Temperament Of Foods

Temperament Of Food And Body

Dear friends, as you know, in my Every Natural Food blog, I emphasize that a person who eats knowing his body and food temperament will never get sick, and one who eats without understanding the hot and cold temperament of body and food can never stay fit. I wrote in a previous blog again about understanding the human body and food temperament in detail. Now I am going to write about natural food temperament, i.e., cold and hot, for your convenience.

I am saying this to all my friends through God and His messengers, and I am giving this as a human being because it is a problem of human life that it is as clear as day that the first condition of your being alive and healthy is that you have full knowledge of your body and food disposition. Rather, strictly following it is one of the first tasks in life.

 Scientific Frenzy

I am deeply shocked that for centuries, human physicians have been treating the human body in this way and are still doing it, but in their scientific frenzy. People have turned their eyes away from this great truth by being in a scientific frenzy and do not give any special importance to the temperament of the human body or food. Thus, they negate centuries of wise treatment. Instead of benefiting from the experience of the past centuries and developing it further through research, today’s doctors have forgotten this great fact, and humanity has received the punishment that there may be only a few people in the world who are completely healthy.

Ignorance Of Human Temperament And Food

Today, every hospital and doctor’s clinic in every corner of the world is overflowing with patients. It is a welcome thing that the world is returning to organic food, and I strongly hope that humans will soon overcome the worst realities of human and food temperament. Because there is no other way to achieve complete human health. As I have written many times, warm-tempered bodies should eat cold-tempered food, and cold-tempered bodies should eat warm-tempered food. Below, I am writing about the temperament of foods that are used more, which will give you a lot of convenience in choosing.

Temperament Of Cold And Hot Food

The meats of all animals, birds, and fish have a warming effect, except beef, rabbits, and quail. But all kinds of meat that are easy for the stomach to digest have a slightly less warming effect. And if the meat is boiled well in plain water only and eaten in the same state, then the hot effect is reduced considerably and it becomes quite easy for the stomach to digest it.

 Among the vegetables, all others have a warming effect except pumpkin, zucchini, potato, okra, luffa peas, onion, cucumber, arvi, cabbage, apple gourd, and radish. The bitter gourd has the most warming effect.

All pulses except gram and lentils have a normal effect, but all varieties of gram and lentils have a very hot effect.

All spices have a warming effect.

 Milk, curd, and ghee are used by humans a lot. Except for cow’s milk, all milk is warm. But goat and camel milk is considered to have a better moderate effect due to their quick digestion. Curd is hot. When made into lassi, it has a cooling effect. All ghee, except cow’s ghee, whether real or synthetic, has a warming effect.

Peaches, almonds, pomegranates, plums, papayas, strawberries, watermelons, melons, falsa, papayas, apricots, tamarinds, cards, pineapples, lemons, sugarcane juice, and all types of oranges have cooling effects. Among these fruits, watermelon and plum have the coldest effect, and apple and banana have a moderate effect. Apart from them, all fruits have a warm effect. But if any fruit juice with a warm effect is made into a milkshake, its warm effect is greatly reduced.

Wheat is moderate-tempered. Barley has a very cold effect. Maize and rice have a cold effect.

Any hot food can be naturally made less hot, and cold food can be made less cold. The best way is to cook a mixture of cold and hot food or use more water or milk. This will be discussed separately. I hope this blog will prove to be of great help to you in the use of food.

Natural Bell

Friends, sometimes you don’t want to eat your favorite food. This natural bell in the human body tells you that this food is not needed by your body at this time or for a few days. If you eat that food despite the natural warning, that food can cause a lot of damage to your health.

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