Gifts of Nature as Best Food

Natural Food And Temperament

by Izat Khan

Guava Is an Amazing Food

Friends, today I have chosen guava and persimmon as natural foods. You better know that in my blogs, I preach that before eating, you must know the temperament of the food and your body. Otherwise, your health will be at stake.

Guava is good for all moods. It is a cheap fruit that is available everywhere. Things that are cheap and common usually have less value. It is a very valuable natural food for those who know the importance and usefulness of this food. It is also called a superfood because it has very good effects on human health. Especially the guava of reddish color is very useful for blood pressure and stomach diseases. It contains potassium. It reduces sodium in the body and normalizes blood pressure. Blood pressure patients can use this food daily. They can keep their blood pressure normal.

Gastrointestinal diseases are caused by eating food contrary to their body’s mood, and the world has the most patients with gastrointestinal problems. This natural fruit is no less than a blessing and medicine for them, especially for constipation. It is also called a paradise fruit for this problem.

Food And Its Temperament

Every food that has a mild temperament is considered a special blessing from God. Because all the other foods have a hot or cold temperament, those foods, if eaten without understanding the temperament of the body, cause harm and fall victim to various diseases, and most of the blame is laid on germs.

Guava contains a lot of vitamin C, which is needed by everybody. It contains copper, which is very important for the development of hormones. This food is very useful for your brain. Guava contains a vitamin B group. Which is useful for the brain along with nerves. The presence of vitamin E in it keeps your skin fresh. Guava contains a lot of vitamin C, which is needed by everybody. The presence of vitamin E in it keeps your skin fresh.

This fruit should be eaten ripe. Raw and ripe fruits have different effects and benefits. Guava leaves are also useful. If it is boiled and gargled with alum mixed with it, swelling of the mouth and many dental problems will be cured. Guava should be eaten with seeds; otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced.

Persimmon Is a nice food and its temper

Persimmon nutrition is amazing. One fruit contains 118 calories, 31 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, and 6 grams of fiber. The human body needs 55% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, 22% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, and 6% of the daily requirement of vitamin E. Similarly, the daily requirements of our body are 6% of vitamin B, 8% of potassium, and 9% of copper. Magnesium is present at 30%.
This food has all this for you.

Persimmon is a very delicious fruit. This fruit must be ripe because raw fruit is harmful. It is a special gift of God for human beings. It has hot food, but not hotter. It is very useful for cold-tempered bodies. Hot-tempered bodies can also consume it, but they should not consume it in large quantities.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, nature has also kept many organic compounds in this food that have antioxidant properties. This fruit is very good for heart, cancer, and diabetes patients. It is very useful for reducing obesity. This food is good for the stomach. It is very useful for stomach-related diseases, especially constipation. It is very helpful in improving eyesight. This food also gives a lot of energy to weak bodies.

Always take care not to use any food without the advice of your doctor when you are ill.

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