Temperament And Foods

Temperament Is a Fact

  The Creator has given man a very dear intellect. Intellect tells everybody about his temperaments and also the temperament of foods. It is this intellect that distinguishes us from all creatures. Rather, due to this intellectual superiority, we are also responsible for the duty of guiding other creatures and taking care of them. Human intellect never recognizes the fact that a man may go to a doctor to repair his car or go to a motorcycle mechanic for advice on the design of a dam. The same is the case with the human body and human food.

This is a more important and sensitive issue than repairing a car or building a dam. If a person uses food without knowing his or her body and food, then the same result will come out as if you put diesel in a petrol car. Rather, a more dangerous result will come.

Creator of Temerament

In this matter, we should first follow the instructions of our Creator regarding our bodies and our food. It is important to follow them first. Who knows better than our body’s creator and the one who produces our food? This guidance is easy for us to know from our prophets and friends of God. They find out what a person should eat and what not to eat. How much should we eat, and at what time should we eat?
Which food a person should never eat can only be told by the Prophets, and the Prophets have told this to every nation. In the human body, there is a soul from which our body is structured. The Prophets have generally prohibited those foods that have a poisonous effect on our souls. The forbidden foods do not harm our bodies, but morally and psychologically, they surely lead us to destruction. If a man becomes morally and emotionally weak, his health can never be good. Therefore, we should avoid these foods.
Those who rarely get sick and have enviable health, although their number is very few,. The way they live, act, think, eat, and drink is different from that of those who remain ill. If you too want to be blessed with enviable health, then start living that way, and you will become enviable too.
First, keep in mind that the Creator has made the night for the rest of the human body. Night sleep is many times better than daytime rest or sleep. Therefore, sleep well at night. Use a hard bed or sleep on the ground. The place where you sleep is as dark as night, and there should be silence. Six to eight hours of sleep are necessary.
It is very important to wake up one or half an hour before sunrise. When you get out of bed, go to the bathroom first. Clean yourself well. Both the body and nature love cleanliness. After that, drink as much fresh water as you can, and the more you drink, the better your health will be. Because you are aspiring for better health and longevity, always drink water from an earthen pitcher. The refrigerator and cooler can be used only when necessary.
This principle will have to be followed throughout life. Then sit or stand for a few minutes and praise the Creator who made your body and food. This nice act should be done with full attention and love. Now exercise well for 30 minutes outside the house in an open, clean place so that you sweat and breathe.
Until you sweat and breathe, the exercise of the body is not considered complete, and thus the health of the body is also complete. It is very important to walk with bare feet on clean ground. The natural massage of the feet can only be done on the ground. Modern research has also shown that foot massage is very important for health. This message cannot be done in boots.

When your body temperature returns to normal upon returning home, take a good bath. After that, eat breakfast according to your appetite. For breakfast, never use food made from the human gut. Eat only natural food that has been cooked naturally. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshments, you can eat the food that suits your body’s temperament. You should think of the food as a poison that is not according to your body’s temperament.

How To Check Temperament

What is temperate? Every person should know the temperament of their body and their health. It is as necessary as eating is for our lives. I mention body and food”s temperament in all my blogs about mood. You can get knowledge from there. Briefly, I will mention it here again. If your body has a hot temperament, then give up every warm-tempered food. Similarly, if you have a cold-tempered body, then give up cold-tempered food. How will you know about the temperament? It is very easy. You should take warm-tempered food for a day, for example, an egg for breakfast; in the afternoon, eat bitter gourd or gram; and eat beef in the evening.
If you do not feel better when you wake up in the morning and feel the heat in the stomach or lack of appetite disappear, then understand that you have a hot temper. If you feel better, you will be cold-tempered. Do this practice for one more day so that you will have a clear knowledge of your body’s temperament. Keep the following tips in mind for a better, healthier life and longevity:.
1. Water is the most important part of the body. We have to drink water several times a day. It needs utmost care. All other foods are on the second step. First, put water in a clay pot and use it for ten minutes. Do not drink cold water from the refrigerator, cooler, etc. forever.
2. Wheat flour and rice are the main parts of our diet. And eat rice and wheat that have been grown without artificial fertilizers. Use their flour in a grinder, not milled flour. Never pass the flour through a sieve. While cooking, use cow or buffalo ghee or olive or mustard oil. Always cook food in earthen pots.
3. Always drink the juice of fruits. Cold drinks are not recommended. Lemon and pomegranate, orange, and mangoes are best.
4. Cow, camel, and goat milk should be drunk frequently.
5. Give preference to vegetables.
6 . Fruit offseason, salad, and seed of plants
7. Meat should be the last priority.
8. Simple food and a simple recipe.
9. Always choose natural food.
As you know, our joys and sorrows, our good and bad deeds, and our thoughts have a good or bad effect on our body, especially the heart and digestive system. Apart from choosing food, we should also give so much attention to our thoughts and actions. Jealousy, hatred, hypocrisy, cruelty, and selfishness have a poisonous effect on your health. No matter how much good food you consume, if you continue to display these qualities, you can never remain fit.
Humanism, compassion, self-sacrifice, and good morals are the best food for your soul and body and the best exercise for your limbs. Especially when you are a man of means and regularly and happily pay the share of the needy for your sustenance.
If your mind and consciousness are not clear and you are carrying negative thoughts, bad habits will spoil both your body and soul.
Apologize and express regret before your Creator for every bad deed and thought, and try to leave it. The basis of every good and bad action is your intention; with what intention did you take this action? Eating with good intentions and feeding others with good intentions also ensures health. Doing anything with good intentions, even if it does not bring the desired result, keeps both your health and your soul happy.

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