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Orgnic Foods

by Izat Khan



The Facts Of Foods That Cannot Be Ignored

There is no denying the fact that man knows the temperament of his body and also of his food, and if he manages his food accordingly, he cannot be sick. Then one does not need to contact a doctor for years. Even if he faces any disease, his body’s immune system is so strong that nature will heal him quickly. So knowing the science of temperament is very, very important. All my blocks are written according to this principle.

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Today we will talk about the foods that have a good effect on human temperament. These foods not only have a good effect but also improve the temperament of our body. Second, it quickly develops a good relationship with temperament. You may know better about their usefulness, but you may not be fully aware of this aspect of eating unnatural food, and the mood of your body becomes a little blurry. Even good food cannot become a complete part of the body. That’s why I have chosen these two foods.ٰ 

Melon Food and its benefits
Nature has created melon as an excellent cold-tempered food for hot-tempered bodies. Because this fruit is produced in the summer, it is also useful for cold-tempered bodies due to the summer season. The effect of this food is not too cold. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has zero fat. It is very low in calories. It contains calcium 15 mg, phosphorus 25, iron 0.5, vitamin C 34, vitamin A 640, sodium 16, carbohydrates 8, fiber 3, protein A, vitamin A 67, vitamin Chi 61, B56, magnesium 3, and vitamin B 0.3 found in mg. It has a water content of 95%. 2. Melon is a very useful fruit for the stomach.
A Magical Medicine And Food
It strengthens the heart, kidney, bladder, and skin. It is a source of strength for weak bodies with hot temperaments. Those who complain of hemorrhoids or severe constipation should also eat the seeds of melon. For those who want to keep the redness on their faces and stay fresh, this food is very useful. Melon refreshes your mental work capabilities. This diet plays a magical role in expelling all waste from your body, which is harmful.

Lovely Natural Diet

An ancient doctor says that I don’t understand how people who eat curd during the day can get sick. And I also wonder how people who eat curd at night can stay healthy. Curd is the favorite food of men. This food has a hot temperament. It is a treasure for a cool body. God has put many benefits in it for human health. But the curd of cow’s and camel’s milk has a cold temperament. The milk yogurt of every animal is cold. Thus, nature has given curd as food for every temperate.

Yogurt contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, protein, salts, and sulfur. This food is very useful for the human stomach and related intestines. As important ingredients are found. It is the best medicine for the strength of our bones and teeth. Yogurt causes the removal of harmful substances from the body. Yogurt gives a lot of strength to our weak nerves. It gives full energy to those who work their brains. Yogurt milk is very useful in hot summers. This diet is also best for heart disease, provided it is low in fat. It is also good for dry skin and dry scalp.

But keep in mind that for yogurt, it is very important to have pure milk and to prepare it naturally; otherwise, its benefits are reduced. This natural food should be consumed during the day. Every cow’s milk is a blessing, but the milk of cows and camels is a special blessing from God. Patients with blood should use milk or yogurt daily. It plays a good role in normalizing your blood pressure. Yogurt milk has wonderful effects on cooling the body when it is too hot.

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natural food like fresh fruit fresh vegetables milk yogurt butter will provide you to fresh healthy long life

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