Temperament and Natural Food

 Food And Temperament

Sorry, in previous posts, I could not mention one important aspect of the body’s temperament. That is, most people have warm bodies, and most of the human food is also hot, so what should be done in this case? Firstly, you have been told time and again that if you want to be fit, you should eat according to your body’s mood. Otherwise, you will suffer from some disease or another. If you are fit, especially if your stomach is healthy, and you want to eat hot food despite having a hot temper, then if you eat cold food after eating this food, the effect of the food is much better.

But you can do this two or three times a month, not more. But those who are sick and have a weak stomach can be allowed to do it once a month. Yes, you can do it twice in cold weather.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that bitter foods often have a cooling effect, and every bitter food is more beneficial to the body than sweet foods
. Today I shall describe the value of storax and lemon.

Storax Temperament

Storax is a human food that gives strength to the body. Nature has placed 85 minerals in Storax, especially iron, zinc, and magnesium, which give the body a lot of strength and immunity. This natural food should be pure. It is also prepared synthetically. It causes harm instead of benefit. A sign of purity is that when it is put into water, it dissolves. And when it is reheated, it rises to the surface of the water. It gives the body sexual power. It also significantly improves other common sex problems. It is very effective for the stomach. This natural food increases the digestive power in your stomach and also increases your appetite. It is excellent for back pain and muscle pain.

This food, which is actually a natural medicine, improves our nervous system, thereby improving Alzheimer’s, depression, and mental capacity.

This food accelerates blood circulation in the body, so patients with high blood pressure or heart problems should not use it. Another fact is that all these benefits are for cold-tempered bodies. It is harmful to warm-tempered bodies. Those with hot-tempered bodies who are quite weak due to some disease or any reason can take it once a week with cow milk. If their body feels the heat, then they should abandon it. People with cold temperaments can use this diet twice a week. The amount of diet should be equal to a small gram of grain. It should be taken with milk. Keep in mind that cow or camel milk is best. Cold temperament. People should also use this natural medicine intermittently. Stop it whenever you feel high heat in your stomach or body.

Lemon Temperament

Lemon is a wonderful fruit of nature that works more as a medicine than a food. This fruit has a cold temperament. Therefore, it is no less effective than an elixir for hot-tempered bodies. Nature has arranged it everywhere. This natural food creates a lot of immunity in the human body. It is a wonderful blessing of nature for the stomach, heart, nervous system, and skin. It has a very pleasant effect on the human mood.

Eating lemons with their peels can build immunity against diseases like cancer. It also improves our neurological diseases. This natural food plays a very important role in weight loss. This is a wonderful food for women. It is the best blessing for every organ of a woman’s body. It is no less than a blessing for poor women. Because, while it has many other medical benefits, this food is also the best beauty saloon of nature in the world for women.

A woman who eats two lemons daily and rubs the lemon peel on her face does not need to spend thousands of dollars on makeup. Those who have a hot temper should make lemon a part of their daily diet, especially those who are overweight.

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