Wheat Food Is From Heaven?

by Izat Khan


Food for all


Friends, today I will talk about the blessing of Wheat as

human food. According to my research and observation, wheat is the best food for humans in this world. The biggest attribute of this food is that it is good for all human beings. There is no other food that is good for all temperaments, i.e., hot, mild, and cold. This is the greatest attribute of any food.
Every human has a hot or cold temperament. Or has a hot or colder temperament. This is the only food in the world that is good for all temperaments. This is a secret of nature that may not be understood by man.


Spirtual Food

Second, the amazing distinction of nature has given this food, which I consider spiritual. If a person eats only wheat bread all his life, then this miraculous food is sufficient for his health and survival. Thirdly, the miracle of this wheat bread is that if you eat it in the morning, afternoon, and evening for the rest of your life, you will never get bored. If a person continues to consume his favorite food for a week, he will get tired. But this never happened with wheat, because I consider it a spiritual food on this earth.


Nature has arranged its production abundantly. Naturally, the arrangement of its rate is also kept in the hands of the. In every corner of the world, all the rich and the poor can buy it easily.

Unseen Vitamins of This Food

Valuable vitamins and minerals are found in wheat grains. This is true, but I am not satisfied with scientific research because I consider this food to be heavenly. Science cannot cover or investigate heavenly things. Everything that the human imagination can imagine is found in this food.

Most diseases are caused by the malfunction of our digestive system. Our stomach gets damaged due to not knowing the temperament of our body and food. The second reason is due to dirty water or food. The third reason is mental anxiety or too much mental work The fifth reason is that we do not exercise regularly. But in my opinion, the main cause of stomach and other diseases is the wrong use of this wheat food. I am absolutely sure that if the wheat crop is given only natural fertilizer,. The flour should not be sieved. If the bread is prepared in this baked earthen-hole oven, you will see a wonderful improvement in your health.


Friends, this is a great blessing from God. The corpse of wheat should be grown naturally. It should be milled naturally and cooked naturally. If it is cooked in an oven made of wheat, then you will definitely come to the conclusion that wheat is the best food for a human being.

In Christianity, apples are mentioned in the event of Adam and Eve leaving Paradise. Wheat is mentioned in Muslim religious books. God knows better what the truth is. But I believe that wheat is the food of paradis

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