.

A pound weight of each ingredient is added to the mixture.  One kilogram of flour is added to at least twenty kilograms of milk. It is cooked on fire for a long time until its weight is reduced to about four kilograms. Then, in a separate vessel, three pounds of jaggery sugar are added to one-half kg of pure ghee and heated well. When this mixture becomes reddish and thick, the mixture of flour and milk is added. This mixture is well fried. When this mixture thickens and its color turns reddish, a pound of each ingredient is added to the mixture. After two minutes, it was removed from the fire.Thus, your powerful and very delicious food is prepared.

Curd Sweet And Its Recipe

The name of our second power-giving sweet food is Curd Sweet. This food is called Curd Sweet because its main ingredient is yogurt.

There are only four pure ingredients in this simple, natural food. Curd, pure ghee, wheat flour, and jaggery or sugar.

The recipe for making it is as follows:. So much curd is added to one kilogram of flour that it can be kneaded easily. Then it is shaped into small pieces of your choice. Three pounds of jaggery sugar or white sugar and half a kilo of pure ghee are mixed and heated well. When this mixture is reddish and thick, this flour and curd mixture is added. And this whole mixture is kept on fire until it is reddish in color and thick. Your simple and natural food is ready. Then it is shaped into small pieces of your choice.

After preparing this deliciously sweet, it seems a bit hard for two or three days. But in the later days, it becomes very soft. It can be eaten easily, even without teeth. In my personal opinion, this curd sweet is more useful for the human body than the first one. Yes, the first recipe is better for wrestlers or those who do heavy physical work.

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