Kind God And Our Criticism

by Izat Khan

Commands Of God And Our Criticism

God’s order is to call people with wisdom and good manners. God’s order is to talk to people according to their mental standards. In the light of these commands from God, we can understand the purpose and necessity of criticism well.God’s command is not to point out people’s faults and defects in the negative or with ill manners. God has strictly forbidden in his revelation to find and explain people’s faults and weaknesses.It is a natural fact that a person cannot bear even correct criticism of himself, and if a person is criticized wrongly, feelings of dislike and hatred arise in him.If this series continues, it will lead to war. Therefore, God has strictly forbidden negative criticism and declared it a major sin.

​God has allowed positive criticism to be done in a good way and with wisdom. If someone does not have the ability to criticize in a good and wise way, then he is not allowed to do it either. “You are false, less knowledgeable, and inferior”.” I am true, learned, and superior. So obey me and imitate me”.If you try to make someone your own and propagate your own thoughts by criticizing in this way, nothing else can be achieved except hatred and enmity.But except for a few human beings, all others have been trying to prove themselves and their thoughts to others in the same way.

Criticism Is Job Of Nice Fellow

Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Dallin H. Oaks discuss the subject of the balance between gay rights and religious rights during an interview in the KSL studio in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015.

In order to prove yourself as true, good, and knowledgeable, it is absolutely necessary that you have very high morals. You need rational arguments based on very high morals, not criticism.Until today, no person or nation has been able to beat another nation with negative or harsh criticism.24 hours a day of criticism, and negative criticism has become a prominent stain of human nature. Due to this negative criticism, there is restlessness in the family, and overall, there is a state of restlessness and chaos in the entire nation.

It is a good thing to describe someone’s qualities with their flaws in a polite way and with wisdom. But it has become a habit for most people to only see the flaws of others. He only sees the flaws of others. And he finds all the attributes in himself. This is a bad and negative attitude that not only spoils our relationships with others but also becomes an enemy and causes war, unrest, and chaos in the whole society.

Sad Face Of Criticism

The sad thing is that this bad thing is done by people who are more educated than the average man. You can listen to a leader in the media, listen to the discussion of the so-called intellectuals in a discussion, or read books by the so-called educated, and the human reality comes out. In their discussions and writings, we often see negative and rude criticism of others. Generally, this criticism is false, biased, and selfish.

See the perfection of human bad nature: when a nation disagrees with another good, the first nation uses all negative tactics to defame and disgrace the distant nation due to lies and propaganda. For this nefarious purpose, the nation abandons all morality. This attitude is not associated with any one nation, but it is an expression of the collective attitude of man.

God Says

God says that all humans are sons of Adam. All humans are brothers. God says that humans’ colors and languages are only for identifying humans. God says that the colors and languages of human beings are only for the recognition of human beings. The teachings of all the prophets of God are one. God says that man is the greatest, which is pious. All the criticisms expressed by men come to this point and are proved to be false.We are calling someone good or bad by adopting another standard, and in the eyes of God, greatness is hidden only in how good that person is.And the second aspect is that the person who is a sinner is bad.Do we criticize an individual or a nation in front of this standard?

God has laid down strict rules for defining what is good and bad. By violating these rules, we create enmity, resentment, and chaos among ourselves.
​Abuse or criticism?

Criticizing others has become a great human moral crisis and tragedy. If a person says a hundred things, sixty to seventy percent are criticisms of others. This criticism consists of 60 to 70 percent wrong or personal praise. This is the situation at home, in the office, and in any parliament. If there is a discussion about an opposing nation and a nation belonging to a religion, this false criticism usually reaches seventy to ninety. This criticism includes sixty to ninety lies, abuse, and hypocrisy.

I was reading about freedom and slavery. This is the story of the last century. Everyone knows that no one speaks the truth about this subject.There are stains on everyone’s clothes. Why doesn’t a person speak the truth about himself? Why is a person such a liar? Why do people lie so shamelessly? Then a liar also expects that his words will be believed to be true.
​Why is man a rebel against the orders of God and his messengers, his intellect and conscience? Why is man so bad?

