Hareesa Is Lovely Food

Hareesa Is Pure Food

Based on my experience, I can say that Kashmiri harissa is such a lovely food that it can be said that once you taste it, you become addicted to it. The name of this food is also included in the famous foods of this region. Keep in mind that most of the foods in the cold region have a hot taste. Therefore, all the foods of this region should be used sparingly by hot-tempered bodies and eaten in winter. Yes, these foods are very effective for cold-tempered bodies. 

Ingredients And Preparation Food

The main ingredients of Kashmiri harissa are goat’s thigh meat and chickpeas, or mung beans. The method of making it is that first the pulse is boiled, and then the pulse is made into a paste. In this paste, as required for the preparation of common pulse, red chilies, water, onion, cardamom, fennel, cloves, cumin, and salt are added. Mix it well, and immediately remove it from the flame. 

The meat is separated from the thigh. The meat is boiled well. The thigh bone is ground well. The boiled meat is pounded well, and finally, it takes the form of kneaded dough. The thigh bone is also finely ground. Now pulse paste, minced meat, and bone pulp are mixed well. Pure ghee, as required, is mixed in this mixture and placed on the stove. This food, called harissa, is kept on the stove until it thickens well. Finally, green mint and green fenugreek seeds are added to this harissa. It is spread over it. Kashmiri harissa is now ready and is enchanting in taste, strength, and aroma.

Some people mix roasted goat back meat separately to increase the effectiveness and taste of this natural food. As you can see in the first picture,. Keep in mind that there is a big difference in taste and energy between the hotel and Kashmiri house harissa. This food can be prepared the best way at home. Despite all the virtues of the food, be aware of the fact that this food is hot in nature. Therefore, hot-tempered bodies should eat less and eat it during the winter season.

Kashmiri Tea

After eating harissa, Kashmiri tea is drunk, which is unique in its specialty. The tea of the Kashmir Valley is also unique to the rest of the region. It has special importance due to the cold weather here. This drink is popular not only in Kashmir but also in Pakistan and India. It is now very common to use it in events like marriages. The color of this tea is also a specific pink.

 Here are the recipe and its ingredients. The essential ingredients of this drink are green tea, cardamom, cloves, almonds, pistachios, baking soda, milk, and jaggery or sugar.

 It is prepared as follows. Boil six cups of water well. After boiling, two teaspoons of green leaves and half a teaspoon of baking soda are added. The water is boiled again. Four pieces of chopped cardamom are added to it. The water is allowed to boil till the water is reduced to half. At that time, add sugar and jaggery as required and after a minute add a spoonful of ground almonds and pistachios. After two minutes, take your prepared Kashmiri tea off the stove.

 Now drink this fragrant drink to your heart’s content to remove the cold from your body and increase your energy. 

This drink is also good for cold-tempered bodies and weak bodies. For hot-tempered bodies, use it only in winter and in small quantities. Otherwise, this Kashmiri tea will cause harm to them. 

Restrictiods Of Every Food

I have written in many of my blogs that not every food is for everybody. Rather, every food is for a body of a specific temperament due to its specific mood. Knowing your body and food temperament is very important to staying healthy and fit. It is my strong belief that the person who eats his food knowingly will never remain unhealthy, and the person who consumes food without knowing his temperament will never remain healthy.No matter how many medicines he takes or dietary precautions,.

Pure Food Of Bluchistan

Pure Natural Food

There are still a few areas in the world where the use of purely natural foods continues. Where, despite the lack of education, health, and food facilities, natural foods have kept their health intact. One of them is the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. It is where the brave Balochi nation lives. All their foods are natural, powerful, and very tasty.

 I often mention in my blog that all foods that are natural and prepared naturally and eaten naturally are very healthy for the human body. And every food in which unnatural ingredients are added, no matter how much they are considered necessary for health, eventually causes harm. I have also written a previous blog about one of the prominent natural resources of the same region.

 Know Yourself And Your Food

Today I am going to write about two more unique foods of theirs that will definitely benefit you. Another very important thing that I write in each of my blogs is that the main purpose of writing my blog is to make people aware of this fact. This fact is about the temperament of the human body. Unless you are fully aware of the temperament of your body, you can never stay fit. Being unaware of this fact, I think you must be unfit or sick. 

I write again briefly for the new reading friends that nature has blessed the human body with three types of temperament. Our body has one of these three temperaments. Our bodies will be hot, cold, or moderate. We should eat food contrary to the mood of the body, i.e., food with a cold temperament can benefit a hot temperament. If you break the law of nature, you will be punished in the form of illness. 

Salted Meat

Friends, today I am talking about two natural foods in Balochistan. The local name of the first food is salted meat. It is a very simple, powerful, and centuries-old food popular with millions of people. It is usually prepared from goat meat. The way to prepare it is to cut large pieces of meat, including the bone. The pieces are boiled well in water. During boiling, turmeric and salt are added as required. After these three natural ingredients, no other ingredients are used in it

. As soon as your meat is thoroughly boiled and decomposed, this powerful, delicious, and very simple natural food is ready. Meat is a heavy food for the human stomach. But the meat prepared in this way is very light for the stomach. Due to the absence of ghee and other spices, this food is digested very quickly. In terms of strength, this meat is more effective than meat prepared in other ways. This is the only natural way to cook and eat meat according to the structure and function of the human stomach.

Very Tasty And Natural Food

Another natural food that is prepared in a very delicious natural way is locally known as Dum Pukht or Hudi Kabab. The method of its preparation is that after slaughtering a goat or sheep and removing the skin, the intestinal contents of the animal are thoroughly cleaned.The torn belly of the animal is sewn back together. No part of the meat is cut.

The whole goat or sheep is hung in suspended form in a clay oven on the ground. The embers of the fire are placed around the meat in such a way that the heat reaches the meat evenly. The mouth of the oven is well covered with wet clay. The embers are kept in such a way that they cannot touch the meat. And do not heat too much. After two to three hours, the meat is roasted.

 Prepared meat is very tasty. No other ingredients are used in its preparation except meat. It is a very powerful winter natural food that is prepared in a completely natural and natural way. It is an excellent food for human health and weak bodies.

Read more: https://naturalfoodandbody.com/longevity-and-bbc/

Sex Health And Food

Sexual Health

A healthy sexual life can play a huge role in a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Since ancient times, people have been looking for specific foods to improve their sexual performance and fertility. A number of different foods have proven effects on improving stamina and sex drive.Overall, a well-functioning circulatory system is essential for sexual health, and consuming certain foods can improve stamina and libido. The foods you eat provide the building blocks to power your body, including the penis and other sexual organs.

However, one thing that most people probably don’t make it to the top of their list is sex timing, a topic that we tend to shy away from talking about, because of which you miss out on enjoying your married life. But there are many foods that can actually increase your sex timing.

1: What is sex timing?

Healthy sex timing is related to feeling physically and emotionally healthy, so it’s no surprise that the foods you eat play an important role in enhancing your sexual health. A nutritious diet can benefit your sexual life in many ways.

. 1. Healthy foods increase your libido
2. Improves blood flow and heart health
. 3:: Improves your stamina

Eat a diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, and foods that are low in sugar and fat. It can also help prevent diseases that affect your libido.

2: How do you increase sex timing?

To promote healthy sex timing, you should choose healthy food.

. 1 When it comes to sexual stamina, the foods you can benefit from are those that increase blood flow.

. 2. Foods that contain stamina-boosting vitamins

. 3 For your sex timing, vitamins and nutrients linked to better mental health, motivation, and blood flow can help you.

. 3 Foods That Increase Sex Timing

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that can help improve your stamina as well as your sex timing.

. 1:: Using apples to increase sex timing
An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away. Rather, it can also help increase your sexual performance. It is an antioxidant that plays an important role in improving sex timing since your body goes through many of the same physiological changes during sex as it does during exercise, such as increased heart rate, increased metabolism. , calories burned, muscle contractions etc

2. Use of watermelon to increase sex timing
Watermelon is one of the best natural sources of stamina, a non-essential amino acid that creates a pleasant change in your body and can help strengthen your muscles. It also increases the production of nitric oxide., which increases blood flow to the penis and strengthens the penis.

3. Using ginger to increase sex timing
If you like good food, like sweet and spicy, then you are very lucky. Because ginger is another sex-timing-boosting food, it can improve your sex life by improving blood flow and artery health.

. 4:: Using salmon fish to increase sex timing
Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help produce nitric oxide.Research has shown that reducing calories and eating a healthy diet that includes fish, whole grains, and healthy fats may improve erectile function in men with metabolic syndrome.

5. Use of banana to increase sex timing
Bananas are a simple fruit that is loaded with carbohydrates, giving you plenty of energy to help boost your stamina. Bananas are also full of potassium. Bananas are a muscle-relaxing mineral that can help reduce pain and muscle spasms, which can also hinder your sex drive.
6. Use of garlic to increase sex timing

According to historians, the ancient Egyptians used garlic to increase their sex timing. A Journal of Nutrition study confirmed that consuming garlic extract can help prevent new fatty deposits, called plaque, from building up in the arteries.
It also includes the arteries leading to the penis. Adding some garlic to your weekly dishes keeps your heart healthy and your penis strong.
7. Use of nuts to increase sex timing
You can use nuts to increase stamina and sex timing. Try adding some nuts to your diet. Pistachios, peanuts, and walnuts all contain amino acid, one of the building blocks of nitric acid.

oxide. They are also naturally high in magnesium, which can boost energy and endurance

. 8:: Use of pomegranate juice to increase sex timing
A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research discovered that pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants that support blood flow, which helps improve erectile performance.

Many people pay attention to their diet to improve their sex timing and stamina and increase the pleasure they get from sex. Research links certain foods to better sex, but those who don’t eat the best foods to increase sex timing should eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Below are some natural foods recommended by Ghaziyat experts to increase sex power, but I do not agree with them much.

What a person eats, what he drinks, how much he exercises—all these things play an important role in increasing immunity. Consuming a diet rich in calcium, along with a variety of vitamins, adequate amounts of protein, and lean meats, is key to keeping the immune system active. Medical experts recommend the consumption of foods that boost immunity, like yogurt, spinach, garlic, bananas, fish, eggs, cheese, ginger, lemon, sour fruits like canola, grapefruit, honey, and various fruits, etc. .

Vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity. Vitamin C is an important physiological antioxidant that plays an important role in collagen fiber and neurotransmitter formation and protein metabolism. Sour or tart fruits are rich in vitamin C. The results of a study showed that adding flavorful citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and grapefruits to the diet is beneficial for staying healthy. According to the results of a research study, vitamin C deficiency slows down the healing process of wounds and weakens the body’s immunity to prevent infection.

Banana: Three types of natural sugars (sucrose, fructose, and glucose) are found in this fruit, which has many benefits. Due to the fiber it contains, it is considered an important source of quick energy. Bananas contain most of the B and C vitamins. A banana contains 4 times more protein, twice as much carbohydrates, three times as much phosphorus, five times as much vitamin A and iron, and twice as many other vitamins and minerals as an apple. Its milkshake helps improve the nervous system in addition to boosting the body’s immunity.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich in nutrients and has antimicrobial properties. It is an excellent choice to keep the body free from co-infection and boost immunity quickly. Pectin, a component found in apples, when digested, is converted into good bacteria in the body and thus increases the production of antibodies and white blood cells, which fight disease.

Fish, cheese, and eggs

In light of the results of researchers from Copenhagen University in Denmark, it has been revealed that vitamin D also plays a key role in strengthening the immune system. With its help, cells that kill various germs are produced. According to another study, vitamin D plays an important role in boosting immunity. Vitamin D deficiency makes the body vulnerable to infections. Include foods rich in vitamin D in your diet, such as fish, cheese, egg yolks, and some mushrooms. In addition, sunlight is also an excellent source of vitamin D.


According to medical experts, the antioxidants in ginger play an important role in improving and strengthening the immune system in the human body. The substance called ‘gingerols’ found in it, although it causes a bitter taste, is also the reason for the medical benefits of ginger. Due to these medicinal benefits, ginger is also used in traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment. According to experts, fresh ginger should be used instead of dried to get the best benefits.


Garlic also plays an important role in increasing immunity. Eating it on an empty stomach strengthens the body’s immune system and prepares the body to fight diseases. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It is used to thin the blood as well as speed up the blood circulation.


Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant, which is beneficial for the human body in many ways. Its use has been considered important in medicine for years. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric instantly solves many health problems and protects against cancer.


Yogurt is recognized as a superhero among dairy products. It is not only a means of increasing immunity and fighting diseases, but it is also considered a treasure trove of vitamin D and natural protection for the body. Adding different fruits to yogurt can further increase its effectiveness. Yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, and probiotics. The probiotics (beneficial bacteria) found in it not only improve the digestive system but also strengthen the immune system.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is excellent for a strong immune system. It contains the omega-6 factor, which prevents the body from suffering from many dangerous diseases. Being an antioxidant, olive oil prevents toxins, infections, and other germs from attacking.


Spinach contains vitamin C, A, beta-carotene, and other important nutrients that help the immune system fight various infections. However, while using spinach, care should be taken not to cook it for too long as its nutritional value is retained due to undercooking.

Immunity can also be increased through various types of exercise and the use of natural ingredients and foods. They not only help in maintaining proper blood circulation but also prevent obesity, joint diseases, and certain types of mental disorders.

In this way, there are other natural foods that provide physical and mental strength, such as dry fruits, especially walnuts, which are considered very important for sex power.

Unique Food For Sex Power

I do not deny the ability of these natural foods to give strength. But in order to create or increase sexual strength, no food, except one or two, can be specified for sex power.

I am going to describe the centuries-old greatest and most tried and tested natural foods to increase sex power, which have been used by man for centuries to gain strength. The results of this diet are fascinating.which has been used by man for centuries to gain strength. The results of this diet are fascinating. The ingredients and recipe for this diet are as follows:. One teaspoon of saffron, ten grams of white moss, twenty grams of lightly crushed walnuts,Make a mixture of ten grams of dry dates, ten grams of pistachios, and ten grams of almonds, and add enough honey to it to make a thick mixture. Eat one spoonful in the morning. I think that eating without knowing the mood of the food is like eating mild poison. Whenever you eat food and understand the mood of your body, that food will become a part of your body.﷽reakfast, and eat one spoonful with milk at night while sleeping.Within a week, this diet will create amazing changes in your sexual life.

Another diet and lifestyle that I like very much for this purpose is to do one workout in the morning so that you are sweaty.You should eat gram dal for breakfast, egg for one day, and butter for one day. And in the same order for the rest of the week,In the afternoon, eat one day of vegetables, one day of meat and one day of pure cow’s ghee and jaggery in it. In the evening, do so much exercise or game or something that you sweat a lot.At lunch time, you should definitely eat chopped onion. In the evening, you can change the type of meat or fish or vegetable, but the rest of the food will remain the lunch food. At night, mix a spoonful of honey in milk and drink it.

My claim is that if you start living with this lifestyle and a slight change in diet, you will enjoy youth in eighty years.But friends, all these diets and regulations are only for those who know their every food and the mood of their body.

Let’s check which foods can improve our sexual health.

Longevity And BBC


It has been the desire of every human since time immemorial to find a food, drug, or method that can cause longevity. On June 20, 2022, the BBC presented a report on longevity related to Japan’s people. That was very informative. I am going to present the same report, which will lead to a good increase in your knowledge.

It has been the desire of every human since time immemorial to find a food, drug, or method that can cause longevity. Although this desire has not yet been fulfilled, man has increased his effort and research instead of giving up. Man has discovered many reasons for longevity. A person can increase his age by following it.

As far as my research and observation are concerned, I would like to describe it in one word: “naturalism.”. Humans who have been close to nature since the beginning of life cook natural foods in a natural way and eat natural foods. Along with this, cultivate positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts in the mind and positively spend more time with family, friends, and fellow human beings. Physical work, daily exercise or games, and busyness, but all these things must be done while staying close to nature. So there is a possibility of a good increase in age.

And this is the year 1903.

Ken Tanaka passed away 119 years later, in April 2022, and was officially declared the world’s ‘oldest person’.

He spent the last years of his life in a nursing home. In the last days of her life, her routine consisted of waking up at six in the morning, solving math problems, playing board games, eating chocolate, and drinking coffee and soda avidly.

There was a time when elders of the family used to pray for their younger ones to live for a hundred years, but such a thought was considered impossible to be true, but it is not so now.

So what is the reason for longevity, and what is the recipe for living a hundred years?

To find out the answer to this question, the BBC spoke to four experts.

Another life
Dr. Hiroko Akiyama, vice president of the Science Council of Japan, says, “It’s not unusual to live to be a hundred years old now.”

Dr. Hiroko Akiyama’s expertise is in the ‘Study of Aging’.

She points out that Japan’s population is aging rapidly. The average age of women in Japan is now 88, and the average age of men is 82. Remember that 29% of Japan’s population is 65 years of age or older.

Only Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain come close to Japan in terms of average age. According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, 86,510 citizens of the country were 100 years old or older last year.

Dr. Hiroko says there are many reasons why people live longer in Japan. One of them is the Universal Health Insurance System. We started it in the 1960s. Here, people have easy access to health facilities. Another reason is that people here are health-conscious and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Japanese people work very hard. They take preventive measures to avoid cancer and heart diseases.

Dr. Hiroko explains that Japanese people pay attention to food. Use less fat. Consume more fish, vegetables, and green tea. In Japan, the average age of people is increasing, but their overall population is decreasing. The birth rate has been declining for some time, and the number of people of working age is also steadily declining.

With the increase in the number of elderly people came the realization that the needs of older people are different.

Dr. Hiroko says the government’s main focus has been on the health care system and the pension system. Housing and transport systems have also been taken care of, but the infrastructure of society needs to be restructured. Dr. Hiroko and his team conducted several social experiments to find ways that the elderly could live independently.

Dr. Hiroko says, ‘We are trying to restructure communities to meet the needs of an aging society. We want to create a society where people are healthy, active, and feel connected and secure well into their 100s. We are working not only for the elderly but for people of all ages.

People are starting new jobs after retiring in Japan. They are starting their second career, or, in other words, they are starting their second life. They say it helps maintain a routine and stay healthy.

Dr. Hiroko Akiyama is 78 years old and enjoying her second career.

She says, ‘I was a university professor for a long time. When I turned 70, I started farming. Four people, including me, with different skills, formed a company together and started farming. When I was young, I wanted to do farming. It was an old dream.’

When asked if she wants to live to be 100, Dr. Hiroko Akiyama says that she was 98 when her mother died. She says that a hundred years of life is enough. And they have no desire to live more than a hundred years.

What is aging?

Cathy Slack, senior lecturer at the Aston Research Center for Healthy Aging in Birmingham, says, ‘Aging is a very personal process. No two people’s aging process is the same.

Why we age and whether this biological process can be slowed down—Cathy’s lab is looking to answer this question.

The visible signs of aging are well known. Like wrinkles and gray hair, a lot is changing inside our bodies as well. Kathy explains that aging affects all tissues of the body. It affects everything, from the brain to fertility. These changes are called signs of aging.

Cathy explains: ‘There can be many factors involved. Loss of protein quality control within the cell. Dysfunction of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the parts of the cell that produce energy. It may stop working with age.’

Kathy says that when old age sets in, so does the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes. Regulating the supply of nutrients is essential for cells to function. When a problem occurs, the stem cells are destroyed. Stem cells repair other cells. Changes also occur in the mind.

Cathy Slack explains: ‘Some people’s brains tend to get smaller as they age. Due to this, the memory of many elderly people becomes weak. They have difficulty multitasking. Their behavior also changes. Either they become more anxious or go into depression. But the important thing is that all these things are not the same in every old person.

Cathy says, ‘There are many people today who are very old. And their health doesn’t look good either; that’s the aspect that needs to be worked on. It may sound like an ancient recipe, but we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We should try to be proactive. Try to keep up with your activities as you get older. Eat well—neither too much nor too little. Determine how much alcohol you will drink. Quit smoking.

There are still many things we don’t know about aging. Kath

Dr. Nir Barzilai says about his research that he is conducting experiments to make as many people as possible live for a hundred years or more. He is also taking help from 750 people and their families who have completed 100 years of age.

They are looking for genes that can slow down the aging process. This information can also be used in drug development.

Slack says that historically, we have focused more on the disease process.

There are many scientists who are working on cancer and other diseases, but now there is a group of people like him who are looking at the diseases as age-related diseases.

