Tunday Kabab Of Lucknow

Tunday Kabab

Lucknow is a city in India that was once famous for the Nawabs. Now it is famous for Tunday (a man with an amputated hand) kebab. Tunde Kebab is so-called because one of the cook’s hands was chopped off. Tunday is the local language word that means a hand cut off. It is a special food for food lovers.

 The specialty of these Kebabs is that their cook was once the cook of the Nawab of Bhopal state. Nawab and his wife could not eat meat due to old age and weak teeth. Their experienced and intelligent cook made kebabs for them, which they could eat easily. He used different types of Nawabi spices, whose taste, aroma, softness, and energy were so good that they became the favorite dish of Nawabs. 

Incidentally, the same cook or one of his descendants left the state of Bhopal and settled in the state of Lucknow, where he started his own small hotel. Where he started the work of making tunday kebab. This is said to be the beginning of the nineteenth century. Today it is very popular not only in the entire subcontinent but also in many parts of the world. 

An Amazing Thing

Another amazing thing about Tunday Kebab that makes it mysterious is that the recipe for making it is given to the male members of the family only. They do not tell their special recipe to anyone, not even the women of the house. Apart from meat, many types of spices are used. All these ingredients and spices are prepared at home. This mixture is brought to the hotel, and then tande kebabs are prepared in the hotel.

 In today’s modern and scientific age, it has become easy but maybe no one has tried to understand it yet. Yes, today, if someone wants to eat the dish of the old nawabs as a nawab, then he will have to come to Lucknow for it. This hotel started in 1905 in Lucknow city in a small shop. These kebabs are as popular as any five-star specialty food. They are rated as the royal kebabs of Oudh. All the ingredients and spices in this kebab are the same as those used to be eaten by the Nawabs in the olden days.

The surprising thing is that these kebabs are not so expensive. Because these kebabs are also eaten by rich and middle-class people with great enthusiasm.

Pratha(bread )

 The paratha with which Tunday Kebab is eaten is also called Shahi Paratha. They are also prepared specially. These parathas are cooked by mixing pure ghee, milk, almonds, and eggs in the dough. Water is not added to the dough, but water. Milk is added instead. Thus, these parathas also become tasty, fragrant, and powerful food, which can be eaten with great enthusiasm even without kebabs. 

Be aware

Keep in mind that most of the Nawabs’ food was very lavish. We know very well that our kings and nawabs used to have important jobs, like ruling, sex, and hunting. Therefore, most of their foods are hot. Therefore, cold-tempered bodies can eat these foods with pleasure. But hot-tempered bodies should avoid these foods.- Hot-tempered bodies can eat these foods sometimes only in cold weather and if they are healthy. Cold-tempered and weak bodies can benefit greatly from these foods. 

In my view, the most important quality of these foods is that all their ingredients are natural. And if in some place the method of preparation is old, that adds to its effectiveness. Most of the Bashahs and Nawabs did not live long. In my opinion, the main reason for this was their ignorance of the temperament of their bodies and the frequent consumption of these hot and very powerful foods.

Law Of Nature

This is the universal rule of nature, whoever keeps eating without understanding his temperament and the temperament of the food, health can never be good. He will soon suffer from a fatal disease.

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