The western and some other nations wrote that Muslims maintained slavery, and there are many examples, many of which are correct.Their opinion would have been considered very authentic if they had given examples of maintaining the slavery of their nations, saying that a few decades ago we also treated the slaves badly. But man is so bad and inferior that, in order to prove himself good, he puts his bad and black words and habits on a gold plate and presents them to others.

If you take a brief look at this false criticism, western historians in particular have propagated many falsehoods in this matter, such as that in the century in which markets for the slave trade were established in Europe, the vast empire of India was ruled by a Muslim family known as the Ghulam dynasty (slave rule).Until the last century, black people in Europe and America have been living the life of slavery. These nations have treated them like animals, although no example of this worst form of slavery can be presented in the entire Islamic world in this era.

I do not claim that Muslims are very freedom-loving. The behavior of Muslims toward slaves was also not ideal. My intention is not to defend or oppose anyone. What I want to say is that instead of creating love, friendship, and tolerance, why does a person create resentment and enmity in the world by criticizing others wrongly and negatively?

Criticism And Education

I say that whether it is a matter of slavery, politics, religion,  economy, war, peace, traditions, or history, the majority tell lies.Does a person criticize others because of their lack of knowledge? If this were the case, in critical books and leaders’ speeches, which are 70% to 80% criticized by others, are these people less knowledgeable?In the debates that are being held on various newspapers and TV channels, are there less educated people? No, they are among the educated and knowledgeable people of the nation. Some of them are considered the intellectuals of the nation.

Ignorant or uneducated people speak only what they hear from their educated and so-called conscious people.They speak the truth. They believe that what their educated people have said is true. Even if the critical writings or speeches of their educated people are based on lies and bias, these are the critical writings and speeches of these so-called knowledgeable and educated people, because of which one nation in this world dislikes or hates another nation.It is the criticism of these so-called intellectuals on the basis of which one religion is considered false and the other is considered true or superior.

The false criticism of the educated people of the world’s major universities is the reason why one’s ethics and traditions are considered superior to those of other nations. .The most detestable aspect is that, due to the wrong criticism of these people, the less educated people of other nations are influenced by them and accept the political, economic, and social slavery of this nation.

The simple, effective, and hypocritical method of enslaving people in today’s era has now included criticism, which is presented to people by putting roses on thorns. Not Hitler’s; this is the idea of every nation’s leader today. The propaganda of lies so persistent and effective that people believe the truth.Developed nations and less educated and undeveloped nations are so inappropriately criticized in the media that they accept falsehood as truth.

Developed nations try to prove themselves superior. Lesser and underdeveloped nations are naturally so affected by this false and inappropriate criticism that they ignore their history, traditions, and religion and adopt their point of view.It seems that human beings, who are generally very evil creatures, now have an additional need for basic needs like food and sleep: the need for negative criticism of others.

Many serious differences from home, office, and city to countries have been caused by this inappropriate and negative criticism.From domestic discord to country wars, you will find this negative criticism as one of the main reasons. Today, a tweet of inappropriate criticism of one line becomes the cause of enmity between two countries or nations.From which we should have a clear understanding of how negative and slanderous criticism is a deadly and hateful human habit.

It needs to be eradicated and discouraged.The state of chaos in human society can be greatly reduced. Positive criticism is a valuable method. It is necessary to have positive criticism for human improvement.But man has turned a positive work into a negative work due to his bad nature. Especially narrow-minded, prejudiced, and hypocritical people are more likely to be victims of this bad curse. The sad thing is that there has always been an abundance of such people in this world.

How Do You Handle Criticism?

It is not so difficult to get rid of this disgusting habit. If a person starts to respect other people and respect the opinions of others and starts to feel the pain of a piece of humanity, then the bad habit of negative criticism can turn into positive criticism. Which is a good human trait.I would especially appeal to adults at home and teachers at school to always give positive and constructive criticism to children.It is the moral duty of teachers and parents to teach children to listen and criticize in a positive and polite manner, as instructed by God. And teach them to respect the opinions of others so that they can live a peaceful and friendly life in every society.

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