Not Food Your Temperament Matter

Temerament And Foods

by Izat Khan

Temperament And Food

Are you aware of the fact that you or your friends are unfit or sick? Or why some people have enviable health. If you are unfit or sick, you surely are unaware of the reality of this cause. I’ll let you know how it is. The majority of people are unaware of that fact. Facts include the temperament of the body and food. Unless a person knows the temperament of his body and food, he will never be fit. This is great knowledge and a fact that is very important to know.

Eating without knowing your food is very harmful. Such an act is like destroying health with your own hands. If you have a hot temper, always eat cold-tempered food. If you have a cold temper, eat warm-tempered food. You will always be fit and young. How do I know my temper? I have often mentioned this in my blogs. I would like to tell you another easy way. Every drink or food that makes your stomach difficult to digest or makes you feel burdened is against your mood. If you want to know the temperament of food and your body, then eat an egg in the morning or take honey. Eat bitter-gourd vegetables in the afternoon. And eat buffalo meat in the evening. At night or when you wake up in the morning, your mood deteriorates, which is proof that you have a hot temper. If not, then you are cold. Why? Honey, eggs, bitter gourds—all are hot-tempered. If they benefit you, you are cold-tempered. After this experience, if you always eat food according to your mood, that is, you will always be fit.

Yes, the warm-tempered patient who has become very weak due to some disease or operation and whose body has become cold-tempered due to weakness can consume hot food for a few days. When he feels warm in his stomach and body, he should stop eating hot food. In this regard, those with a cold temperament should use more hot food.


Temperament And Onion Food

Today I will talk briefly about the effectiveness of onions. Onion is a vegetable that you can use every day. Naturally, the food that is consumed every day and whose production is also high has many properties. The onion is one of them. Onion is cold-tempered. It is the best vegetable for hot-tempered people. They can consume it in abundance. One cup of chopped onion contains about 64 grams of calories, 12 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of cholesterol, 7 grams of sugar, 9 grams of vitamin C, 6 grams of vitamin B, and a small amount of calcium, iron, and folate. It also contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, antioxidants, and sulfur. Onions are nutrient-dense, low in calories, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants in onions lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. These anti-inflammatory properties help lower high blood pressure. and reduce the risk of clotting in the blood vessels. Onions contain organic sulfur compounds. Ripe onions have less sulfur than raw onions. 25 types of flavonoid oxidants in onions are very good for heart, stroke, and diabetes patients. Better ideas are made. Onion is also considered to be good for physical weakness. It increases the level of testosterone. For this purpose, the onion should be eaten in the early afternoon. In the evening, it becomes a source of harm instead of benefit. After eating onion, 200 If gram jaggery is consumed, its benefits are doubled. Vitamin B6 in onions improves red blood cells.


This food is considered good for bone strength and for pregnant women due to its folate and vitamin B9. It is perfect for strengthening our stomach and especially our intestines. According to medical research, people who consume more onions have a significantly reduced risk of stomach and intestinal cancer. This diet has antibacterial properties that protect against seasonal diseases. Especially this food is an elixir for cholera. Hot-tempered people who ever want to cleanse themselves of bad habits should use raw onion and cucumber with their hot food to moderate the hot food mood.

I will emphasize again the fact that the benefits and harms of food are only based on the temperament of the body. If you eat and drink without knowing the temperament of the food and the body, then the food that you think is good can also work as a slow poison for you. All vitamins and minerals can become mild bullets for your tender body.

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