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Warm Seasons And Foods

The summer season has begun. In a vast region of the world where a large population lives, the heat is intense. If human food and precautions are not taken care of, human life and health accidents happen. Daily activities are affected badly during these hot days. The only remedy for this is to educate the people here about the foods that can keep their bodies healthy.
Another irony is that the population here is poorly educated and deprived of basic human amenities, like the subcontinent, where one and a half billion people live, and millions of people on the continent of Africa, where the heat is very intense and the population here is not fully aware of food consumption according to the weather.

The third painful reality is that the majority of the poor population here has only two meals a day to worry about. They do not worry about whether this food is beneficial or harmful to health in that season. It is a great moral responsibility of the governments and dietitians of the time to make these people fully aware of Korak according to the season. It is also their responsibility to ensure the availability of adequate food. This can significantly reduce the numerous health, social, and moral problems in the area.
Today I am mentioning some of the korakas, which are very suitable for this season and are fantastic for their health. Last year, on the same days, I wrote about some foods that must be eaten during the summer season.

Summer foods
Proper use of food and drink in summer can save us from many problems.

As soon as the summer season starts, we will face many problems. Due to intense sun, heat, and cold, the temperature of the body also increases abnormally, and due to this, the body faces dehydration and other diseases. This is the most important thing that we should take care of in the summer. What is needed is food, because the correct use of things in food and drink can save us from many problems.

There is also a risk of heat stroke in the summer, so it is very important to maintain the amount of water in the body, and for this, the consumption of drinks should be maximized. That’s why you are being told about some drinks and foods that you can use to not only protect your body from heat but also meet the required amount of water.

Consuming watermelon in the summer can give us miraculous health results. Watermelon contains 90% water, due to which we do not complain of dehydration in the summer while it has a very low quantity. Contains calories that don’t even put you at risk of obesity.

Cucumber is considered to be the best food to keep the body fresh. Cucumber also contains more than 90% water, while it is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6.


The cooling properties of onions may surprise some people. Mix them with salt and lemon to make a salad. Adding onions to vegetables, curries, and raitas is another way to eat them. Quercetin, found in red onions, is often considered a natural anti-allergen. Regular inclusion of onions in the diet also helps protect people from sunstroke

Basil seeds
Consuming basil seeds in the summer helps cool the body, while the seeds are rich in fiber, salts, and antioxidants.

Curry Syrup:

Curry syrup is very important to keep the body cool in the summer. The ingredients in it help to reduce the body temperature.

Lemon water

It is very important to use lemon water in the summer season. The use of lemon water not only protects the body from heat stroke but also maintains the glucose level. Health experts say that 2 glasses of lemon water should be consumed daily in the summer.

Coconut water

According to health experts, you should drink coconut water 2 to 3 times a day in the summer because it not only keeps the body temperature low but also provides rich amounts of minerals.

Lassi(butter milk)

Health experts say that the use of lassi in the summer is also helpful in preventing colds and heat stroke, so we should keep using lassi.


Consuming alocha in the summer season provides important minerals to the body that are lost through sweating. Besides, alocha is also helpful in preventing diarrhea.

According to medical experts, many bacteria and viruses are more active and grow faster in the summer. That’s why nutritionists recommend eating fresh and simple food in the summer.

Foods that should be increased in summer:

High water content

Whether it is hot or cold, there is no compromise on the amount of water. In summer, salt and water are removed from the body due to sweat, so it is recommended to double their use in the summer by drinking cold water immediately. As stomach heat and body temperature come down, water also helps flush out the toxic effects of excess heat while keeping the digestive system healthy.

Watery foods

According to medical experts, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in summer, including apples, peaches, watermelons, and cucumbers, while staying away from sour foods, which can increase stomach heat by increasing acidity.


Yogurt helps increase the amount of beneficial bacteria for the health of the stomach. Consumption of yogurt reduces the heat of the stomach and helps to get rid of the grains that come out in the summer, while the digestive system and other organs are also active. are

Cold milk

Cold milk is also helpful in reducing stomach temperature and acidity. A glass of cold milk helps with getting a restful sleep at night.

Boiled rice

Stomach heat does not often show symptoms, but restlessness, lack of appetite, empty stomach feeling vomiting and dizziness can be the causes of stomach heat, so boiled white rice can also cool the stomach when such symptoms appear. Eating plain rice with curd enhances this effect.


Mint can also help to remove stomach heat due to its cooling effect. Eating mint as a salad, added to a drink, or made into a chutney helps digest food quickly and makes one feel refreshed, calm, and light. feels

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink this mixture. Reduces intensity.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is an anti-constipating food that is rich in several antioxidants that increase the amount of water in the intestines.

Grind and drink half a cup of aloe vera gel before meals to control heartburn and break the heat; it will digest food quickly and maintain a cooling sensation.

The following foods cause an increase in body temperature and weaken the immune system. Therefore, they should not be consumed in the summer. For those people who have warm bodies, these foods are poisonous in the summer season.

Avoid hot drinks

We often start our day with hot drinks; tea and coffee are prominent, and their consumption in summer causes the body temperature to rise. While the body can also be dehydrated, we should alternatively consume green tea or iced coffee in hot weather, which can help in maintaining good health.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods include fast food or fried foods, which are unhealthy for other seasons, including summer. These foods also have the power to raise body temperature

Do not eat dry fruits

Do not consume dry fruits in summer, including dates, raisins, and apricots. These fruits are beneficial for our health but can be harmful in the hot summer season. Apart from this, they can also make you prone to itching and tension.

Spicy foods

Consuming spicy foods in hot weather increases sweating, which leads to a decrease in energy.

Therefore, spicy foods should be avoided in summer.


In my meat blog, I have written about the types of meat and their effectiveness. Except for cows and rabbits, all types of meat are hot. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce its use in the summer. Yes, those people for whom meat is a necessity. For them, my advice is to cook the meat with pumpkin, add more water broth to the meat, or cook the meat only in clean water. Boil it well and eat it.
My warm-tempered friends, my advice is not to eat meat in the summer. Those friends who live in the 45 to 50 centigrade zone will understand this very well.

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