Food of all Religions

Holy Food

by Izat Khan

Food Of Rligions

According to the hot and cold temperament of the man, I have chosen foods with very warm temperaments. This natural food is called dates. It is also called the heavenly food in all great religions. This natural food has magical effects. It has a hot temperament. Hot-tempered bodies should not use this food without care. Yes, very weak, hot-tempered bodies can eat it for a few days without care. This food should be taken in small quantities by all bodies for better results. It has been a common practice in the past that, if so

If someone had a few dates and had no food, they would not be afraid of hunger or any weakness. Because a few dates are considered sufficient for your physical performance for 24 hours. And these are still considered today.

Hot-tempered bodies should not eat more than three dates a day. Cold-tempered bodies can eat seven to ten dates a day. This food has the most nutrition among all dry fruits. The prominent ingredients in this food are iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, magnesium, protein, and vitamin B6.

The prominent feature of dates is that they give strength to your body. For cold-tempered bodies, if they eat the proper quantity of roasted gram and dates, it becomes a wonderful source of strength for them. The phenolic compounds, carotenes, and vitamins present in it greatly increase your immunity. Eating dates with milk on an empty stomach increases the efficiency of your body significantly. To make this natural food more effective and delicious, it is better to remove the endocarp from the date palm, then let the pulp milk sit for two hours and eat it. Its effect and taste are doubled. If used, its mood becomes less hot. The best way to reduce the hot mood of dates is to keep two hundred grams of molasses and five or seven dates in a glass of water for an hour and then eat them both. The heat effect is greatly reduced.


Food Of Temperament

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of dry dates is more warming. Cold-tempered bodies should also eat it in small quantities. The softer the date, the less warming it will be. This food plays a significant role in reducing cholesterol. The presence of copper, selenium, and magnesium in dates strengthens your bones, and choline and vitamin B in dates are very beneficial for brain health. Diabetes mellitus is the most common disease.

Recent research shows that dates can lower blood sugar and fat levels. Potassium in dates is said to be beneficial for heart health. It helps to balance blood pressure. Dates are considered a very good food for immunity due to their high amounts of antioxidants. Carotenes are found in dates. Acting as antioxidants, they are considered useful for eye health. Dates are rich in vitamin C, which is very beneficial for our skin. Eating junk food has become a common disease. Dates are very effective in this pain.


Dates are a blessed food. Fasting is a hard and difficult physical act of worship that exists in every religion in the world. The spiritual and physical benefits of this act of worship are both ancient and modern. Many people use dates at the time of breaking the fast because they are hungry and thirsty all day long. The body becomes weak. No food is considered more effective than dates to remove this weakness.

It is the food that God mentions in His holy books and through His prophets. In them, the inner qualities are more closely related to the outward qualities. It is in the Holy Quran that Maryam gave birth to Jesus. Dates were given to Hazrat Maryam. This fruit has been mentioned many times in the holy book of Muslims, the Quran. Therefore, many doctors advise using dates during pregnancy.

Food And God

Every human being should have the belief that the food about which their creator has been mentioned. If God is inviting people to ponder by giving an example of this food, then there is no doubt that this food is special. Every human being should have the belief that the food about which their creator has been mentioned. If God is inviting people to ponder by giving an example of this food, then there is no doubt that this food is special. This food should be consumed as much as possible. In the Torah, dates are also mentioned in beautiful words, which are twelve fountains and seventy date trees, which shows the great importance of this fruit.

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