​Interesting experience

“In my lab, we show that the aging process can be slowed down through effort,” says Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College in New York City. In some cases, it can be prevented, and in other cases, it can be reduced. Its movement can also be changed. And it is possible to do so.

Important It is difficult to estimate how many people in the world are 100 years old or older.

The United Nations Population Division estimates that the number of such people in 2021 will be 573,000.

Dr. Nir Barzilai says about his research that he is conducting experiments to make as many people as possible live for a hundred years or more. He is also taking help from 750 people and their families who have completed 100 years of age.

They are looking for genes that can slow down the aging process. This information can also be used in drug development.

They are looking for genes that can slow down the aging process. This information can also be used in drug development.

His team is working on three anti-aging possibilities. The first of these aims to slow down the aging process. It is named after the fictional character ‘Dorian Grey’, who is not affected by age, but the effect is visible in his invisible painting.
​Nir Barzilai explains: ‘The second stage we call the ‘Fountain of Youth’. It’s all about rejuvenating people. Making it possible is the most difficult task. The third thing is the most interesting step. His name is ‘Peter Pan’. This is also a fictional character who does not age. The idea is to take people into their twenties or thirties. They should be treated once every few months or years, and they can stop or greatly slow down the effects of aging.

Biomarkers are molecules that indicate internal diseases, such as cholesterol, which indicates heart disease. However, identifying signs or factors of aging is not easy to do.

“We need a lot more biomarkers,” says Nir Barzilai. We are looking for biomarkers that can provide two pieces of information. The first is that they can tell the difference between real age and biological age. You know, some people look younger than their age, and some look older than their age. Second, we want the drugs we’re developing to slow aging to induce changes in biomarkers when administered.’

Some anti-aging drugs have been approved by regulators and are being developed. They are also used in other cases. For example, after a transplant, these drugs are given to prevent the body from rejecting the new organ.

Dr. Nir Barzilai is leading the clinical trials campaign for another target of metformin, a drug used to control type 2 diabetes.

Asked by the BBC if he expected any breakthroughs in his life in that direction, he said, “Yes, of course.” We tend to overestimate what we can do in two years. But we underestimate what we can do in five or 10 years. I think there is a great wave in this sector. Rich people from all over the world are also investing in it, and it is going to accelerate.

Friends make you live longer

Robert Waldinger, a professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, says, “People who have good relationships with others and have warm relationships live longer and healthier lives than those who don’t.”

Robert Waldinger is also the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development.

He explains: “This is the 84th year of our study. To our knowledge, this is the longest study on a single group of people. It started when they were teenagers, and it continues until they are old. Now we have started research on their children. We have tried to find out what went wrong in human life, which will also help study life on the right path.

This study was started in 1938.

Robert points out that there were 724 participants initially. Most of them are dead. But some of the ninety and over a hundred years of age are still alive.

He says that this research revealed some things that we are aware of. These are nutritious foods and lifestyle habits that help in living a long life.

According to Robert, the research found that being more connected to other people, more connected to the people around you, and showing warmth helps people stay healthy.

Robert Waldinger says, ‘There’s been a lot of research on this. The best hypothesis in this case is related to stress and stress management. Suppose that if something happened during the day that upset you, you would feel tightness in your body. You come home, and if you have someone you trust to listen to you, you will feel that your tiredness is gone. We believe that for people who are alone, their anger is never completely gone. It begins to disrupt the body’s systems. Through research, we learn that good relationships help us come out of stress.

Of them, Robert Waldinger says: ‘This is an important point. We all want to be in touch with good people. Some of us are introverts, and that’s not a problem. Introverts think that most people around them are stressed. Only one or two close people are enough for them. There is no formula for how many relationships one should have for a healthy life. Not only that, pets also bring us happiness and can reduce our stress levels.

Robert explains that he has also studied people who are in their seventies and eighties and trying to have a relationship for the first time in their lives. Some people fall in love for the first time. So it can be said that it is never too late.

Coming back to the same question, what is the recipe for living a hundred years?

No such recipe can be given with a guarantee in this case, but if you do more than one, it may help in this case.

Keep your diet right. Maintain physical activity. Find a friend or pet you can talk to. If you live in a country where the elderly outnumber the young, changes may occur where your evening of life is exciting and comfortable.

God And Life

God And Aims Of Life

What is this darkness and light? Let’s think together: What is life? We are so entangled in the net of our wisdom that we cannot decide our real profit and loss of life. Who is our creator, God? For what purpose were we created? What should we do, and what are we doing? Let the grudges of the heart remain. It’s hard to keep up with us. Do not make your heart suffer with malice and envy; this is God’s light; do not make it lightless.

​God Tells

“All the messengers we sent before you were human beings. If you do not know, ask the people in the book.”Alqran

“Say to the People of the Book that unless you follow the Torah and the Gospel that God has revealed to you, you will not find a straight path.” Quran

O Messenger (Muhammad), say to the People of the Book, Unless you follow the Torah and the Anji, you will not succeed.” Quran

“Muslim or Jew, Sabian or Christian, whoever believes in God in the Hereafter and does good deeds will have neither fear nor sorrow.” Quran

The teachings of Matma Buddha, Rama, and Baba Guru Nank, which are meant for a large human population, contain the highest teachings of monotheism and ethics. Mohan, Roy Shankar, Roy Das, Baba Grananak, Bhagat Kabir, Bir Bhan, and many such sages in every region and nation. The basic teachings of all these sages are the same. All have the same path. But man is so cruel and hypocritical that he changed the religious teachings of every saint because of his hypocrisy; everyone has made their own separate ways.

Not God’s Choice

A cruel and ignorant person does not want to live according to the ways of God but wants to live according to his own way. Wherever you see religious distortions and separation from others, it must be created by a hypocritical, selfish, and ignorant person.Man has proved so selfish that he has never fully followed his way. Man does not care about the ways of others. Because of this prejudice, hypocrisy, and selfishness, there is always an atmosphere of corruption in the world.

The binding force of the world is the oneness of God. On which the majority agrees. The morality of the entire population of the world is one. Then what is the difference? This is all a story of prejudice, selfishness, ego, and lies. I often think that humans are so bad. Why? Why don’t we respect each other? Why don’t we give weight to each other’s opinions? Why don’t we respect the righteous elders of each other?

We Are Judge

God has said to Muslims in his holy revelation that your end will not be according to your wishes nor according to the wishes of the people of Torah and Gospel, but whoever does evil will get a bad reward. We can say the same thing about Hindus, Buddhists, or the followers of any religion. But it is human that he has planted his throne on the earth. If the Christian is the judge, then he should only declare his belief in Jesus as successful. If there is a Muslim judge, then only Muslims are being declared as God’s favorites, and the same is true of the judges of other religions.

God says that even if you hide in the seas, caves, and winds, your deeds will catch you.In every religion, lies, deceit, cruelty, injustice, fraud, hypocrisy, exploitation, pride, envy, theft, adultery, intoxication, and cruelty are strongly condemned.In every religion, qualities like truth, love, knowledge, justice, compassion, sacrifice, generosity, peace, and happiness have been valued. Then what is the difference? What else is there except ignorance, prejudice, and selfishness?

Other religions and morals are far away. There are so many examples of differences, bigotry, enmity, and hatred of other sects among the followers of each religion that Satan himself is surprised that I did not create so much difference. There is a lot of grief because everyone claims to please God.Those who follow the same religion have serious differences in their basic beliefs. It is a fact that if a person leaves prejudice, ego, selfishness, and falsehood for a while, all religions should be merged into one religion because the religion given by God is the same. What religion is that God is one? After death, the resurrection is sure to come. Every bad person will be punished, and every good person will get paradise.

God,Life And Its Purpose

The only purpose of life is to do good deeds, avoid bad deeds, and save others.In every religion and morality, but in every mind, there is the fact that the worship of one God and humanism is the true religion. The prophets of God told every nation that the greatest person is the one whose hand and tongue do not hurt another human being. Rather, this hand and tongue bring comfort and happiness.

The majority of people do not have full faith in God, and these people show the most severity in the matter of religion. I have complete faith that if our opposing religion hangs on to its religious beliefs, all will become followers of the same religion. If another religion costs more, they will leave that religion and adopt another. In fact,these people have no religion; their religion is selfishness, ignorance, bigotry, ego, and selfishness.

If we look at human humanity, it is the responsibility of worldly, developed nations to lead backward nations. This guidance should not be based on self-interest and hypocrisy but on a good teacher.But you will see that man is so bad and self-interested that he has not been able to do this till today. Wherever such guidance is found, it will bring selfishness and exploitation. That is why such guidance has often failed.

But we are not talking about worldly people. Rather, we are talking about those people who claim that we or our nation or religion are true and beloved, that we are the beloved of God, and that we are the leaders.They claim that our guided man can be successful in this world and the hereafter.

God commands these people and the Messenger to unite the people’s hearts.It is ordered to talk with everyone with wisdom and love and to preach. God has ordered that no separate sect or religion should be created. Where there is disagreement, it should be resolved with wisdom, not war or blame.

It is a far-fetched thing to obey the commands of God and the Messenger.The believers of the Torah are far away from wisdom and love, but rather torment and humiliate the Christians. Then the same oppression was done to the Christians and the Jews.This is how the Muslims treated them both. Then they wronged the Muslims. This is the attitude of Hindus, Zoroastrians, and followers of Buddhism. Thus, the orders of God and the Messenger were mocked very shamelessly. It continues in some form or another, everywhere.

If man would stop his shamelessness and ignorance and obey the order of his creator, the Jews would sing the songs of the glory of Jesus, and the Christians would also sing the songs of the glory of Moses. If the Muslims sang great songs of the glory and greatness of Jesus, then the Christians would have portrayed Muhammad as a great character.If everyone had the same attitude towards the righteous elders of all religions, the world would present a very peaceful and prosperous scene.

Man has proved to be so bigoted, narrow-minded, and ignorant that he does not name a road or a good building in his city after the name of the elders of a very high character of a religion different from his own.However, by doing so, he would get very good attractions in return. People of other religions would also respect their elders, so in a short period,by simple and easy steps, brotherhood would be created in the world.A little practical action of love, sincerity, and open-heartedness can turn centuries of hatred into friendship, respect, and love.

