Temperament And Food

by Izat Khan

Temperament first, Then Food

 Friends, I have already mentioned this fact in every blog: one who eats without knowing the temperament of his body and food can never stay fit but will suffer from one or another disease.It is my contention that a person who does not know his body and food temperament will never be healthy. No matter how simple and low-nutrition food a person eats, he cannot become unfit or sick. Yes, death is a mysterious reality that sickens the human body and takes away the soul.

Food is a critical issue for the human body and health. Due to the changed environment, lifestyle, various social problems, and various edible synthetic products, human health has become a serious problem today. Despite the availability of modern treatments, medicines, and food, this problem is getting more complicated instead of being solved.

The commercialization of food is a major problem for human health. However, the obsession with the preparation of different food tastes has also increased this problem. No healthy person gives priority to health over food until he is faced with any disease. When he is faced with a disease, he often has to face another disease. At that time, he started giving priority to health over food tastes and nutrition. But this priority is no longer for this particular purpose.

Sad Fact

A doctor or nutritionist may tell you to eat only certain foods or to avoid them. Which is wrong advice? It is very sad to say that despite modern science and treatment, the majority of doctors are unaware of this big fact, like the general public. If a person does not use food or even water according to his temperament, then his health remains at risk. The biggest and first duty of doctors is that they should first know the mood of their patient and then treat him accordingly. But doctors only give medicines and some bits of advice.

My claim is that man can never be 100% healthy with such treatment. Man has been created by God in such a way that he can cure his illness only with food, provided he does not delay in knowing his illness. Just as the public and doctors are returning to organic food after a long time, which is a very important step, who knows when they will return to knowing the temperament of the human body and the food?

Although ancient medicine has been treating sick people for centuries, people have been getting healthy through natural treatment. The basis of this treatment is human temperament. Even today, millions of people are treating themselves with great success. This treatment is very cheap, easy, and natural and has no side effects. In this treatment, the patient’s diet is first selected according to the mood of the patient’s body, and then the medicine is also selected according to the mood. The time will come shortly when all doctors and nutritionists will first determine the temperament of the human body and food and then treat them accordingly.

Friends, today I am going to share a recipe for a natural, very tasty, and powerful food. Our local name for this food is Vishli. I have not found this food in English. Maybe English speakers are missing out on this natural, delicious, and powerful food, or I am missing its English name due to a lack of knowledge.

Ingredients And Recipe of Vishli

The ingredients of this simple food are pure ghee, jaggery, wheat flour, water, curd, or buttermilk.

A very simple way to make this natural food is to take one or two pieces of bread flour as needed. Add enough water to it so that it does not get lumpy, i.e., more water. Mix the flour with water using a spoon.

to 70

Heat a pan on the stove and add 50 to 70 grams of pure ghee. When the ghee is hot, add flour mixed with water to it. When you change the side of the bread for the first time, add 50 grams of ghee again to the bread. When this bread is cooked, place it on an open tray. Scatter 100 grams to 250 grams of crushed jaggery on the roti. Then put 50 to 70 grams of ghee on this jaggery. Your delicious and very powerful natural Vishli is ready.

You can eat Vishli without curd or buttermilk too. But curd adds to the fun and enjoyment of Vishli. Buttermilk is to reduce the heat of this natural food. If you drink buttermilk after taking Vishli,  it reduces the warming effect of Vishli۔ 

Friends, Vishli has a warm effect. Friends whose bodies have a warm effect can eat this food twice a month, provided they are not suffering from heart and blood pressure problems. Only in the case of patients with high blood pressure can they eat it once. Depending on the weather, warm-tempered bodies should be eaten once a month in the summer. Friends with cold temperaments can eat it four times in the winter and twice in the summer.

To reduce the heating effect of this natural food to a great extent, if only cow’s ghee is used, then the effect becomes normal. Second, the use of jaggery decreases its warming and digestion effects. If you use its curd while eating, it gets digested very quickly. Do not use yogurt for hot bodies. Yogurt itself has a warming effect. Hot-tempered bodies should drink a glass of buttermilk after eating Vishli.

Source Of Strength

Humans have been using pure ghee in many forms to gain physical strength for centuries. Vishli is the best form of consuming pure ghee. Pure ghee has been a great source of strength for centuries and still is. Cow’s ghee is the best ghee for health. But keep in mind that ghee is a source of strength for a person who does a lot of physical work. This food gives new natural strength to weak bodies.

Friends, Vishli is very tasty. It should not be consumed in excess. Otherwise, it will cause damage. If you are not a heart and high blood pressure patient, this food can give new life even to a dead body.

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The product’s popularity has led to increased scrutiny by testing labs.

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