Is Human Being Savage Or Beast?

Savage And Humans

by Izat Khan


 Heart Breaks,Human Is Beast

If declarations of the wealth of sincerity are made, then there will be no sincerity in the entire city.

The poet has well said that the brokenness of the heart is visible; how big a building of the heart has been destroyed by these sorrows.

Here are some pitty examples of our savagery that prove that human is beast. This fully shows that we are nothing but beasts. On that day, all the animals in the jungle must have mourned and protested all night when, a few years ago, the newspapers mentioned that a child was roasted and eaten by savage creatures called humans in hotels in Bangkok. The earth did not shake, nor did stones rain, nor did the sky fall, nor did the clouds thunder. Neither the foreheads of the eaters nor those of the spectators were struck. Keep in mind that we are talking about human beings. Don’t blame the innocent beasts.

The Savagness of Human beings

A few decades ago, there was a flood in Bengal. People died in such large numbers that there was no one ready to buy them. Beasts started eating the corpses. The government felt and ordered that every person who would bury the bodies would get a few rupees. The savage inside the savage man took the bait. The barbarian, who was not burying the dead bodies of his companions, would now bury the dead bodies for a few coins and take the reward. When night fell, the barbarian would throw the bodies out again and bury them again the next day for the reward. The cruel game continued for several days. I still cannot understand that human beings are super creations.


Shame For All

When advanced and civilized people occupied the subcontinent, there was no electricity here at that time. These rulers hired hand-operated fans to avoid the heat. So the servants would be busy day and night fanning their masters. Whenever they were forced by fatigue and sleep to close their eyes for a few moments, these intellectual creatures would turn red with anger. And they would kick the sleeping-forced and oppressed employee so hard that he would die.

The deceased’s widow would have gone to court. Where the court would have given unparalleled justice. The honorable court would have punished the criminal for this crime with one rupee or acquitted him honorably. You can estimate the rest of the small crimes yourself. It has continued for centuries and still exists today in some form or another.

Apology from Beasts

Until 1950, a fine of 16 rupees was imposed on the killing of a black person by a white person, of which 14 rupees were collected in the national treasury and two rupees were given to the widow. That is why it is said that the biggest injustices in the world have happened on the battlefield and in the courts. What a terrible and heartbreaking scene it would be when the oppressed go home with two rupees or dollars in their hands. Examples of the past’s savagery and cruelty are too horrific to describe. I have mentioned the very mild brutality of human beings.


On the whole, you will conclude that man is a very evil and savage creature. Do not rely on the analysis of any human being. Have full faith in God, who is the creator of man. God says in holy verse that people who do not act with reason and conscience are the worst animals. That’s why it is said that there must be a resurrection. We have gifts of reason and a good conscience, and other beings are deprived of these. We are answerable for this. Our actions and thinking demand very loud accountability.

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