Watermelon And Temperament

Watermelon For Hot Temperament

Many friends have asked what the best food is to avoid heatstroke in the summer. What is the food that soothes and cheers a hot temperament? My quick and simple answer was watermelon. It soothes the hot body and cheers the heart and mind. Many regions of the world get very hot. Unfortunately, these are the regions where the nations are less developed. They do not have modern equipment to protect themselves from the heat, nor are they highly educated.

The temperature in these areas ranges from 45 to 50 degrees Celsius for five months. Due to poverty, these people eat certain foods all their lives without knowing it. And their foods are often spicy. So there are many health problems. Nature is very kind. She has arranged watermelons in these areas in abundance. This protects them from this area’s intense heat but defeats the heat. This food is extremely cooling.


I have written about this fact many times: most human bodies have a hot temper, and most foods also have a hot temper. That’s why people with hot tempers are sicker than others. The main reason for this is that people do not know the food or the temperament of the body. From this aspect, I attach great importance to the use of watermelon for human health, especially for hot-tempered bodies.

Benefits Of Watermelon

Watermelon has many medical benefits, which will be discussed in particular. The biggest benefit of watermelon is that it keeps the body cool. A person who eats watermelon five days a week in the summer cannot complain of excessive heat. Be careful that cold-tempered people should eat watermelon only twice in the summer in a weak state. This fruit is grown in the winter in some regions. Hot people can eat it once or twice a week in the winter, but cold people should not eat watermelon in the winter. Otherwise, it can harm their health.

Watermelon contains enough water and fiber, so it is very useful for the human stomach. Watermelon is very nutritious. Its calories are very low. Vitamin A, Vitamin 5, and Vitamin 6 are found in them, which keep the human body active throughout the day.

Watermelon seeds contain important minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc. These seeds contain a lot of protein. Grinding the seeds of watermelon along with the peels and then taking them with milk or water provides essential nutrients to our bodies.

Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which improves our eyesight. This substance protects against vision impairment and inflammation. In recent research, watermelon has been described as refreshing for both the heart and the mind. Watermelon is useful for the human nervous system. According to a study, citrulline and arginine in watermelon improve the blood circulation of athletes. Our muscular system improves a lot.

In the summer, dehydration and salt deficiency in the body are common due to sweating and working in hot areas. Sometimes it leads to death. There is no other food better than watermelon to reduce this complaint. By eating watermelon, the dullness of the face due to the heat and the lack of water is greatly improved.

Watermelon is rich in cubane and lycopene, which play an important role in protecting the body from cancer. Thus, the importance of this fruit increases even more.

In Eastern and Greek medicine, watermelon is said to be very beneficial for the kidneys and liver. It is considered to be very helpful in the functioning of these two organs. The lycopene and amino acids present in watermelon juice greatly improve heart health and blood circulation.

The beautiful color of watermelon has a very good effect on our nervous system. Before any meal, the body must become a part of this food. Watermelon does this important job very well. Watermelon should be eaten in the morning and in the afternoon. It is better not to drink any juice, tea, or coffee for fifteen minutes after eating watermelon.

I will again emphasize this important point: the cooling and refreshing properties of hot summer watermelon are such great natural properties that cannot be found in any other natural food.


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