Natural Foods that Love Health

Natural Foods And Health

by Izat Khan

 Natural Foods Are Medicine

Today I have chosen bitter gourd, peas, and rice as natural foods that are medicine for health. If you know the temperament of this food, you will find it rich and good medicine as well. Eat according to your body’s temperament. This food will prove to be your medicine as well. Otherwise, your best diet can be harmful to you. Your body’s temperament comes first, then comes food.

First, we talk about bitter gourds. It is man’s favorite vegetable.

Man uses it a lot as food.
Bitter gourd tastes slightly bitter, undesirable for children, and very tasty for adults, but has a very warm temperament. It is not for a warm body. It is a wonderful gift of nature for the cold-tempered body. Cold-tempered bodies can use it frequently. It is very useful for the nerves and the heart. It gives strength to the weak. It significantly reduces waste products and mucus in the body. If a cold temper lowers the body’s blood pressure, it improves its blood pressure. Bitter gourd can be cooked with meat and become a very nutritious food. Bitter gourd soup or curry is very good for body aches, sugar, boils, and facial scrubs.


It is harmful to hot-tempered bodies. Especially those who suffer from jaundice, stomach, and blood pressure. If the body of this temperament starts consuming this food more, its health will become miserable. Yes, a moderate-temperate body can consume any natural food in moderation. Moderate consumption will maintain their health and fitness brilliantly.


What blessings of God will you count?

Peas are the best human food. It has a mildly cold temperament, so it is a useful food for hot-tempered bodies. If peas are cooked with meat, their nutrition is doubled. It is useful in expelling mucus from the lungs. It gives strength to weak bodies. Grinding its grains to make bread reduces weight. It also causes constipation, flatulence and physical dryness. Cold-tempered bodies should consume less of this food. If carrots are mixed with them, their usefulness increases. Peas and Rice Biryani are very tasty and filling. Remember that the effectiveness of any food is determined by the mood of our body. If we eat knowing the mood of our body and the food, it is very useful for us. If this is not done, the food is not beneficial. It causes damage.


Our Second Natural Food

After wheat, rice is consumed more around the world. Rice is the most widely eaten natural human food. It is the most widely used food in some parts of the world. But like other human foods, it is also used without knowing which type of body is best for it or not. Rice has a more cold temperament. It is useful for hot-tempered bodies. Cold temperament should be used sparingly. Especially in winter, it should be used less. Adding buffalo meat to rice and cooking meat soup reduces the coldness of its temperament. It is useful food for the nerves of warm-tempered bodies. Excessive use of it spoils the stomach. It makes mucus and body fat.



If rice is boiled in milk and eaten, it becomes a source of pleasure for the patient’s stomach. For cold-tempered people, it is a cause of harm. Its excessive use for cold-tempered people will create serious problems for them.
Even hot-tempered people will develop mucus, lethargy, obesity, and drowsiness in their bodies if they eat it constantly.

It is an indisputable fact that even if you constantly consume good food, whether it is close to your temperament or not, it will cause harm instead of benefit. Cold people can eat this food three times a month. The hot-tempered body can use it eight times a month. But there should be less oil and pepper in this food. Milk is the best combination for this food.

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