Turnips and Raddish as Natural Food

Natural Foods

by Izat Khan

Simple But Amazing Foods

Today I am going to describe the effects of turnips and radish on the human body. Again, I will stress, as usual, that not every human food is for every human being. Everybody has a different temperament. The majority of bodies have a hot temperament. Nature has grown every type of food to fill the needs of everyone. We should eat our food, not that of others. I mean, eat, but according to your body’s temperament. Otherwise, you will become ill or weak despite eating notorious foods because these foods are not for you.

Turnips Are pure Food

Turnips are a vegetable that is not eaten much. It is a human food that has two special attributes that do not go into any other vegetable. These two attributes are also the ones that man needs most at this time. This food is a medicine that is more effective than other medicines. Turnips are the gift of nature that is best for the body of every temperament. It is a very light food. It is better for warm-tempered bodies.

Most people suffer from gastrointestinal problems because they do not know the mood of their food or the temperament of their bodies. Therefore, often people suffer from gastric problems, loss of appetite, and constipation. For which they have to face doctors and medicines. This food is an invaluable blessing for the stomach. This food contains a cure for all gastrointestinal diseases. Eating this vegetable will never cause gas in your stomach. If someone suffers from constipation, his constipation will end immediately

.Meat or lentils are used to make this food nutritious. But by doing so, it loses its gastric usefulness. It should be cooked alone to eliminate stomach problems. It is better for kidney patients. It is also a useful food for skin problems. To get the most benefits, it should be eaten raw. It should not be made into broth. Because doing so reduces its pleasure, and it cannot be eaten too much. The more it is eaten, the better it is for the stomach.

Raddish is a healthy food.

Radish is also a good vegetable. Young and old eat it a lot as food. It is mostly used as a salad. But its usefulness is also greater in cooked food. It is a more cold-tempered vegetable. Therefore, it is not good for hot-tempered bodies. For hot-tempered bodies, it is the best medicine to keep the body temperature moderate.
It is the best medicine for jaundice patients. Patients should chew it well. It speeds up the digestive process.

If radish is cooked with carrots, then it becomes very useful for the stomach. For people who suffer from kidney stones, this food can break down small stones. It should not be eaten in case of a cold or cough.
Hot-tempered bodies should eat it every day. It can be a cream for their skin, among other benefits. But cold-blooded bodies should avoid this food. There will be bad effects. Do not drink milk after eating radish, and do not eat on an empty stomach. Those who are not bothered by radish on an empty stomach should use it on an empty stomach. It will be very useful for them.

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