Instead of adopting such a great attitude, man is spreading blame,violence, discrimination, and propaganda against his various other religions. This is the work of Satan, but unfortunately, man has been doing it for centuries.The religion is the same. God is the same. The message of the messengers of God is the same. After studying, you can easily conclude that all the differences are created by ignorant, bigoted, and lying people.It is the great responsibility of the modern man to try to stop the tongue of every preacher who criticizes his opposing sect, or at least not to listen to him.

Because such people are the image of Satan.God did not advise us to speak with love and wisdom, but he commanded us. God commanded us to love and help people. He strictly forbade us to tell lies, accuse, and be prejudiced. It has been said in the revelation that the greatest of you is the one from whose hand and tongue others benefited. God said that you cannot be the believers of this time unless others are protected from the hands of your tongue.

Basil Seeds Nature Food

Basil Seeds

Researchers say Basil seeds are the dried seeds of Ocimum basilicum L., a plant in the Ocimum genus of the Lamiaceae family. Originating in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, basil seeds have spread throughout the world, particularly in the subcontinent. These seeds are very beneficial for human health due to their abundance of protein, dietary fibers, lipids, minerals, and phenolic compounds. As such, they have nutritional and medicinal properties and are considered food substitutes for weight loss or beverages.

In addition, basil seeds have also been commonly used in traditional medicinal practices worldwide. When taken orally, these seeds can help treat coughs, colds, hoarseness, stomach aches, piles, kidney stones, and urinary diseases. They may also aid in weight loss. When applied topically to the skin, dried basil seeds are usually ground into powder and mixed well with ghee or mustard oil to treat skin diseases and joint diseases, and an ointment is made to prevent animal bites.

The topical application of basil seeds can also be used as a muscle-relaxing agent in massage. Modern pharmacological studies have indicated that basil seeds provide excellent performance in anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidative, antibacterial, and anti-cancer applications. Basil seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds in the world. They are rich in nutrients that can provide important benefits for your body and mind. Basil seeds contain high amounts of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, and several essential minerals and antioxidants.

Benefits of Basil Seeds:

1. Basil seeds provide a large amount of nutrients with very few calories. 2. Basil seeds are rich in antioxidants. 3. Almost all the carbs in them are fiber. 4. The quality of protein is high in the seeds of Basi seeds. 5. The high fiber and protein in basil seeds can help you lose weight. 6. Basil seeds can reduce the risk of heart disease. 7. They are rich in several important bone nutrients.

Contains one ounce (28 grams) of Basil seeds Fiber: 11 grams Protein: 4 grams Fat: 9 grams (5 of which are omega-3s) Calcium: 18% of the RDI Manganese: 30% of the RDI Magnesium: 30% of the RDI Phosphorus: 27% of the RDI They also contain a decent amount of zinc Vitamin B3 (niacin), potassium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), and vitamin B2. It’s imposing considering that it’s only one ounce, which equals 28 grams, or about two tablespoons. This small serving provides only 137 calories and one gram of digestible carbohydrates.

Interestingly, if you subtract the fiber—most of which doesn’t end up being usable calories for your body—chia seeds contain only 101 calories per ounce (28 grams). This makes them one of the world’s best sources of many important nutrients and calories. To top things off, sesame seeds are a whole-grain food, usually grown organically. Plus, they are naturally gluten-free.

Health And Basil Seeds

You can get numerous health benefits from basil seeds. Basil seeds are obtained from sweet tulsi plants, also known as sabja seeds. Basil seeds (Balinga seeds) have numerous health benefits. They look so small that you can call them onion seeds or sesame seeds. They are dark in color and are good for health.

Itestinal Health:

It helps maintain intestinal health It also helps you lose weight The seeds are also a great source of vitamins and minerals, which is why these seeds are commonly called sweet basil seeds. Basil seeds also have a long history of use in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Basil seeds are very hard, and you cannot use them raw, so they are best consumed after soaking them in water, which makes them gelatinous. Ocimum comes from basilicum, which we also commonly use as a seasoning.The benefits of seeds include reducing blood sugar levels, showing that their seeds have anti-diabetic properties, and controlling the increased level of glucose.

2 Diabetes

It is very helpful for people with type 2 diabetes, as its seeds help you get relief from acidity and constipation. You can benefit by consuming it in limited amounts daily, as its seeds are rich in soluble fiber.

  Cooling Affects

If you know the temperament of your body, then you will find these seeds no less than a blessing. Basi seeds naturally cool the body from within.Its seeds will help you keep your body cool from the inside in the summer. It reduces body heat and helps to cool your stomach. You can use it in your drinks. You can also use these seeds with curd.

 It helps with weight loss

Its seeds contain a high amount of dietary fiber. When a person consumes them daily, his stomach feels full, which makes him eat less food, and his weight is automatically controlled. It also helps flush out bad toxins. The seeds are useful for heart diseases Basil seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids; these seeds also have a solution to avoid complex heart risks. Internal health of the mouth 

Its seeds have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It helps in treating mouth ulcers; it helps in deep cleaning of bad breath plaque and teeth.

 skin infections

It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that protect the skin from infection. Its regular use gives a natural glow to the skin.

Basil seeds are rich in antioxidants

Another place where fenugreek seeds shine is their high antioxidant content.These antioxidants prevent the sensitive fats in the seeds from going rancid.Although the benefits of antioxidant supplements are debated, researchers agree that taking antioxidants from food can have positive health effects.Most importantly, antioxidants fight the production of free radicals, which can damage cell molecules and contribute to diseases such as aging and cancer. ​

The Basil seeds are a good source of minerals

Calcium and magnesium are essential for your bone health and muscle function, while iron is important for red blood cell production. Many people don’t get enough calcium and magnesium through their daily diet, so eating seeds can help you meet your daily needs for these nutrients. After knowing the benefits of basil seeds(Takhm Balinga) and how to use it, You can also find recipes online that include its seeds. Their mild flavor blends easily into dishes. For example, you can use its seeds in 1. Smoothies 2. Milk 3. Lemonade and other drinks 4. Soup; 5. Salad dressing 6 Yogurt 7. Pudding 8. Warm cereals such as porridge 9. It can also be used in whole grains such as pancakes, pasta dishes, bread, and muffins.

Method of use

Soak two teaspoons of basil seeds in a cup of lukewarm water for about 15–20 minutes. They will swell and increase in size. Use it in any drink. If you want to try and enjoy a healthy meal, consider using its seeds in your diet. Be sure to consult your doctor for more guidance on using baling seeds.

Friends, I have written in many of my blogs about the human body and food temperament. I also told you that there are very few cold-tempered foods. Therefore, warm-tempered bodies are often sick. Therefore, cold-tempered foods are a blessing. Basil seeds are also included in the mood foods. Therefore, this natural food should be considered a blessing.

Food is a critical issue for the human body and health. Due to the changed environment, lifestyle, various social problems, and various edible synthetic products, human health has become a serious problem today. Despite the availability of modern treatments, medicines, and food, this problem is getting more complicated instead of being solved.

The commercialization of food is a major problem for human health. However, the obsession with the preparation of different food tastes has also increased this problem. No healthy person prioritizes health over food until he is faced with a disease. When he is faced with a disease, he often has to face another disease. At that time, he started giving priority to health over food tastes and nutrition. But this priority is no longer for this particular purpose.

Sad Fact

A doctor or nutritionist may tell you to eat only certain foods or to avoid them. Which is the wrong advice? It is very sad to say that despite modern science and treatment, the majority of doctors are unaware of this big fact, like the general public. If a person does not use food or even water according to his temperament, then his health remains at risk. The biggest and first duty of doctors is that they should first know the mood of their patient and then treat him accordingly. But doctors only give medicines and some bits of advice.

My claim is that man can never be 100% healthy with such treatment. Man has been created by God in such a way that he can cure his illness only with food, provided he does not delay in knowing his illness. Just as the public and doctors are returning to organic food after a long time, which is a very important step, who knows when they will return to knowing the temperament of the human body and the food?


Food Is Honor

Food Is honor

Some nations are honorable because of certain good qualities. The same food and hospitality are also good features of a house or nation so great that they make them stand out from other houses or nations. In the past, many families were respectable because their members offered good food to every guest with honor. Some poor families had a very respectable position only because of their food and hospitality. Even today, the more generous one is in the matter of feeding, the society gives him a place of great honor. The fact that people who feed others good food are not only respectable but also have very good character. Thus, food and human dignity go hand in hand.

All over the world, a person known as Hatim Tai is considered popular and respected only because he used to serve good food to his guests in a good way. And there are many examples. Feeding a guest good food in a good way brings a lot of dignity and honor to a person.
​Here is a summary of famous blogger Salmi Hussain’s writing, which shows human behavior, honor, dignity, food history, and civilization related to food in the Mughal era of the subcontinent.
​Food History Of Mughal Era In India
​Have you ever seen the exterior of the east gate of the Shahi Jama Masjid in Delhi? Did you see the appearance and the image? Was it built in a day? made’; The same is true for Delhi as well. As the famous English saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day.” The same is true for Delhi. With time, not only its name and culture changed, but also its tastes. There is no denying the fact that during the year 1639, when Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan founded Shahjahanabad, it proved to be the most blessed. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and completed in 1656. It became an honor for India.

Delhi is the land that proved to be the center of glory for the Mughals; it was the center of poetry; it was the beginning of the money rail; and the center of Shahjahanabad’s splendor was the square. Its markets were full of commotion and splendor. The bowler is playing the bowl, ‘Mian ab is hayat hai, not a syrupy friend! (The soup of this cup is like water.)̔’

Food Street In Old Dehli

“Take it, brother, take it, Laili ki Angalyan (the food is likened to Laila’s finger, the character of the famous love story Laila Majnu), Majnu ki paste (what a funny simile! This food is so tender as Majnu ribs.” Hot dishes are piled up on the trays. Cloves, large pennies, tai kebabs (roasted meat iron bars), and kelji (liver meat) skewers. Customer after customer breaks down. Wow, what a scene! Whether you eat or not, your health will be satisfied with the aroma.

Salma Hussain is a cooking enthusiast, an expert cook, and a food historian. Her knowledge of Persian revealed the mysteries of the history of medieval Mughal cuisine to her. She has also written several books and works as a food consultant for major hotels. She says that if Nihari was a mixture of 12 spices, Haleem was a dish of three types. The royal confectioners sat down to make ginger-carrot halwa so delicately that the grapes were supposed to be genuine. Biryani (meat and rice) came in front of Zarda (rice and jaggery), and the customers broke down. This was the scene of Dilli Chowk. It was also an honor to be on the food street.

