A Pure Unique Food

Pure FOod

by Izat Khan

  A Unique Food

I tried a lot, but I couldn’t find the correct English for the food “Halwa.”. Maybe it’s because it’s a unique food of the subcontinent. So I used the local name for it. It is a 100% natural food with an extremely delicious, highly potent, and unique aroma.

Now, many types of Halwa have been made. The Halwa I want to tell about is a centuries-old favorite food of man, which is still eaten with great enthusiasm. The new generation in the cities is not well aware of this because it has been a village food since the beginning. Secondly, this natural food can be prepared in the village itself, as all its ingredients are available there. Every food whose ingredients are available in the village and prepared in the village is sure to be useful.

Needs and Effects of This Food 

The second quality of this food is that it is good for all temperamental bodies, provided it is prepared with jaggery. By using jaggery, its efficacy and longevity are also doubled. The best food is one that fits all temperaments. The use of this food has decreased somewhat in the village, which is mainly due to the poor economic condition of the people. For this food, you must have two or three cows or buffaloes. The second is that you should not sell milk, which today’s farmer sells because of his economic problems. Few prosperous families are not selling milk and are enjoying natural food. I have eaten this food many times. I found this food to be very powerful and tasty. In terms of taste, this food has no second. I have seen all kinds of patients in my area taking this diet. I have not heard or seen any patient say

that this diet has caused me any discomfort. Yes, this diet should be taken once a week. In my opinion, heart, blood pressure, and diabetes patients should not use this food. They can use it once a month, provided that this food is prepared from jaggery.

Very Simple Recipe

This food is prepared in the same way that butter is prepared from milk. When the butter is about two kilos in weight, it is heated. 70–80% of the ghee is extracted from the heated butter. Less or more can be taken out of it. The rest of the ingredients of ghee and butter are left in it, and a kilo of semolina is added. You can use dry fruits of your choice in small quantities to make them more delicious. Add an equal amount of jaggery to the weight of semolina. Let it cook on low heat until it turns reddish in color. You also constantly stir the spoon so that your prepared food does not stick to the pot and mixes well. When your natural food is ready, let it cool for fifteen minutes. Now it is ready to eat.
 If you want to eat it for the second or third day, it does not change its taste or effectiveness.

Artificial Ghee is Not Alternative

This pure natural food is delicious, both hot and cold.  Friends, you are well aware that, for centuries, man has been using only indigenous ghee as food and in every dish. Because artificial ghee or oil did not exist until recently. Synthetic ghee or oil was produced due to the increase in human population and needs. This synthetic oil, or ghee, was made as an alternative to the growing human need and low availability of indigenous ghee, not in the food category. Synthetic oil, or ghee, is definitely not equal to the effects and effectiveness of native ghee. Modern research is proving that this artificial ghee is causing various diseases instead of providing health, so many people have abandoned its use. If you also have resources, don’t hesitate to give them up.

Blessings of This Food


I think the experts are not yet fully aware of the full effectiveness of this natural food. I believe that science will prove this. If you use pure ghee daily, you don’t need to take vitamins and supplements. A spoonful of desi ghee contains abundant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which keep the various organs of your body healthy. The most important thing is that this pure ghee was made by the Creator who made your body. Who knows better than the Creator what your body needs? Second, this is the food that you consume many times a day in one form or another. That is why God has placed amazing benefits in this ghee. So the main ingredient of our halwa is pure ghee.

And part is semolina, which we get from wheat. I believe that wheat is the only heavenly food on this earth. I have written a blog about it, namely, Heavenly Food. The benefits of this are numerous for human health. When these auspicious natural foods are combined, they have auspicious effects on the human body.

If you believe in God, then you should never doubt the preciousness of the food created by Him. But while eating any natural food, keep in mind this divine advice to eat when you are hungry and not to overeat. I have found Halwa to be very energizing. Those who suffer from physical weakness should try to eat this natural blessing five or six times a month. Those people who have affected their hearts due to the use of artificial ghee or for some other reason should not eat this food.

View of East 

Most of the experts in Eastern medicine say that for people who use pure ghee from the beginning and also do physical work regularly, this ghee will never make them suffer from heart disease or any kind of body weakness. Friends, as you know, in every blog I mention the human temperament and the temperament of food. I am completely convinced of this opinion: if food is not according to the temperament of your body, then you should not eat it. So if this halwa is cooked with molasses, its effect is less hot. If it is prepared with white sugar, its effect is quite hot.

Therefore, if you are in a hot mood, eat halwa with molasses. Never eat sugary preparations. By compatibility of body and food, I always mean that hot bodies should always eat food with a cooling effect and cold bodies should always use warm food.

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