Cruel Mourning By Savage


Sad Mourning Till death

Man is a cruel and savage creature who takes great pleasure in making others cry to escape and cry himself. This kind of human mourning has been going on since time immemorial.
At what age have I had to live so that wounds have to be stitched with thorns?
If you confiscate, every wound bleeds; if you sigh, then there is a fear of disgrace.
An example of life is a pauper’s clothes, which are plastered with pain every hour.
In this era, for those who are looking for a sense of truth, where do you find the shadows of the walls in the deserts?

Life is like wet paper. No one writes it, and no one burns it.

The wind is such that everyone thinks that my house should not burn down on the whole town.
If the past was bright, then we were not present; if the future is bright, then we will not be there.

Who mourns like this? Every person does so in life. Why does he? He recites this because of another human attitude. If man were not brutal, savage, and cruel, no one would mourn, but here every man is mourning the behavior and action of another man from eternity.

Our fallacy

In the society of the world, the village man is considered simple, compassionate,compassionate ,sincere and a little better than the city’s men. It is considered everywhere that the remnants of humanity are still alive in village life. This is not your small but very big misunderstanding.

Let’s visit a village as an example, and that too is still under austerity. Whoever you meet in the village will consider himself to have good character. He will claim to be generous, brave, friendly, and a friend of friends. He will try his best to make you think of him as an intelligent person. All the attributes that a person can afford, he will apparently have. His attitude will also show that you should listen to his every word; otherwise, he will think your character is suspicious.

You will meet different people and come to the conclusion that everyone living here is admirable. If someone is accused, it will be the enemy’s accusation, someone’s lack of knowledge, or a misunderstanding.

Every person is a god

In this world, everyone wants someone to say about me that he is like the stationary moon; when he moves, he looks like the wind.
And that this guy looks like a shadow even in the hot sun.
Most of the villagers who have this habit will first arrange their list of attributes in front of you, like a flower bed. These tyrants will not only praise themselves but will also point out the faults of others to add color to their words. After meeting these village brothers, you will make a list of 100 friends of those you interviewed. They will all appear to you as perfect human beings. When you consider the long list of faults of others described by them, you will come to the conclusion that humanity has risen from the world.

Morality Mourns

When you further consider their qualities, you will see numerous lies, hypocrisy, and defects, so I claim that you will have to draw a red line on 98% of the qualities you wrote. Of course, you have to create a new list that will show 10% of all these people’s strengths and 90% of their weaknesses. You will be sad that these 10% qualities are not worth mentioning, and all the flaws and vices will be like Satan. You will hate words like simplicity, sincerity, and compassion associated with the name of the village.


I am Like You

Now we leave these villagers. Now you and I hold ourselves accountable so that we don’t start thinking of ourselves as better than these villagers. We will soon come to the conclusion that we are all almost one. If we are to examine ourselves,. So, the Creator of the universe has given the law by which one can assess his own status by keeping himself, that those who do not live according to the law given by God and the irrevocable principles of nature are worse than animals. A person who does not live according to this law and principle can be a barbarian, an oppressor, a hypocrite, a liar, a deceiver, and a deceiver.

Creator Plan

God has created man in his best form. He has also given man the best intellect and consciousness, given him the freedom of free action, and created countless blessings for his comfort. He has made men aware of the end of every action. He told me the way to walk. Despite these best rewards, man is on a very wrong path. Therefore, the resurrection is very important and will continue to happen. If man had used the abilities and blessings that nature has given him with the spirit of justice and compassion, this world would have presented a paradise-like sight. But due to human injustice, brutality, and cruelty, the world has created a scene of hell.

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