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You did not choose to be born, nor did you choose your parents. You didn’t have the right to choose a race, color, country, time, brother, or sister. You don’t have the right to die, and you don’t have the right to hide. There are only two ways that your Creator has told you through revelation:. Yes, you have full authority to choose the path and live your life according to it. There are only two paths that your Creator has revealed through revelation. There is no third path. The food you have eaten to survive is what He has produced.


Creator Of Foods

He who created you also created your food to live. Your survival depends on this food. This responsibility is also taken by Him to determine which foods are beneficial for you and which are harmful. Because the creator wants to keep you healthy and happy so that he can fulfill your responsibilities. He wants you to be able to perform well. How can you imagine that the God who has told you how to sit up, walk, and run and who has told you how to breathe and clean the body will not tell you how to keep the body healthy and how to raise him better?


God Knows Your Food

Just as we cannot say that a sick and weak person cannot dig in the mountains,. God knows better that only a healthy person can fulfill the responsibilities given to me. That is why God has explained a detailed method of eating, drinking, obtaining food, and using it, and following it is very important for health. We have been punished according to man-made laws for violating traffic signals. How can you not be punished for violating the law to maintain the life of nature?

The law is also there in front of you in the form of a book. The doctor tells us to eat such and such food and not to eat such and such food. He determines the quantity, quality, and timing of the food. We willingly and happily accept every instruction. If we don’t follow his instructions, we usually get sick. The entity that created the doctor and then gave him the mind to become a doctor and the ability to understand the disease and the patient. We are not ready to follow his instructions. Then how can we even think that we can be healthy and happy by violating the laws of nature?

The instructions of the doctor can be ignored, but the instructions of our creator, who has the power to change the effectiveness of food and the condition of the body completely, cannot be ignored. God has power over your birth without a father. That entity can give you full health even without food or medicine. Therefore, you have to follow the instructions of your Creator before taking food. Food and body numbers come later. In the world, everywhere, and at all times, some nice and pious elderly people eat very little and very simple food. They live in unhealthy environments, but they remain completely fit.

And there are millions of people in the world who eat very good and nutritious food. They have 24-hour access to a good doctor but are still sick or unfit. There is a mystery in every aspect of human life that faces the unseen force that rules it. There are three major secrets of nature in food. For those who fully believe in them, every food is rich in nutrients and also guarantees health.

 Secret Of Eating Food

The first secret is that you have complete faith that God is the creator and owner of whatever food you are eating. And food or any other kind of sustenance is given only by God and not by any person. It is only the responsibility of man to strive.

Second, every effort to obtain sustenance should be morally, religiously, and legally permissible. It is much better to eat hungry than to take away the rights of others. If you are feeding the sustenance taken away from someone, then be sure that you are all eating dirty and extremely dangerous poison. This type of sustenance, apart from disease, also produces many disgusting moral diseases and causes dirty death.

And the third secret. That is, make a sincere effort to deliver food to every needy person according to their resources. You will see that every food you eat will be healthy, and you will be enviable morally. 

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