But what to do with the fact that one day the Mughal Empire fell to such an extent that the hearths of the royal kitchens became cold? The aroma of kebabs and biryani was lost in the air. The shops of Chandni Chowk are deserted, and the voices of the peddlers are lost somewhere; the rhythm and beat have disappeared, as well as honor. During this period, food was given an honor that was perhaps never seen before.

Regime and Food Honor Change

The agonizing partition of the country made Delhi familiar with the tandoor( oven); the hearth started burning, and the hot bread started baking. Restaurants like Moti Mahal made the city famous. Dishes like tandoori chicken (roasted chicken in a clay oven), makhani (creamy) chick, dal makhani (creamy), and Bhatti (oven-like structure) chicken are allowed. Time passed, the stoves of the Muslims became cold, and even the non-Muslims started cooking delicious food. Because of their dietary habits and tastes, the Kayasthas (Hindu caste) are called half-Muslims. They used to eat meat with salad.

It is said that Shab Deg (the food that is cooked overnight with turnips, carrots, and meat) is said to be from these people, and the lentil was amazing in taste; fish kofta, crispy okra, and bitter gourd smelled like that. It increases appetite. On the other hand, the merchant Yesha Marwari, who avoided meat and fish, made such delicious dishes of paneer, spinach, arvi, and besan (chicken powder) that one would not want to finish the meal. Food’s glorious past makes an honorable return.

These garlic and onion dishes are not only healthy but also delicious. Time passed, months and years healed the wounds, and life calmed down a bit. The deserted streets of Delhi were repopulated with the food of the fort. The delicious food cooks, who had disappeared somewhere, then took to the streets of the city and lit their stoves. Even today, their bread is a part of these old food traditions, but where is the delicacy and sophistication?

Dehli Honoured The Food

Delhi is a cauldron in which the flavors of every religion and nation are present. Well, who can deny the fact that the Mughal rulers advanced the art of cooking and made the simple dishes of India an art form? During Muslim rule in the tenth and eleventh centuries, the art of cooking accepted foreign influences. The harmony of the flavors of Iran, Turkey, India, and other countries of the Middle East brought this art to such a high level that even after centuries, this legacy of the Mughals is alive and well among us in the subcontinent.

During the reign of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur and King Humayun, the royal kitchen did not develop significantly due to Babur’s short reign and Humayun’s exile. But during Akbar’s reign, the royal kitchen was mentioned with great detail and precision. Akbar’s adviser Abul Fazl wrote the contents of ‘Ain Akbari (Akbar Laws) as witnesses that most of the food of Akbar King consisted of wheat, rice, and pulses; that is, the food of Akbari’s era was of three types.

A simple meal is a meal that does not include meat; some meals are cooked together with grains and meat, and some meals are cooked with ghee, curd, and spices. Haleem, Dupiyaza, Zard Rice, and Sher Rice are the dishes of this era that we eat with great enthusiasm even today. Along with Turkish, Afghani, and Iranian food, Indian food also began to adorn the royal table.

Jahangir is also known as an amorous king, and his aesthetic taste is highly appreciated. It is said that most of his leisure time was spent in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. He was fond of hunting and also used to hunt sparrows. His court chefs, in a quest to please the king, served various species of sparrows at the royal table. Kebabs and curries of pheasant, quail, chicken, duck, etc. were liked by the king.

Noorjahan brought more flair to cuisine with his innovation. History has given the impression that the Mughal rulers were naturally carnivores, the main reason for which is said to be the climate of the place to which they belonged. Meat was associated with strength and bravery, and these qualities were considered essential in a king.

Innumerable meals were prepared daily in the royal kitchen. Some were mature and some were semi-mature, and the moment they got the signal from the king, it became special. The rice flour was boiled with rose water and misri and served on plates after cooling. Perhaps this was the beginning of modern pudding. Rice flour was coated with almonds and chicken meat and mixed with a mixture of rose water and amber to make sweets. It was a favorite dessert at the royal table.

All kinds of pickles, jams, chutneys, fresh ginger sticks, juicy lemons, green coriander, and mint were sealed in different bags. Yogurt-filled saucers were also part of the specialty. Pickles were prepared under the supervision of Shahi Hakim. Syrups and jams made from fruits were appetizing, easy to digest, and a cure for many diseases. Apart from the royal banquets, the king used to dine with his wives and concubines, and no outsider could see the king eating.

Betel was an important part of the Mughal civilization. Betel leaves were mixed with rose water and camphor. Betel nuts were boiled in sandalwood. Lime was prepared by mixing saffron and rose water. A raft of eleven leaves was prepared and served in a special silver dish. Numerous benefits of eating paan have been described. By chewing it, the tongue is soft, the mouth is fragrant, and the stomach is protected from unnecessary gas. Betel nut is constipating, and lime removes bitter and sweet secretions from the mouth. The Mughal capital moved with the king. The Western traveler Bernier writes: As soon as the coach was announced, the royal kitchen would move forward with all its staff and equipment.”

The Italian traveler Manucci wrote:
“The royal kitchen would leave at ten o’clock at night to provide the king with breakfast.”The kitchen caravan consisted of 50 camels with provisions, 50 well-fatted cattle for milk, 200 porters with tableware, a large number of cooks (one cook for one meal), spices, and pieces of velvet. I would travel under the watchful eye of sealers, aqueduct staff, musketeers, torchbearers, and cleaning soldiers.

Such was the honor of food!

The manuscripts of the royal kitchen of the Mughal emperors show that the use of spices in the food was extremely low. Foods were prepared with spices like cumin, coriander, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and fennel. Dry fruits and saffron were used to make the food spicy and delicious, while musk, amber, rose water, and safflower flavored the food. Fine, tasteless, and fragrant foods were the passion and weakness of the kings.

With the arrival of the Portuguese, potatoes and chilies were added in the last period of the Mughal era, and new dishes graced the table. Bahadur Shah’s table was very extensive and was decorated with Turkish, Afghani, Iranian, and Indian food. Korma, Qaliya (salted curry), pulao, naan, kachori (fried snake), kebabs, khandvi gram, Indian sweets, and halwa (sweet dish) came to appreciate the skillful hands of experienced chefs. The description of the food is a testimony to how the Mughal rulers advanced the art of finesse and nutrition and gave it new heights, which survive even today after centuries.

These rulers not only built the Taj Mahal. They are known not only because of the Red Fort but also because the food of their era made them alive and immortal. Salma Hussain further writes that the tables of the Rajas, Maharajas, and Nawabs of India used to be prosperous and magnificent. Each table had a different mood. From east to west and from north to south, every king and nawab was proud of his table. Each table had two or three items from its example for which that table was famous.

Every cook in their kitchen prepares new and different types of food. Thanks to the patronage and appreciation of the kings and nawabs, the best cooks were born, but after some time, the times changed so that they were no longer royal palaces and no sign of skilled cooks remained.

The Charm And Honor of Mughal ٖFoods

The tireless efforts of Sonal Saxena, the founder of ‘Dine With Royalty’, brought together nearly two dozen royal families from all parts of India in Delhi recently to bring their traditional cuisine to those who crave fine dining. Separate tents were set up for each royal family on the wide lawn of the Belgian embassy in the central capital, Delhi, which were decorated according to their taste.

Adjacent to each tent was a kitchen where the current chefs of the royal family displayed their skills. Before the royal feast began, the members of the royal family described in detail the dishes they would serve, in which the historical traditions of food, geographical location, external influences, etc. were mentioned. There were some anonymous royal families that we were very happy to know about.

India is a vast kingdom, and many princely states existed in every nook and cranny of it for years, which have become anonymous now. The highlight of the four-day celebration was that the kitchens of later times used to be spacious. The series of royal feasts continued day and night—the number of cooks used to be large. The kitchen used to be divided into several departments. They were looked after by an experienced person named Daruga Kuchi-Ikitchen. Each cook was an expert in his craft, as it was essential to be familiar with fine cuisine to cook well.

Great care was taken for cleanliness and hygiene. On the spacious lawns of the embassy, the kings of India, along with their queens, princes, and princesses, were seated, and this was a rare occasion in the history of independent India. The celebration was not only about food, conversation, and hospitality; music and glasses of wine kept the party intoxicated.

Sonal’s efforts not only brought many states back into the limelight but also encouraged his family chefs, who also took part in carrying on his legacy. Their efforts may save regional traditional foods from extinction. Ambassador of Belgium Jon Lolick and his wife Begum Raka Singh gave a warm welcome to the guests and participated in the celebration. On this occasion, it came to light that regional cuisine needs to be encouraged.

Often, we enjoy the flavors of North India, and the rest of the country is neglected. Such events offer a wealth of information that we are usually not aware of. Salma Hussain says that when I arrived in New Delhi from New Bombay, I was surprised to see the spacious and extensive building of the king’s palace standing on the Rajpath. Being a foodie, the only question that came to mind was how big the kitchen would be in this vast building. How many cooks and servants will work here, and who will eat all the food?

A year ago, as luck would have it, I got the chance to put my imagination to work when Liz (aka Elizabeth Collingham) and I were commissioned to write a book called ‘Round India’s First Table’. Writing this 138-page book was no less than gambling. But it was an interesting and informative trip. Since 1912, no book has been written on the subject, nor has there been any mention of the changes that have taken place in this building.
In 1912, when the British moved their capital from Calcutta to Delhi, the equipment there, along with the cooks and servants, were moved to this vast and spacious building, and signs of life were born in this luxurious building. The English Viceroy and his staff imitated London’s Buckingham Palace in the arrangement here. A staff of around 500 servants was employed to serve the Viceroy’s family and personal guests.
The kitchen of this spacious building was on the lower floor of the building. On one side was the bakery, and on the other side was the liquor store, along with the arrangements for keeping supplies in his rooms. Food was cooked in long furnaces. There was a cold room for making cakes, pastries, and pies with a temperature suitable for making cakes and pastries.
The food was neither Indian nor English, but the new rulers were fond of French cuisine, and the cooks who accompanied them were masters of the art.

