God And Life

God And Life Of Man

by Izat Khan

God And Aims Of Life

What is this darkness and light? Let’s think together: What is life? We are so entangled in the net of our wisdom that we cannot decide our real profit and loss of life. Who is our creator, God? For what purpose were we created? What should we do, and what are we doing? Let the grudges of the heart remain. It’s hard to keep up with us. Do not make your heart suffer with malice and envy; this is God’s light; do not make it lightless.

​God Tells

“All the messengers we sent before you were human beings. If you do not know, ask the people in the book.”Alqran

“Say to the People of the Book that unless you follow the Torah and the Gospel that God has revealed to you, you will not find a straight path.” Quran

O Messenger (Muhammad), say to the People of the Book, Unless you follow the Torah and the Anji, you will not succeed.” Quran

“Muslim or Jew, Sabian or Christian, whoever believes in God in the Hereafter and does good deeds will have neither fear nor sorrow.” Quran

The teachings of Matma Buddha, Rama, and Baba Guru Nank, which are meant for a large human population, contain the highest teachings of monotheism and ethics. Mohan, Roy Shankar, Roy Das, Baba Grananak, Bhagat Kabir, Bir Bhan, and many such sages in every region and nation. The basic teachings of all these sages are the same. All have the same path. But man is so cruel and hypocritical that he changed the religious teachings of every saint because of his hypocrisy; everyone has made their own separate ways.

Not God’s Choice

A cruel and ignorant person does not want to live according to the ways of God but wants to live according to his own way. Wherever you see religious distortions and separation from others, it must be created by a hypocritical, selfish, and ignorant person.Man has proved so selfish that he has never fully followed his way. Man does not care about the ways of others. Because of this prejudice, hypocrisy, and selfishness, there is always an atmosphere of corruption in the world.

The binding force of the world is the oneness of God. On which the majority agrees. The morality of the entire population of the world is one. Then what is the difference? This is all a story of prejudice, selfishness, ego, and lies. I often think that humans are so bad. Why? Why don’t we respect each other? Why don’t we give weight to each other’s opinions? Why don’t we respect the righteous elders of each other?

We Are Judge

God has said to Muslims in his holy revelation that your end will not be according to your wishes nor according to the wishes of the people of Torah and Gospel, but whoever does evil will get a bad reward. We can say the same thing about Hindus, Buddhists, or the followers of any religion. But it is human that he has planted his throne on the earth. If the Christian is the judge, then he should only declare his belief in Jesus as successful. If there is a Muslim judge, then only Muslims are being declared as God’s favorites, and the same is true of the judges of other religions.

God says that even if you hide in the seas, caves, and winds, your deeds will catch you.In every religion, lies, deceit, cruelty, injustice, fraud, hypocrisy, exploitation, pride, envy, theft, adultery, intoxication, and cruelty are strongly condemned.In every religion, qualities like truth, love, knowledge, justice, compassion, sacrifice, generosity, peace, and happiness have been valued. Then what is the difference? What else is there except ignorance, prejudice, and selfishness?

Other religions and morals are far away. There are so many examples of differences, bigotry, enmity, and hatred of other sects among the followers of each religion that Satan himself is surprised that I did not create so much difference. There is a lot of grief because everyone claims to please God.Those who follow the same religion have serious differences in their basic beliefs. It is a fact that if a person leaves prejudice, ego, selfishness, and falsehood for a while, all religions should be merged into one religion because the religion given by God is the same. What religion is that God is one? After death, the resurrection is sure to come. Every bad person will be punished, and every good person will get paradise.

God,Life And Its Purpose

The only purpose of life is to do good deeds, avoid bad deeds, and save others.In every religion and morality, but in every mind, there is the fact that the worship of one God and humanism is the true religion. The prophets of God told every nation that the greatest person is the one whose hand and tongue do not hurt another human being. Rather, this hand and tongue bring comfort and happiness.

The majority of people do not have full faith in God, and these people show the most severity in the matter of religion. I have complete faith that if our opposing religion hangs on to its religious beliefs, all will become followers of the same religion. If another religion costs more, they will leave that religion and adopt another. In fact,these people have no religion; their religion is selfishness, ignorance, bigotry, ego, and selfishness.

If we look at human humanity, it is the responsibility of worldly, developed nations to lead backward nations. This guidance should not be based on self-interest and hypocrisy but on a good teacher.But you will see that man is so bad and self-interested that he has not been able to do this till today. Wherever such guidance is found, it will bring selfishness and exploitation. That is why such guidance has often failed.

But we are not talking about worldly people. Rather, we are talking about those people who claim that we or our nation or religion are true and beloved, that we are the beloved of God, and that we are the leaders.They claim that our guided man can be successful in this world and the hereafter.

God commands these people and the Messenger to unite the people’s hearts.It is ordered to talk with everyone with wisdom and love and to preach. God has ordered that no separate sect or religion should be created. Where there is disagreement, it should be resolved with wisdom, not war or blame.

It is a far-fetched thing to obey the commands of God and the Messenger.The believers of the Torah are far away from wisdom and love, but rather torment and humiliate the Christians. Then the same oppression was done to the Christians and the Jews.This is how the Muslims treated them both. Then they wronged the Muslims. This is the attitude of Hindus, Zoroastrians, and followers of Buddhism. Thus, the orders of God and the Messenger were mocked very shamelessly. It continues in some form or another, everywhere.

If man would stop his shamelessness and ignorance and obey the order of his creator, the Jews would sing the songs of the glory of Jesus, and the Christians would also sing the songs of the glory of Moses. If the Muslims sang great songs of the glory and greatness of Jesus, then the Christians would have portrayed Muhammad as a great character.If everyone had the same attitude towards the righteous elders of all religions, the world would present a very peaceful and prosperous scene.

Man has proved to be so bigoted, narrow-minded, and ignorant that he does not name a road or a good building in his city after the name of the elders of a very high character of a religion different from his own.However, by doing so, he would get very good attractions in return. People of other religions would also respect their elders, so in a short period,by simple and easy steps, brotherhood would be created in the world.A little practical action of love, sincerity, and open-heartedness can turn centuries of hatred into friendship, respect, and love.

Instead of adopting such a great attitude, man is spreading blame,violence, discrimination, and propaganda against his various other religions. This is the work of Satan, but unfortunately, man has been doing it for centuries.The religion is the same. God is the same. The message of the messengers of God is the same. After studying, you can easily conclude that all the differences are created by ignorant, bigoted, and lying people.It is the great responsibility of the modern man to try to stop the tongue of every preacher who criticizes his opposing sect, or at least not to listen to him.

Because such people are the image of Satan.God did not advise us to speak with love and wisdom, but he commanded us. God commanded us to love and help people. He strictly forbade us to tell lies, accuse, and be prejudiced. It has been said in the revelation that the greatest of you is the one from whose hand and tongue others benefited. God said that you cannot be the believers of this time unless others are protected from the hands of your tongue.

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