False Stories of Civilization Of Man

False Legends And Culture Of Man

by Izat Khan

Story Of Civilization And Great Culture

Wow, man! Which of your crotch is straight? Every nation is proud of its great civilization, culture, thought, and fine character. Suppose you see the current or social systems, past oppression, injustice, exploitation, real human character, wars, and financial and business dealings with other nations of this claimant nation. In that case, you are afraid of their claim of civilization and justice. If you closely observe the relevant nation’s so-called great civilization and wonderful culture, nothing else will appear except for the legendary story.

Human Instinct And civilization

In the wonderful national civilization and culture, even a dream cannot be shown without social, and economic justice and peace. And you will not find these great civilizations in any period of any nation in the world. Some examples may be found for a limited time, but man and magnificent civilization are two completely different things. Because the bad instincts of human beings cannot afford a brilliant civilization. Most human beings can only like to be called the most civilized animals, but even this position does not tolerate human bad nature for long.

Misconception Of A Glorious Civilization

If you consider big bungalows and silk dresses, roast food and cars and clean roads to be a good civilization, then I have no objection to your opinion.But those who think like this should also keep in mind that the view of the forest is much more beautiful and cleaner than our settlements.The question is whether the ideal civilization is the name of financial prosperity or the network of big industry, agriculture and colleges and universities or strange and illogical customs and traditions?I don’t agree with this stupid idea.

Only that civilization deserves to be called great, where there is social and economic justice in a nation due to knowledge, and at the same time, there are wonderful aspects of humanity.Although such a civilization has not existed anywhere since the existence of the universe, some want such a civilization from time immemorial to this day. Although their number has always been minimal.

A nation where there is respect for humanity, peace, and social and economic justice, where lies, ignorance, and selfishness are disliked. Where knowledge and art are valued, even if that nation is economically backward. Would you prefer Greek ,Roman or Islamic civilization to the civilization of this nation? Where there are thousands of examples of cruelty, exploitation, oppression and injustice. Will you show their palace, power, and wealth and make a barbaric and abominable attempt to declare their civilization superior?

You will lick skyscrapers, large industries, rolling fields, wide highways, universities, and laboratories where cruelty and injustice, exploitation, hatred, enmity, deception, lies, conspiracies, and inhumane behavior abound. The condition of all these so-called great things, whether they are of the past or of the present, is that today man has conquered the earth and the sky, he has subjugated the seas and the mountains. It has created perfection in material sciences and skills. But everywhere in the world humanity is mourning like an oppressed woman.

Golden Civilization And Human Happiness

When was a man happy, prosperous, and peaceful or when was he satisfied with his condition in any era? Or is a man happy with his condition now? When and how will humanity get this blessing?Or what is the system or environment that brings true happiness to man?To make ourselves happy and satisfied, we occupied the moon and the neighboring country, by building palaces of sovereignty and bungalows of democracy and Marxism.

By doing this, there has definitely been a difference in material civilization, but has the value of human civilization, which is the name of human character, thinking and conscience, significantly decreased or increased? Of course, the answer is that civilization has been injured by doing so.

ٰIf scholars or ignorants, engineers or  politicians,the rich or the poor, old or young of  a nation, if they are devoid of the spirit of respect, humanity and service, which is the greatest evidence of being a human being, then they can be called a civilized or nice fellow or happy person?According to man, today is a highly scientific and technical, developed age. Most of the nations are reflecting the most wonderful civilization. But I like this foolish human nonsense because today Our hearts and consciences are more worried and troubled than before.

After all, what is the medicine to keep this heart and conscience happy?If we look at the individual level, the majority of human beings are not happy in any situation. Every human being naturally considers it necessary to acquire abundance of wealth to lead a happy life.But this fact is in front of everyone that abundance of wealth creates worse problems than poverty.Among the world’s rich, there is hardly anyone who is more obviously happy than the poor.Human beings should not feel any shame in concluding that the story of a wonderful civilization is false and all lies.