Lord Reading specifically instructed Lord Irwin to keep the number of British servants in India extremely small. Time moved quickly, and gradually, changes took place in the management of this vast building. After India’s independence, this building became the official residence of the president, and changes took place with the appointment of each president.
The first Governor General of India Raj Gopal Acharya was a simple man, and he first started his private kitchen, where he had cooks and servants, but the food was purely Indian, prepared by his cook. This process continues even today. Each president has a personal chef who prepares and serves food according to his taste and mood. Thus, English and French cuisine were limited to formal banquets. But this series also ended after a while.
Finding out the detailed history of the English period was very difficult, and in the absence of written documents or any books, it was very difficult. But with the help of the old cook and butler, the task became a little easier, and interesting details and material came to hand. The book consists of four chapters. Formal banquets, the viceroy’s table, the War of Independence and its impact, the president’s formal invitations, and India’s flavors.
Organizing formal banquets is a difficult phase where the importance of the table and the greatness of India are involved. The Banquet Hall is a spacious room where the President receives guests from outside and introduces them to the culture and flavors of India.
The ٖFoods Changes But Not The Status

After independence, the tables of formal banquets began to be decorated with delicious dishes from India, and President Abdul Kalam issued instructions for the convenience of the guests that two dishes from the guest’s own country should be added to the banquet. Apart from this, the tastes of the president’s region should also be included. Gradually, flavors from every region of India became part of ceremonial feasts.
In formal banquets, the attendant’s work includes taking care of the guests, serving food, decorating the room, playing music, selecting candelabras and vases, selecting red and green lights, etc. The meal starts with soup or broth and ends with dessert. At the same time, the cycle of coffee also continues. Food is served in different courses. First soup, then kebab or something similar. In this case, the red and green lights on the door are used to help the attendant. Start eating in green and end in red.

These formal banquets are an important part of politics, where meetings with the president are lighthearted. The stakes of politics do not pass here. These formal invitations are only a message of friendship between the two countries and an introduction to the culture of India. The guests at the formal banquet belong to every sector of the country and highlight the importance of India.

What a high position for food!

Whenever there is a mention of the royal kitchens of India and the royal dishes prepared in them, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Rampur come into their circle. One seldom hears or reads about the royal kitchens of the southern parts of India.
The Raja Maharajas of South India were just as fond of delicious food as the Nawabs of North India, and their royal kitchens were also exemplary in preparing delicious and varied dishes.

Royal patronage and immense financial resources drove the talent and skill of chefs. The stories of the royal kitchens of Mysore, Arcot, Travancore, and Tanjore are fascinating and delicious. It is said that the treasurer of the royal palace of Mysore organized a magnificent banquet. The cooks got busy with the first rays of the sun. A few hours before the meal began, the treasurer visited the kitchen. He saw a large basket of vegetable scraps in a corner of the kitchen. On inquiry, it was found that these parts of the vegetables are out of use and are of no use. The treasurer asked the cook to be smart and come up with a unique recipe to use them.
The cook, after much deliberation, made a thick broth with a combination of coconut shavings and curd. The usable parts of the vegetables are cut into small pieces, mixed with mild spices, and added to the coconut broth. The mixture was allowed to cook on low heat and served as a new dish at the evening banquet. The guests at the banquet eagerly enjoyed the new dish and discovered its name. The cook immediately said, ‘Avil’. From that day on, it always became the ornament of the royal table, and till today, it is considered one of the most delicious dishes in South India.

Food Was a Symbol of Honour Of The State

It is a unique experience for a skilled and intelligent chef. Travancore is a famous state in South India. The riches and the patronage of lavish kings and maharajas made its royal kitchen also famous. The royal dishes of Travancore were the result of the passion and dedication of Maharani Situ Parvatibai.
Maharani Setu Pavaratibai was the mother of Rajapal Ram Varma. Maharani was not only fond of fine food, but everyone appreciated the dishes cooked under her supervision. Many old stories were also associated with the food of the empress, and the people of the royal palace enjoyed it a lot. ‘Wa Amman (wow mother)’ was popularly known as Maharani.
Amma Maharani instructed the cooks and supervised every dish prepared in the royal kitchen. Everything made from milk was prepared in the royal kitchen. The taste of curd frozen under his supervision was something else. His hospitality was also unparalleled.
​Musicians, painters, scientists, and heads of various provinces of the 20th century, no one did not enjoy the banquets of Amma Maharani. Whoever ate the food prepared under their supervision desired to eat it again and again. His attitude towards every guest was the same, no matter where he belonged in any part of the world.
Wonderful Food Lady

Interestingly, Amma Maharani was a vegetarian, avoiding meat, fish, and poultry, but the banquet table was decorated with various dishes. Meat, poultry, and fish dishes were prepared in a separate kitchen. The best kind of wine was served for the sake of the guests. Spilled wine in expensive bulwark jars and fragrant dishes decorated in kababs were the lifeblood of Travancore banquets.

The people of the royal family were vegetarians and used only water instead of alcohol. It is said that, given the old traditions and according to the rules made by Amma Maharani, there are still two types of kitchens in Travancore. One serves traditional South Indian vegetable dishes, and the other kitchen prepares Western-style meat, fish, and chicken dishes.

This is the decision of the conscience of the collective intellect, and above all, it is the command of God and the messengers. Eat good and clean food and feed other human beings that work brings reward and honor.

Sexual Power And Natural Foods

Natural Foods And sexual power
If you are suffering from sexual weakness and want to increase your potency, remove impotence with natural foods.The sexual power that people try to get from drugs is temporary and harmful to their health. The sexual power that can be obtained from natural foods is more pleasant and long-lasting. The natural remedies to remove male impotency are also found in the same natural foods and not in drugs.You can use the following foods to increase your sexual health or to remove male impotency:
1. Garlic 
Garlic is not only the best remedy for sexual weakness and impotence caused by excessive intercourse or promiscuity. Rather, it is also the best tonic for the recovery of sexual power lost due to any reason. In the southeastern part of Europe, garlic is considered to be a guarantee of reproductive health. Garlic is an important source of potency; garlic and potency are the perfect combination. It has been used since ancient times to cure male impotence. That’s why it is said that garlic should be eaten even if it costs gold.
Garlic is very beneficial for those who face any kind of weakness in fulfilling their desire for intimacy. Drs. say  that garlic is a very useful natural tonic for the success of sexual mediocrity. Its method is very easy to use. Just swallow 2 to 3 cloves of garlic every morning and enjoy amazing results.

2. Use of onion
Men use various methods and techniques to increase their strength of sex, but often fail. But the strength gained through onion is stable, and it is a method that has no negative side effects. Nature has hidden those qualities in onions so that the intellect gets lost.
If the body is not functioning properly, onion not only removes this weakness but also plays an important role in bringing it back to its natural state. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and Arabs were well aware of the importance of onions for sensuality. There were, and even today, its benefits remain in place.This natural food is considered very useful for increasing and maintaining sexual power.

Take an onion, extract one kilo of water from it, put one kilo of honey in it, and cook it on low heat. And when the water dries up, take it off and cool it. And use two spoons of milk daily in the morning and evening. Using it for forty days will give you new strength and youth. And male weakness and nervous weakness will disappear.
3. Use of figs

Fig is a fruit that is also called the fruit of heaven. While it has innumerable benefits, this natural food is also extremely powerful for sex power. According to ancient science, the Greeks used figs to increase potency, and today modern medical science has also proven that figs increase fertility as they are rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and manganese.

Figs are used for male potency. Those people who do not feel sexual desire just use figs for fifteen days, and then they start feeling sexual desire. Take an earthen pot and put five figs in it to soak and eat in the morning. Soaking figs has a cooling effect.

4. Carrots And Sex Power
The usefulness of carrots has been recognized since ancient times. Apart from other physical benefits of carrots, it is also very useful for increasing male potency. Carrots and eggs play an important role in stimulating libido and increasing timing.
The way to use it to increase the power of sex is to cut a handful of carrots, add a half-boiled egg to it, and then dip it in honey and eat it. With just one month of daily use, you will see amazing results.

5. Use of okra
Those who have completely lost their virility should start using okra. The use of okra for sex power is very useful. The way to use it to increase sex power is to take the okra. First, dry it well, make a powder of it, grind it, and keep it with you.
Consume this powder daily with a mouthful of fresh water. A person who eats it intermittently. Never suffer from male weakness. And by using it for a few weeks, the lost youth returns.Another way is to make a poultice of okra root and drink it mixed with milk. A glass a day will enlighten you with a new power.
6. The Use of  Dried Date
Dried dates are a source of iron. Dried dates are a source of extraordinary power that increases the power of sex. The way to use this natural food is very simple. Add some dried dates, chickpeas, almonds, and pistachios to warm milk and use it.Another method is to grind beetroot,dried dates, almonds, and pistachios together and take two to three spoons daily with milk. After a few days of using it, you will experience such a wonderful change in yourself. Which is difficult to cover in writing.
7. Olive oil and Sex Power
Olive oil and honey are elixirs for male impotence sufferers who want to increase their potency. For men who complain of a lack of male power, if they use these two things regularly, their male power will increase. Male weakness will go away.For this purpose, dissolve three spoons of honey in one cup of goat’s milk and drink it in the morning and evening. Its effect will be felt in the body only after a few days. And the complaint of impotence will disappear. With a few months of continuous and regular use, impotence will never occur again.

8. Dry Grapes For Sex Power
Take ten grams of dry grapes and boil them in one cup of milk. And eat this natural food while drinking milk. By doing this every day and night, male impotence is eliminated within a month.


One study examined the effects of walnuts on 199 healthy young adults. The youngsters were given walnuts to eat for 14 days. This increased lust and desire in men. Similarly, sperm count and motility also improved. Like fish, walnuts also hide another male sexual potency secret, LRG9. L-arginine is a nitrogen-rich amino acid. It improves metabolism and produces nitric oxide, among many other things. Studies show that nitric oxide lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels. Lrginine can increase both sperm count and motility.

Walnuts are also high in zinc. This element is essential for a healthy prostate or bladder gland. It also plays a role in sperm production. If zinc is deficient, the sperm use up all their energy before reaching the egg cell.


Studies have shown that tomatoes are beneficial for both human and animal sperm. The secret hidden in them is lycopene. This red substance in tomatoes is an antioxidant. Lycopene reduces oxidative stress in cells.Ripe tomatoes have more lycopene than raw tomatoes. Tomato paste is the best. However, study participants ate capsules containing 14 mg of lycopene, not tomatoes. This is equivalent to about 200 grams of raw tomatoes. This made the sperm healthier and able to swim better.۔


This natural food is rich in iron, so beetroot is very useful for it. Nitrates present in it increase blood circulation and give it more sexual power.


