Food of Prophets

Food of Saints

by Izat Khan

Food Of Saints

Friends! Barley and dates are medicinal foods that are associated with God’s prophets and saints. These two foods have been the favourites of these pious servants. Both of them are distinguished from other natural foods in terms of their effectiveness. The moods of both are completely different. Barley is cold, and dates are hot. The moods of both are completely different. Which is cold, and Khajur is hot.

 Barley has been mentioned many times in the Torah, the Gospel, and the hadiths of the Prophet of Muslims. In the Hadiths, barley has been declared useful for a hundred diseases. Many righteous servants of God have chosen it as the best food.


Science And This Food

All physicians have recommended it as good food. Barley has a cold effect, and date has a warm effect, which I have mentioned in detail in a previous blog. The choice of these two different effective foods by the good servants of God is also worth considering, considering that the use of cold food is essential to moderate the effectiveness of hot food and also the human body’s temperament, which is either hot or cold.

Temperament. A person who eats without understanding his mood and diet puts his health at risk. The famous Hakim Bu Ali Sina has emphasized the use of barley. It is also given the status of a unique food in the Vedas of Hindus. All over the world, barley has been made part of the diet in oatmeal cookies, oat green bread, or in different forms.


According to nutrition experts, 100 grams of porridge contain 389 calories, 8% water, 66 grams of carbs, 16 grams of protein, 10 grams of fibre, and 6 grams of fat. Contains fat and 0 grams of sugar.

The use of antioxidant foods is very important for human health. Their oxidants are of many types; the oxidant called polyphenol is found in porridge. Keep in mind that if you believe in God and the greatness of the prophets, you should have complete faith in the fact that the food of these prophets includes many unseen benefits and blessings. Every action of the prophets is worthy of imitation and very beneficial for us. In fact, they are not only our spiritual doctors but also our physical doctors.

The fibre present in oats is very useful for the digestive system. The beta-glucan in it not only cleans the stomach and intestines but also helps in the digestion and absorption of food. It balances cholesterol levels and naturally increases insulin. Its daily use can save you from cholesterol and sugar. Due to the low amount of fat and no sugar present in barley porridge, you can use this food to lose weight. Second, the high amount of fibre is also useful in reducing body fat. When the human body stops getting extra fat and sugar, it uses the natural fat and sugar in the body, which starts losing weight.


This aspect should be kept in mind: every food and drink has a special effect on your body and mind. It causes your body to be fast, sluggish, agitated, and chaotic, with a feeling of separation and drowsiness. What condition does alcohol cause in your body? The condition of different animal meats, vegetables, and fruits is also different. Which creates simplicity and humility in your nature and awareness in your body.

Doctors say that if children start consuming porridge from the beginning, their digestion improves. They develop immunity, and the child is protected from diseases like asthma and normal infections. According to nutritionists, any food that improves the stomach and causes the excretion of irregular substances from the intestines is very suitable for your skin. By using this natural food, the colour of your face will be clear and bright. Porridge is considered very good for the skin. Barley food is cold-tempered; it helps to eliminate the liver and kidney heat that is usually caused by consuming hot food. Barley is very effective for jaundice patients. 

In my opinion, its biggest benefit is the dietary fiber, which has a miraculous effect. It flushes out the irregular material from our stomach and intestines and gives new energy to the stomach. Oriental and ancient Greek medicine are in full agreement that a person whose stomach is functioning properly has enviable health and immunity against diseases, which is much better than others. That person has youthful features even in old age.

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