Egg Food And Health

Egg And Health

by Izat Khan

Our Health and Egg

 The egg is a complete food. All the ingredients required to maintain good health of the human body are present in this natural, cheap, delicious, nutritious, and easily available pure natural food. Everyone knows the benefits of eggs. But not everyone knows how to cook and use eggs. Because of this, they miss out on the full benefits. Another reason for missing its effectiveness is not knowing the mood of this food.

Food and Temperament

 Every food is not for everyone. Knowing what to eat or not to eat more or less food is essential to stay healthy. This knowledge is about the human body and the temperament of food. The second reason for its lack of effectiveness of food is not knowing the nature of this food. Very few people know it. In modern medicine, it is not taught and explained. Sadness, rather than cruelty, doctors and researchers are also unaware of such a big fact. The result of this is in the form of piles of diseases in front of us.

 Despite the availability of good food and modern treatment facilities, everyone is sick today. Why is it? The answers given by experts cannot be agreed with because the main reason is not mentioned. Ignorance of the Temperament of the human body and Food is the main reason I think. This is the reason I mention this knowledge in each of my blogs. You don’t have to agree with me, but I think it’s a matter of human health that you should do your research and experiment.

 A lot has been written about eggs. I can’t add to the modern research, its results, and its benefits and I don’t want to bore you with repetition. I totally agree that egg is a complete food. Nature has made rules for using everything. Especially in the case of human food, the rules are more clear. Which is very important to take into account. 

The food that nature has kept in the cold region is less available in the hot region. In the same way, it is different for the inhabitants of deserts and mountains. Man can learn a lot in the use of food if he keeps this constitution in front. Or the way you don’t eat hot food or wear hot clothes when you go to hot areas. Because doing so is putting the body in pain and is against nature. It is the same when nature has given you a hot temper, then you should eat cold food. If you have a cold temper, use hot food. 

Friendship with Nature

Nature never betrays. Harmony with nature is life and any act against nature results in destruction and shame. Another very important fact that I mentioned in one of my blogs titled “Heavenly and Hellish Vitamins” is that your diet, Temperament, care, and exercise are all almost ineffective when your mind and heart are filled with negative thoughts and actions. Unless you bring beauty into your life through positive thinking and action, diets become ineffective. You are complaining to your doctor that why your medicine and food are not showing their effect? In fact, there is nature showing its color which you do not understand. So we can blame food, temperament, and medicine only.

Favorable to Everybody

 The egg is a warm-tempered food but not too hot. The egg can be eaten by people of all temperaments and every patient can eat it, but the amount of food will be different for everyone. First of all, how much the egg should be boiled is important. Boil or cook the egg. It should be ensured that the white of the egg should remain white. Its white should not take any other color. Secondly, the yolk must be slightly liquid in the middle. The yolk should not be completely solid.

 Hot-tempered people should eat eggs twice a week in summer and three times in winter. Cold-tempered people should eat eggs five times a week in winter and three times in summer. Sick people should use it with the advice of their doctor. For cold and weak bodies, if you boil milk at night and take it down from the fire and at that moment break an egg into the boiling milk and drink it for a few days, then their weakness will go away in a few days. It is the most purely natural and effective way to rejuvenate the body.

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