Jackfruit Food And Kind Nature

by Izat Khan

Jackfruit Food Is a Gift From Nature

Nature is so kind regarding food and the health of the human body that man is unable to appreciate and thank it. A great example of this is jackfruit. Nature knows very well where and in what condition a human being will have to live in this world. He also knows very well; in fact, he knows exactly how a person’s behavior will be when giving food to another person. A large population has suffered from hunger and severe famines for ages. All this is due to their lack of knowledge, laziness, and bad human behavior.

Food And Kind

Man can save himself from the agony of hunger if he gets rid of ignorance, laziness, and selfishness. Kind nature does not lack food on the land. When a person steps into this world, on the same day, nature also sends his food into this world. It is a different thing that he should not fall victim to his lack of knowledge, laziness, and any human selfishness. Nature has created food according to the temperament of humans.

 I do not think that every human food is for every human being. Rather, food that is different from the temperament of a person is like poison for that person. The temperament of the body of each individual is different from the other. Nature has also created foods with different moods so that human health remains correct. 


Most of the diseases are temperamental which is caused by eating the wrong food. And the few diseases which are caused by a virus or germs are also the main cause of food. When a person eats wrongly, i.e. against his mood, his body’s immunity becomes weak, due to which he becomes a victim of the virus. If a person continues to eat according to his temperament, his body’s immunity is so strong that he does not fall victim to any virus easily. Therefore, my opinion is that the importance of human temperament is very high. Know the temperament of the body and eat according to it. By the grace of God, you will always be fit.

It was talking about benevolent nature and the various foods it produces so that every human being can live well. God knows that man will suffer from hunger due to social injustices, his lack of knowledge, and especially economic injustices. The kind nature has arranged natural food in such areas that man can maintain his hunger and health by making a little effort. As I mentioned earlier in my blog, some foods like moringa tree, buttermilk, and onion are precious natural foods that are within the reach of every poor person. These food gifts of nature not only save the majority of the poor from hunger and famine easily but also have the full capacity to maintain health.

Jackfruit trees and hunger

A house that has a moringa tree, jackfruit tree, palm tree, cow, or goat will never die of hunger. Today we will talk about Jackfruit. Even in the presence of a jackfruit tree, no house can suffer from hunger and malnutrition. According to the BBC, Sri Lanka was saved from hunger by jackfruit. While the large population of Bangladesh was suffering from severe poverty a decade ago, Jackfruit did not suffer either. 

Jackfruit is found more in the subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, and Africa. The characteristic of this tree is that it bears fruit throughout the year, and it easily tolerates all seasons. It can be easily grown in most parts of the world. Poor people can be saved from famine, malnutrition, and hunger easily by growing jackfruit, moringa, or palm trees.

Jackfruit fruit is also a miracle. The weight of one grain of fruit ranges from one kilogram to 40 grams. Thus, this one grain is enough for many hungry and weak people. The governments of poor countries, the United Nations, and charitable organizations need to pay special attention to the growth of these trees to save humanity from hunger. Thus, every poor person should take care of these trees like children so that when they grow up, they will be their support in times of trouble.

Nutrition, Jackfruit, And Secret  

Nutritionists have said that many vitamins and minerals in jackfruit are very important for human health. People can also avoid many diseases by eating jackfruit. Now the demand for this fruit is increasing in Europe, the Middle East, and America. Dear friends, nature has secrets in the matter of food. It is true that the natural foods that are naturally found in poor countries contain many natural nutritional secrets. Because kind nature does not want to see its creation hungry and sick.

Therefore, I would request that my friends definitely use these foods so that their physical health remains good. Apparently, these foods are less in taste, but their effectiveness is not less than any food with great nutrition. Friends, in my view, the biggest benefits of jackfruit, apart from other benefits, are greater than those of other natural foods.

1. Jackfruit has a cold temperament.

2. It is very beneficial for the stomach.

3. It gives a lot of strength to the body.

Among the cold foods, this is the most body-strengthening food. Because most of the human body has a hot temper, it is no less than a natural gift for warm-tempered bodies. Most of the natural foods that are tonics cause an upset stomach and of warm-tempered. But jackfruit is one of the few natural foods that gives strength and strengthens the stomach despite being cold. You can eat ripe jackfruit like any other fruit. They are very sweet and delicious. You can prepare curries with less ripe fruits, like other vegetables. Remember, this is the only sweet fruit in the world from which curry is prepared and considered a substitute for meat. Here is a good recipe for it.


Jackfruit peeled: Half a kilo

Onion: half kg 

Red Pepper’s 3 numbers

 black pepper: 5 grams

White Cumin: 5 gms

 Ginger: One tablespoon

 chopped garlic: 1 tablespoon

Ginger garlic paste: 1 tablespoon

Hot spices: 1 tablespoon

Turmeric Powder: Half Tablespoon

Cooking oil: 6 tbsp

Salt: 1 tablespoon

Water: Half a cup

Recipe of curry

Cut the peeled Jackfruit into one-inch cubes and cook it in a pressure cooker for ten minutes, then dissolve half of it. Cut half of the onion and fry it until golden brown and keep it aside. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan and fry the cuttlefish until golden brown and keep aside.

Now heat the remaining oil in a pan and green chilies, chopped garlic, ginger, hot spices, turmeric, cumin, and black pepper and fry lightly. Now add the remaining chopped onion and fry it. When the onion turns golden brown, add garlic ginger paste and fry more.

Now add jackfruit, fried onion, salt, and half a cup of water and cook for ten minutes in a pressure cooker. Now your energetic curry is ready.

It is sad that the majority of people are still unaware of this very valuable natural food. It is the government’s incompetence that Jackfruit can become a food bank for the poor, but due to human selfishness, so far, the arrangement of this free food is not being made public for the people. However, with a few years of compassionate effort, the problem of food and the health of the poor can be eliminated to a large extent with this free food. I will advise all weak bodies, warm-tempered bodies, and those who have poor stomachs to try this very precious natural food gift of kind nature.

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