Heavenly Vitamins and Hellish viruses in Food

Ill Foods

by Izat Khan

There Is Mystry In The Foods

You must know. But just as the majority of the population is more inclined towards evil than good, in the same way, those who are aware of health-maintaining foods and principles do not follow them. Nowadays, most of the population is deprived of health. We eat many invisible foods every day. In these foods, heaven’s vitamins and many hellish viruses are found. Which play a very important role in our health or illness. These foods play perhaps the most important role in the health of our hearts and minds, in particular.

Many people are sick or unfit with the use of better diets and precautions, and some people live with normal diets and without any precautions but still remain healthy. Only diets and precautions are guaranteed for our health. Modern science and research have also proven the fact that our habits, thoughts, actions, and behaviors greatly affect our health. This was told to us centuries ago by the good servants of God. Their words and deeds have a very close relationship with our daily lives, yet we do not follow their teachings completely. But we tend to attribute our health and mental disorders to some other reason.

Invisible Foods

Thus, these invisible foods have their own special effect. But some foods have a very special and immediate effect. For example, the act of loving humanity makes your body a therapy, and every organ of the body is healed. . On the other hand, the act of anger and arrogance injures the organs of your body. They slowly destroy the natural, unseen good cells of your heart and mind, and people become heart or mental patients. Your diet is indeed good, and it should be according to your mood, but it is not enough. If you start the day by eating good food and then start your routine with lies, hypocrisy, injustice, or any other negative value, then surely your food will hurt your health instead of a positive one. It will have an effect.

In this materialistic era, almost every person is facing mental problems and different types of psychological problems. Man is leading such a busy and confusing life for the sake of employment, fame, lust, and prestige that his life itself has become a torment. Although he is going through this torment over the fallacy of making this life happy,. The thing about being happy is becoming a faraway life and suffering from confusion, which is having extremely harmful effects on our health. Modern medicine has told us how mental confusion, anxiety, unnecessary busyness, negative thinking, selfishness, hypocrisy, and artificiality are causing our food and medicine to become ineffective.

Foods And Feelings

Both modern and ancient medicine are in complete agreement that humanism, selflessness, sacrifice, good morals, peace, love, compassion, justice, happiness, and economic and social justice have a good effect on human health. These effects have the quality of enriching our normal diet with nutrients and doubling the effectiveness of our medicines. Our governments, nutritionists, and doctors should emphasize this aspect. This aspect must be included in the curriculum. If our doctors cannot examine the minds of their patients, they will not be able to give reliable or lasting treatment. If they are successful, half of the disease will be removed at the same time. And if they can do something good for his mental and cardiovascular condition, then the status of medicines will become secondary forever. The same will be true of the status of some foods.

Negative thinking And Foods

Dear friends! If you are under the influence of negative thinking and immoral values, then food, medicine, care, and caution can support your health for a while but not for a long time. You will have to face not only physical ailments but also mental disorders too. If you have positive thinking and moral values and are eating your food according to the mood of your body, then you will definitely be healthy, mentally happy, and satisfied. If this is not the case, then in this universe, there is a lot of mystery about man. And you should be satisfied with mystery because, for the most part, mystery proves to be good in the end.

Friends, we have come to the conclusion that good but simple and natural food, a good lifestyle, and good thinking are the guarantees of your health. If any one of them is lacking, your health is at risk.

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