Human’s attitude is Like wild Beast

Attitude Of Human

by Izat Khan


 Most Riches Are Wcithes

These are a few billionaires who claim to be educated, civilized, and enlightened. There are more than six billion empty-handed people in front of these few idols. A few people have accumulated so much wealth that it can eliminate all the problems faced by men in the whole world. Millions of people in this world are facing such problems and sufferings, which are enough to make any intelligent person lose their mind. But people are still adamant that democracy, socialism, or dictatorship are the best systems of government.Because a person is getting personal interest, he calls it the best system, even if the lives of millions of people are in danger from it. This attitude is no better than that of hungry wild beasts.The attitudes of humans in this whole situation are condemnable.

Wealth Corrupts and makes human attitudes nonsensical

Today, we were talking about some gods of wealth. Below is a list of the wealth of some people. After reading this and seeing the list of terrible and tragic sufferings due to poverty in the lives of millions of people, it makes me want to name a person as something worse and dirtier than brutal and cruel. Millions of people are still dying due to poverty, and millions of people are living hellish lives due to poverty. Only the wealth of these few billionaires can bring happiness to the lives of crores of people.

By doing this, the billionaires themselves can have the joys of life like paradise in their lives. A savage and cruel person can’t do the good that would be pure happiness.

God and Man

Our God has said that those who do not act with reason are worse than animals. Look at the small list of billionaires and millions of poor people. Your bare feet will want to mourn on the hot earth. You will believe in human barbarism. These people fully act upon the advice of a doctor or their security guard, but they will not accept the order of their Creator.

Elon Musk: $290.4B 2. Jeff Bezos: $160B
3. Bernard Arnault: $146B 4. Bill Gates: $129B
5. Gautam Adani, $122b
6. 6 Page, $106B 7. Warren Buffet: $104B
8. Sergey Brin, $102B 9. Steve Ballmer, $100
10. Larry Elison: $97.7B 11. Mukesh Ambani, $92.7B 12. Carlos Slim, $73.5B

In this way, this number is in the hundreds. It is far from taking away the wealth from these few billionaires; millions of hungry, naked people are forced to bow down to them. And every real person who rises up against oppression is cut off. This series will continue and will continue forever. Therefore, the Day of Judgment is necessary.
There is not even a sound of any special movement by the so-called civilized and enlightened minds against this cruelty, injustice, and cruelty.

In front of us, every day in the world, human beings do hundreds of events and actions, after which most people come to the conclusion that the Day of Reckoning is very important.


The human being is well aware of the fact that what is going to happen to me after death and how will I live eternal life? But this savage nature is being subjected to such tortures and injustices that it is like saying, “What will my God do to me?” Man is not ready to accept it because, to accept it, one has to make some difficulties and sacrifices. But for his personal interest and comfort, man is ready to do any oppression and injustice.

To get a very happy, luxurious, and eternal life, man is not ready to live his few years of worldly life with rule and justice. What else can be less rational and miserable than that attitude? That is why God has said that a person who does not act with reason and justice is the worst animal.

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