Spinach contains folic acid, zinc, iron, and antioxidants. This is why spinach stimulates sperm more effectively.


This miraculous and green stalk-shaped vegetable is rich in zinc, which helps in enhancing sexual function.


Oddly enough, because of their shape and the fact that they grow in pairs on avocado trees, the Aztecs named avocados after a word that means testicles. It was discovered by him in 500 BCE. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, which can improve semen quality in men with infertility. A medium (150 g) avocado provides 21 percent of the DV for vitamin E.A medium (150g) avocado has 9% of the DV for zinc, an essential mineral that has the power to increase semen quality, testosterone production, and fertility.

This potassium-rich fruit helps lower your blood pressure, which can benefit your vital organs and boost sexual performance.


It is an evergreen herb that is used as a vegetable. God has filled him with the treasure of male power. The method of use is as follows: Make a poultice of the roots of this natural herb and mix it with milk every day. This significantly increases sex power.


Foxnut is considered useful for circulating sexual power. To eat them well, cook the makhanas in a frying pan on low heatFoxnut is considered useful for circulating sexual power. To eat them well, cook the makhanas in a frying pan on low heat for 5 minutes without using any oil.100 grams of Makhana provide 350 kilocalories of energy. It contains 70 to 80 grams of carbohydrates, 9.7 grams of protein, which is very beneficial for the body, 7.6 grams of fiber, 60 mg of calcium, and 40–50 mg of potassium. There is phosphorus.Suppose that these tips to restore male potency do not help. So in this case, instead of getting worried and suffering from any kind of inferiority complex, consult a gynecologist.There can be another problem.

For you, I would like to mention one potion that I use myself. The result of this potion is very happy and amazing.

Potion to increase male potency:
Those who don’t get an erection have to face shame. The benefits of this prescription are not stated very clearly.
Recipe Ingredients:
Kalonji, 50 grams
Pure honey, 500 grams
Behrboti 50 pcs
Jaggery 50 grams
Mastagi Rumi 50 grams
Method of preparation:
Mix all these, and it will become like a potion. It is ready.
How to use:
Use it in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.

Another natural food that my friends often use and whose effectiveness is well known, this food is very effective in giving pleasure and sexual power.There are very few natural foods that can be substituted for this.

How To Prepare

The way to prepare this food is to take equal weights of walnuts, cashews, pistachios, figs, dates, raisins, peanuts, almonds, and kalonji.Grind them all a little. Add enough honey to all these ingredients to make a thick mixture. Let this mixture stay in a clean glass bottle for two days. Eat a spoonful of it in the morning and evening with cow milk. For weaker bodies, use it for two weeks, and for weak ones, use it for one week. Then, after one week, use it as needed.

My readers know that I consider any food that does not match the temperament of the eater to be a sweet poison to the eater.Food that is not compatible with your body’s temperament is poison for you. Such food harms your health instead of benefiting it. So do not eat any of the above natural foods that are not compatible with your body’s temperament.
​If you still don’t understand food and body temperament then it is your huge misfortune. If you want to understand, then read my blog, “Temerment matters, not food,” first.

I would request all friends to stop taking all the foods mentioned in this blog if your stomach feels hot or your appetite is very low while using them. Because every food that makes you overheat or suppresses your appetite is not the right food for you.

Blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease patients should not consume any kind of food without a doctor’s advice.

Foxnut is considered useful for circulating sexual power. To eat them well, cook the makhanas in a frying pan on low heat for 5 minutes without using any oil.100 grams of Makhana provide 350 kilocalories of energy. It contains 70 to 80 grams of carbohydrates, 9.7 grams of protein, which is very beneficial for the body, 7.6 grams of fiber, 60 mg of calcium and 40–50 mg of potassium. There is phosphorus.Suppose that these tips to restore male potency do not help. So in this case, instead of getting worried and suffering from any kind of inferiority complex, consult a gynecologist.There can be another problem.
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Longevity Desire And Natural ٖFood

Longevity And Natural Food

Every human being has a natural desire for longevity. This natural desire can only be fulfilled by natural food. Scientific progress has been overwhelming in nutritional matters before, but now this science is urging man to return to nature to maintain health and longevity. While we have gained a lot of facilities due to the development of science, we have fallen victim to degradation in terms of food.

We do not find a single example that proves that scientific progress has improved our diet and significantly improved our health. There are many examples of damage to our food and health from this development. Such as processed food, packed food, sweets, and many drinks; unnatural cooking methods; different fertilizers; and poisonous agricultural spray. In the matter of human food, scientific progress has played the role of the enemy of the house. Happily, science is now trying to remedy this injustice.

about which the same science is now telling us that these are harmful to health. Just two examples are enough of the scientific progress in the matter of food, which is causing great damage to our health and causing many ailments. From the natural food jaggery, our science brought us to sugar and the journey from natural ghee to synthetic ghee. With scientific progress, we have made these two foods that are now included in every other diet, due to which the pursuit of ideal health and longevity has now become a dream. Because these two scientific foods are sweet poison, not only does our health remain bad, but overall average life is also decreasing.

 Research Reports Of Independent, BBC For Longevity

Friends, today I present to you the summary of the research report about LONGEVITY in the Urdu version of the Independent newspaper, which was published in November 2023 of the same year, and the research report of the BBC last year.

According to research by the Independent newspaper, we can add ten years to our lives. Research claims the longest life expectancy benefit was achieved by people who changed their diet to eat more whole grains, nuts, and fruits and less sugary drinks and processed meats, the researchers said.

It said that a new study has revealed that switching to and sticking to a healthy diet can add nearly ten years to middle-aged people’s lives.

The study, published in the scientific journal ‘Nature Food’, examined the health data of nearly 500,000 British citizens whose eating habits were recorded by the UK Biobank.

Researchers divided 467,354 participants into groups based on their eating habits and observed how these changed over time. Participants were divided into groups of average or unhealthy eaters: those who ate according to the UK’s Eat Well Guide and those who were eating what the researchers called a ‘longevity diet’.

The current life expectancy in the UK population is around 84 years for women and 80 years for men.

After considering other contributing factors such as smoking, alcohol, and physical activity, the study found that 40-year-old men and women who switched from unhealthy diets to healthy eating habits and continued to eat healthier had a longer life expectancy. I grew by about nine to 10 years.
​Scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway and others wrote in the study: ‘Here, using peer data from the UK Biobank, we demonstrate that unhealthy dietary patterns are associated with ‘Eatwell For 40-year-old men who followed the guidelines’ dietary recommendations, life expectancy increased by 8.9 years for men and 8.6 years for women.

They added: ‘In the same population, a permanent shift from an unhealthy diet to a longevity diet increased life expectancy by 10.8 and 10.4 years for men and women, respectively.’

The longest life expectancy benefit was achieved by people who changed their diet to eat more whole grains, nuts, and fruits and less sugary drinks and processed meats, the researchers said. Those who initially ate an average diet and later adopted healthier eating habits were found to have a shorter life expectancy.

“The greater the changes made toward a healthier dietary pattern, the greater the benefits in terms of life expectancy,” the researchers explained. The scientists say that when dietary changes were introduced at an older age, the increase in life expectancy was smaller but still substantial.

For example, even 70-year-olds can extend their lives by four or five years if they make consistent dietary changes, he said.

The latest findings could help the government take measures that could improve people’s health in the UK, such as introducing a health-based food tax, improving food environments in schools and workplaces, and pricing healthy food. Subsidy to reduce

The researchers added, ‘This paper provides up-to-date estimates of the potential benefits of increased life expectancy so that policy measures can guide the use of resources to promote healthy eating patterns in the population. can be improved.’

BBC, Longevity And Natural foods

According to BBC research published in November 2021, the relationship between longevity and natural food in Japan was described as follows:
​Japan is the country with the highest number of people aged 100 years or more in the world. In Japan, 48 out of every 100,000 citizens live to be 100 years old or older. No other country in the world is even close to Japan regarding the elderly population.

Such a large number of elderly people has drawn the attention of those living in other parts of the world to the point that what do the Japanese have that they do not have, or what is the Japanese eating that allows them to live so long?

It’s like having a Mediterranean diet. Its popularity outside the Mediterranean can be traced to the research of American nutritionist Ansel Keys in the 1970s. He saw people in Italy who were 100 years old and over 100 years old. Their diet was low in animal fat. Walter Willett, a nutrition researcher in the 1990s, wrote about Japan as having an unusually long-lived population.

Along with this, he also said that people die less from heart disease in Japan.

Since then, several research papers have asked whether the longevity of the Japanese is linked to food. And if so, what foods and drinks can be added to our shopping lists with the desire to live like this?

Japanese food is quite a broad concept. This was pointed out by researcher Xu Zhang, who is affiliated with the National Center for Gerontology in Japan.

Natural Foods Of Japan

Thirty-nine studies investigating the relationship between diet and health in Japan were reviewed. It was found that many papers emphasized some similar aspects. Seafood, vegetables, soybeans, and products made from them It was found that many papers emphasized some similar aspects. Seafood, vegetables, greens, soybeans, and products made from them such as soy sauce, rice miso soup, etc.

Zhang says that although it is not related to diseases such as cancer, consumption of such a diet is associated with fewer deaths from heart disease. Interestingly, it also appears to be related to the overall mortality rate.
​Tohoku University’s associate professor of food and molecular bioscience, Tohoku University’s Tohoku University’s Tohoku University’s associate professor of food and molecular bioscience, Tohoku University, has studied which version of the Japanese diet may help with longevity.

Initially, he and his colleagues used national survey data in the 1990s.

They looked at foods that represented the Japanese diet and the American diet of the same period. In this, they fed frozen and dry food to mice for three weeks, whose health was carefully evaluated by the researchers.

Surprisingly, mice fed the Japanese diet had less belly fat and less blood fat, even though both diets contained the same amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. It shows that the sources of their nutrients are fish compared to meat and wheat compared to rice.

Delving deeper into the study, the researchers created a half-century of Japanese diet variations because what Japanese people eat has changed significantly over time. Especially in big cities, the influence of the Western diet is greater.

During the years 1960, 1975, 1990, and 2005, experts set up food plans based on national diets and then fed them to rats.

