Food and Pretty Nurse

Tumeric Is a Food Nurse

Friends! Tumeric is not only a food but also works as nurse for your body. As you know, I only write about the human body and its natural food temperament. I also strongly believe in the fact that no food can benefit our body unless it matches our body’s natural temperament. Any food that is not compatible with your temperament is harmful to you. The food that is compatible with your body should be less nutritious for you. Any food that does not suit your temperament is bad for you, no matter how nutritious it is.
Today I chose turmeric as a human food. Turmeric is present in every small and large kitchen. According to an American chemical journal, turmeric has a number of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Turmeric is rich in nutrients, including dietary fibre, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and potassium. , calcium, magnesium, protein and zinc are included. In modern research, this natural food is declared very useful for preventing cancer, therefore every person should try to include it in their cooked food.

Temperament Of Tumeric Food

Turmeric has a strong, hot temper. This food is for those with a cold temperament. It should be used in curries or cooked in any other way, and it can be eaten by people of all tempers. It should not be eaten except when it is cooked; otherwise, it will cause harm instead of benefit. It is nature’s best antibiotic. In this way, it protects us from many small and big diseases.

Keep in mind that every day when we eat and drink or eat and drink in the wrong way, it causes the sensitive organs inside our body or the skin to become inflamed or injured. This is turmeric, which acts as a natural medicine that keeps treating the inflammation or wound over time. You can call her a volunteer and humanitarian nurse.

Tumeric Is a Pretty Nurse At Home

Turmeric is useful for knee pain, but only for cold-tempered patients. Turmeric drinking unsweetened milk has a very positive effect on the narrowed arteries of the heart, but it is only for cold-tempered hearts and not for warm-tempered people. By doing this, the immune system of a person becomes very strong, and the attack of many diseases fails. And weak bodies start to feel stronger. In the eastern treatment, it is considered a power bank if this food is used with cow milk. In modern research, it has been described as much better for stroke patients.
Turmeric is the best natural makeup for women because it is very cheap and long-lasting. Mixing turmeric with raw milk and applying it to the face gives it a very beautiful look. It is the best medicine for acne and blemishes on the skin. It can be used on the external parts of the body by people of all temperaments. Applying turmeric mixed with coconut or castor oil to remove the fungus on cracked heels and toes will soften the heels and remove the fungus. 
You don’t need to use any medicine or cream for this. If a cold-tempered body is facing a cold or sore throat, it can get rid of these diseases by consuming turmeric coffee. This natural food is the best natural antiseptic. By preparing a mixture of turmeric and lemon on the face, the glow that is created on the face by frequent use, I think, cannot come from any man-made cream. Thus, this diet is a very important and cheap makeup kit for women.
Women are often worried about their facial hair and facial blemishes. They often suffer from bleach creams and threading, which makes the face look ugly. If women use a mixture of lemon juice, coconut oil, and turmeric and apply it to their faces at night, then they never have to face these problems. In this way, beauty, wealth, and time are saved in a natural way.
Therefore, I consider Turmeric to be not only an innocent volunteer and humanitarian natural nurse but also a very high beauty parlor of nature.

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