A Spirtual Food And Recipe

Spirtual Food

by Izat Khan

Pure People And Spirtual Food

If you believe in God, then you must have complete faith in His beloved prophets and their teachings. They were pure, educated, guided, brave, and visionary beings who revolutionized every aspect of life wherever they came. These are the bold and transparent entities whose words and actions shape the meaning of our lives. These are the fragrant entities without which people often feel suffocated. Not only are their words and actions special and spirtual, but their food is also special and spirtual.

These are wise people who had full access to the affairs of this world but were also fully aware of the news of the next world because they had direct knowledge of God. He rarely spoke himself; when the order of God came, he conveyed it word for word to the people. That is why people still feel proud of kissing his footprints as a blessing. The Prophet’s food was what God would recommend. The last prophet of God, Hazrat Muhammad, liked a certain food.

Spiritual Food Of Spiritual Leader

This food was not only his favorite, but he also encouraged his followers to eat it. If any patient came to him, he would also be told to eat this food. Today I am going to describe its ingredients and its recipe. But before explaining the recipe, I think it is very important to mention two important things.

Blessed Food And Temperament

First, do not try to understand the benefits of blessed food with science or your poor mind. Just like you cannot understand the birth of Jesus without a father,. It is impossible for a human being to understand the effectiveness of blessed items or food. Therefore, blessed food should be considered a very effective food for the human body.

The second important thing that I mention in each of my blogs is that it is very important to understand your body’s temperament and food before taking it. Because without knowing this fact, you can never be fit. Once you know, you never get sick. Body or food has three types of temperament. The temperament will be hot, cold, or temperate. Most people and foods have a warm temperament.

There are very few foods of moderate temperament. The best bodies and foods are temperate. In cases of having a hot or cold mood, one has to eat opposite to the mood; if not, then the person remains a victim of one or the other disease, and eventually he has to face a bad disease.

As I said, there are few foods for a moderate temperament. These foods are not effective in their effusiveness and efficacy, but they are considered to be blessed. The food that I am going to mention today is also the food of moderate mood, and it is beyond any doubt that it is blessed because it is the food of the Prophet.

Ingredients And Recipe

The name of this food is Talbinah. The ingredients of this food are barley porridge, honey, milk, and dates. The description of these ingredients is as follows:. The description of these ingredients is as follows:.

Four spoons of barley porridge, two cups of milk, two or three spoons of honey, and five dates.

The way to make it is to mix milk in the porridge and put it on fire. Try not to let the fire go too fast. Keep stirring the spoon so that the porridge does not stick to the pot. When it starts to thicken, remove the kernel from the date palm, cut the remaining skin, and mix it into the porridge. If the milk starts to thicken but is not too thick, remove the porridge from the fire. When it cools down a little, add honey to it. To increase the taste of this food, you can mix any dry fruit or green in it. Some people also add two spoons of olive oil to it. But all these things are added to the original ingredients. Allow it to cool completely before eating this food. This simple and rare food is ready to eat.

Diabetics should not use dates and honey. They can only enjoy this amazing treat with barley porridge and milk.

I will request that friends make this food an integral part of their menu. I believe that this blessed food will play a very important role in your health and mental problems.

There is a mystery in many matters in this world. This matter is also found in human food. You may have seen many laborers eating normal food with low nutrition throughout their lives, and their health is enviable. And many, some remain, some remain, some remain, and some have medical facilities. Keep this fact in mind when eating blessed foods.


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