Many cooking, food freezing, and drying machines were placed under the supervision of rats, and this time the experiments continued for eight months.
​Mice fed the same diet as in 1975 had a lower risk of diabetes and fatty liver disease than others, and when the scientists examined them, they showed genes that did not contain fatty acids. was forming while in others it was dynamic.

The diet was particularly rich in seafood, fruits, traditional fermented fish, and generally a variety of foods. Later experiments found that the 1975 diet led to longer lifespans, better memory, and fewer physical defects in mice.

(In fact, epidemiologist Shu Zhang and his colleagues recently published findings that the Japanese diet is linked to healthier and more active lives in old age.)

The Sudoku group and their colleagues found that the diet had positive effects on human health. Instead of frying ingredients in Japanese cuisine, they are either steamed or boiledSubjects consuming the modern Japanese diet or the diet eaten in 1975 underwent a 28-day trial. It showed that the group eating the 1975 diet lost more weight and had better cholesterol levels. At the end of the trial, other healthy-weight subjects who ate the same diet as they did in 1975 were in better shape than others.

Cooking Methods Of Japan

After seeing changes in the microbiome in one of their studies, Sudocki and colleagues hypothesized that people’s microbiomes may be one of the factors contributing to these effects. According to Sunduki, this version of the Japanese diet has positive effects on how food is prepared. The meal consists of several small dishes that provide a variety of flavors.

Food ingredients are more boiled than fried or prepared in water on low heat without boiling. Also, it is cooked with small amounts of flavored ingredients rather than high amounts of salt or sugar.

In short, the magical benefits of Japanese cuisine aren’t due to seafood or soy sauce, but rather a focus on eating a variety of foods cooked in moderately healthy ways. Along with this, vegetables and pulses are also emphasized. The advice can be used in other senses, but along with this suggestion, modern Japan has its problems. In Japan, the number of diabetes patients has increased in recent years. This is due, in part, to an aging population but also to increasing obesity.

Friends, both of these studies are very meaningful and informative. I find both of them admirable. As far as my own research is concerned, which I have described in many of my blogs, I am summarizing it once again.Every person knows his body and the temperament of his food well. He chooses and eats his food according to the temperament of the body. And does not eat processed, packaged, or man-made food.He cooks and eats natural food in a natural way. With positive feelings for humanity in his mind and heart, it can be said with certainty that such a person will have enviable health and longevity.

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Kind God And Our Criticism

Commands Of God And Our Criticism

God’s order is to call people with wisdom and good manners. God’s order is to talk to people according to their mental standards. In the light of these commands from God, we can understand the purpose and necessity of criticism well.God’s command is not to point out people’s faults and defects in the negative or with ill manners. God has strictly forbidden in his revelation to find and explain people’s faults and weaknesses.It is a natural fact that a person cannot bear even correct criticism of himself, and if a person is criticized wrongly, feelings of dislike and hatred arise in him.If this series continues, it will lead to war. Therefore, God has strictly forbidden negative criticism and declared it a major sin.

​God has allowed positive criticism to be done in a good way and with wisdom. If someone does not have the ability to criticize in a good and wise way, then he is not allowed to do it either. “You are false, less knowledgeable, and inferior”.” I am true, learned, and superior. So obey me and imitate me”.If you try to make someone your own and propagate your own thoughts by criticizing in this way, nothing else can be achieved except hatred and enmity.But except for a few human beings, all others have been trying to prove themselves and their thoughts to others in the same way.

Criticism Is Job Of Nice Fellow

Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Dallin H. Oaks discuss the subject of the balance between gay rights and religious rights during an interview in the KSL studio in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015.

In order to prove yourself as true, good, and knowledgeable, it is absolutely necessary that you have very high morals. You need rational arguments based on very high morals, not criticism.Until today, no person or nation has been able to beat another nation with negative or harsh criticism.24 hours a day of criticism, and negative criticism has become a prominent stain of human nature. Due to this negative criticism, there is restlessness in the family, and overall, there is a state of restlessness and chaos in the entire nation.

It is a good thing to describe someone’s qualities with their flaws in a polite way and with wisdom. But it has become a habit for most people to only see the flaws of others. He only sees the flaws of others. And he finds all the attributes in himself. This is a bad and negative attitude that not only spoils our relationships with others but also becomes an enemy and causes war, unrest, and chaos in the whole society.

Sad Face Of Criticism

The sad thing is that this bad thing is done by people who are more educated than the average man. You can listen to a leader in the media, listen to the discussion of the so-called intellectuals in a discussion, or read books by the so-called educated, and the human reality comes out. In their discussions and writings, we often see negative and rude criticism of others. Generally, this criticism is false, biased, and selfish.

See the perfection of human bad nature: when a nation disagrees with another good, the first nation uses all negative tactics to defame and disgrace the distant nation due to lies and propaganda. For this nefarious purpose, the nation abandons all morality. This attitude is not associated with any one nation, but it is an expression of the collective attitude of man.

God Says

God says that all humans are sons of Adam. All humans are brothers. God says that humans’ colors and languages are only for identifying humans. God says that the colors and languages of human beings are only for the recognition of human beings. The teachings of all the prophets of God are one. God says that man is the greatest, which is pious. All the criticisms expressed by men come to this point and are proved to be false.We are calling someone good or bad by adopting another standard, and in the eyes of God, greatness is hidden only in how good that person is.And the second aspect is that the person who is a sinner is bad.Do we criticize an individual or a nation in front of this standard?

God has laid down strict rules for defining what is good and bad. By violating these rules, we create enmity, resentment, and chaos among ourselves.
​Abuse or criticism?

Criticizing others has become a great human moral crisis and tragedy. If a person says a hundred things, sixty to seventy percent are criticisms of others. This criticism consists of 60 to 70 percent wrong or personal praise. This is the situation at home, in the office, and in any parliament. If there is a discussion about an opposing nation and a nation belonging to a religion, this false criticism usually reaches seventy to ninety. This criticism includes sixty to ninety lies, abuse, and hypocrisy.

I was reading about freedom and slavery. This is the story of the last century. Everyone knows that no one speaks the truth about this subject.There are stains on everyone’s clothes. Why doesn’t a person speak the truth about himself? Why is a person such a liar? Why do people lie so shamelessly? Then a liar also expects that his words will be believed to be true.
​Why is man a rebel against the orders of God and his messengers, his intellect and conscience? Why is man so bad?

The western and some other nations wrote that Muslims maintained slavery, and there are many examples, many of which are correct.Their opinion would have been considered very authentic if they had given examples of maintaining the slavery of their nations, saying that a few decades ago we also treated the slaves badly. But man is so bad and inferior that, in order to prove himself good, he puts his bad and black words and habits on a gold plate and presents them to others.

If you take a brief look at this false criticism, western historians in particular have propagated many falsehoods in this matter, such as that in the century in which markets for the slave trade were established in Europe, the vast empire of India was ruled by a Muslim family known as the Ghulam dynasty (slave rule).Until the last century, black people in Europe and America have been living the life of slavery. These nations have treated them like animals, although no example of this worst form of slavery can be presented in the entire Islamic world in this era.

I do not claim that Muslims are very freedom-loving. The behavior of Muslims toward slaves was also not ideal. My intention is not to defend or oppose anyone. What I want to say is that instead of creating love, friendship, and tolerance, why does a person create resentment and enmity in the world by criticizing others wrongly and negatively?

Criticism And Education

I say that whether it is a matter of slavery, politics, religion,  economy, war, peace, traditions, or history, the majority tell lies.Does a person criticize others because of their lack of knowledge? If this were the case, in critical books and leaders’ speeches, which are 70% to 80% criticized by others, are these people less knowledgeable?In the debates that are being held on various newspapers and TV channels, are there less educated people? No, they are among the educated and knowledgeable people of the nation. Some of them are considered the intellectuals of the nation.

Ignorant or uneducated people speak only what they hear from their educated and so-called conscious people.They speak the truth. They believe that what their educated people have said is true. Even if the critical writings or speeches of their educated people are based on lies and bias, these are the critical writings and speeches of these so-called knowledgeable and educated people, because of which one nation in this world dislikes or hates another nation.It is the criticism of these so-called intellectuals on the basis of which one religion is considered false and the other is considered true or superior.

The false criticism of the educated people of the world’s major universities is the reason why one’s ethics and traditions are considered superior to those of other nations. .The most detestable aspect is that, due to the wrong criticism of these people, the less educated people of other nations are influenced by them and accept the political, economic, and social slavery of this nation.

The simple, effective, and hypocritical method of enslaving people in today’s era has now included criticism, which is presented to people by putting roses on thorns. Not Hitler’s; this is the idea of every nation’s leader today. The propaganda of lies so persistent and effective that people believe the truth.Developed nations and less educated and undeveloped nations are so inappropriately criticized in the media that they accept falsehood as truth.

Developed nations try to prove themselves superior. Lesser and underdeveloped nations are naturally so affected by this false and inappropriate criticism that they ignore their history, traditions, and religion and adopt their point of view.It seems that human beings, who are generally very evil creatures, now have an additional need for basic needs like food and sleep: the need for negative criticism of others.

Many serious differences from home, office, and city to countries have been caused by this inappropriate and negative criticism.From domestic discord to country wars, you will find this negative criticism as one of the main reasons. Today, a tweet of inappropriate criticism of one line becomes the cause of enmity between two countries or nations.From which we should have a clear understanding of how negative and slanderous criticism is a deadly and hateful human habit.

It needs to be eradicated and discouraged.The state of chaos in human society can be greatly reduced. Positive criticism is a valuable method. It is necessary to have positive criticism for human improvement.But man has turned a positive work into a negative work due to his bad nature. Especially narrow-minded, prejudiced, and hypocritical people are more likely to be victims of this bad curse. The sad thing is that there has always been an abundance of such people in this world.

How Do You Handle Criticism?

It is not so difficult to get rid of this disgusting habit. If a person starts to respect other people and respect the opinions of others and starts to feel the pain of a piece of humanity, then the bad habit of negative criticism can turn into positive criticism. Which is a good human trait.I would especially appeal to adults at home and teachers at school to always give positive and constructive criticism to children.It is the moral duty of teachers and parents to teach children to listen and criticize in a positive and polite manner, as instructed by God. And teach them to respect the opinions of others so that they can live a peaceful and friendly life in every society.