True And Pretty Civilization

Without respect for humanity and the spirit of service to humanity, the concept of a wonderful civilization is far-fetched, and a normal human society cannot be imagined.Yes, compared to other animals, it can be described as a more advanced animal social society. Examples of these are abundant in the past and present.That is, where humanity is alive, that nation is the owner of a wonderful civilization.If there is no respect for humanity and justice in a nation, even if it is surrounded by universities, it still deserves to be called only a good animal and not a good civilized human being.

Natural happiness and the feeling of a satisfied life can be achieved only by fully understanding the law of nature and following it. Otherwise, a person cannot achieve a full happy and satisfied life in any other way.We have seen that whenever the creation of the Merciful God deviates even a little from his duty and condition, the result is neither good for others nor for his own condition.

My Dream Of Civilization

The dream of a wonderful civilization can never be fulfilled by using only human intelligence. The dream of living a wonderful civilization or enjoying life by following the guidance and principles of nature can be fulfilled very easily.
​If water and weather  increase their taste and bitterness, both become undesirable and people start trying to return them to their original state and duty.If man, who is the axis of these objects, shows rebellion against the principles of nature and demands a contented and happy life, it is like expecting a fire to scatter rose flowers after burning.

In every age and even today, man has never nurtured this natural passion which was the duty of this one most basic life.Instead of nurturing the natural instincts of humanity and service, he has been nurturing and exhibiting the devilish and animalistic instincts. Despite playing this devilish game, he has been considering himself and his nation as civilized.

In your opinion, which nation will be civilized and have a wonderful culture, that nation is not knowledgeable,non developed or prosperous, but has a great spirit of respect for humanity and service to humanity due to any belief or concern,Or is that nation devoid of good human emotions despite having all the big material accessories and knowledge?Of course, you will prefer those with good human feelings.

Why do our historians, whether of the past or the present, call them a nation with a more civilized and magnificent culture that has piles of material accessories?Liars and bigots always write false and biased stories. The clear majority of people have always been liars and biased. Every nation claims that others are bad, less educated, materially and intellectually backward, untrustworthy, cruel. God says that a person who does not obey the commandments of God is cruel, stupid, liar and ungrateful.

Modern Civilization

Leave the painful stories of the past. Today we are talking about the civilized and so-called enlightened nations of the modern era.Assume that the Afghans are ignorant and cruel. What have the enlightened and civilized nations done with them? Are you still convinced that these civilized and magnificently civilized nations are better than the Afghans?But even now and it will be written in history, the West and America were very civilized nations during this period.

Bad Iraqis, Syrian traitors, Liba conspirators, Yemeni bigots, African ignorants, Palestinian oppressors, right but what the civilized, prudent nations have done to them, do the wild beasts of the forest do the same?God has said in His revelation that people who do not use their intellect and conscience to do good are worse than animals.

Every prophet of God has said that in the eyes of God, that person has a great position who serves humanity sincerely and whom people like very much.And instead of teaching people with love and wisdom, and instead of teaching, loving  and serving them, we treat them cruelly and brutally,So instead of being called wild animals, why do we make the nonsense of calling ourselves civilized and giving our nation the disgusting title of a wonderful civilization?

God And Man

Individually many people have been and still are civilized and respectable, but collectively no nation has ever been highly civilized. And one should not expect this kind of good from a human being.If a person is good or is likely to be, then God would not take him out of heaven.Life is a test and man is failing miserably and man has been with Satan all along. Life is a hundred mark paper and God told us to get fifty marks for success.The purpose of our life is to pass this divine test and not to increase the prestige of our nation by lies. Yes, the efforts to make our nation pass this divine test are very valuable. https://naturalfoodandbody.com/our-cruel-emperors/  #History lovers#Clash of civilizations#God and Human being#Man and animal#story of civilizations

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