Jerusalem, God’s land and cruel man

Western Wall at the Dome Of The Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem or the Land of Blood

Hadrian and Bakht Nasr first destroyed Jerusalem and killed thousands of people, but they leveled the ground of the holy place so that there was no recognition left. When Alexander the Great conquered Iran, Jerusalem was also conquered. Later, small and big wars continued, and thousands of people were lost. There has also been a dirty ruler of this holy place who beheaded God’s Prophet Yahya at the request of a dancer. In 176 BC, the Greek king Anitotis sent his cruel and barbaric general Titus, who killed millions of people. Thus, humanity was badly defeated on this earth hundreds of times, and animalism danced hundreds of times.

A few decades later, the Roman king Badrin beheaded a few hundred thousand people. Keep in mind that this land is holy and the land of the prophets.In 1096, the monk Peter brought an army of millions, and thousands of people were killed. In 1147, another war broke out, and the entire Christian army was killed. In 1187, another war broke out, and thousands of Christians and Muslims were killed.

Cruel Reason and Brutal Conscience

According to human reason and conscience, all these murders are to please God. This is a very misleading accusation of the misguided and wild man against the merciful God. In the same spirit, the kings of Germany, England, Austria, and Hungary also came to bleed this land and were themselves bled. The wicked man was punished by God in such a way that the earth still cannot survive for long without blood. The flag of man’s animality is still flying on this earth.

Since 1948, millions of Palestinians have been shot dead. Billions of dollars of resources have been wasted. Millions of talents have been wasted. Millions of human desires have been brutally slaughtered. The feelings of hatred have been nurtured in millions of people. And the savage conscience of depraved men who have not yet been shamed.

Religious Fanatics And Kind God


When a religious fanatic takes on the status of a teacher, the student can get nothing but fanaticism and demonism. If you read the story of this Jerusalem, you will understand the truth.Still, there are those who are tired of ignorance, as well as disciples. Their faith and mission are that the best way to please God is to continue to shame humanity with hate, murder, and conspiracies.Still, there are savages who are tired of ignorance and also disciples whose faith and mission are that the best way to please God is to continue to embarrass humanity with hatred, murder, and conspiracies, or to consider this barbaric thought as blessed.

The problem is a few yards of land in Jerusalem. The presence or absence of which does not damage any faith Nor has God declared this land necessary for faith.The commandments that God has commanded, on which faith is based, By disobeying them, a person cannot be called a human. By not following them, a person deserves hell. Man does not care about these holy commands. But he is trying hard to make this land a temptation by following the orders of Satan.

How stupid, cruel, brutal, hypocritical, and self-interested man is that God has given commandments to love, compassion, sacrifice, brotherhood, and service to mankind, and man does nothing but hate, cruelty, bigotry, selfishness, and envy on this earth. If the teacher of religion is less knowledgeable, biased, self-interested, and hypocritical, then religious education is nothing but madness and bad addiction.

Love Jerusalem

The story of Jerusalem is the biggest evidence of this. If religious education is in the hands of educated, good, and compassionate people, then religion is nothing but a blessing. The hypocrisy of man can be seen in the fact that Muslims also have faith and love for this land. Christians and Jews also have strong devotion and love. It should be that when love and devotion come together, there should be only joy and celebration of love, but humanity has seen only celebration of hatred.

Jerusalem is the only piece of land in the world that can become a center for the unity of all humanity and increase love and affection. Because everyone claims love and devotion to it.Can’t man call this city of humanity and a city of worship and devotion? Can it not be a declaration to come and worship God together in this city and bury mutual hatred and enmity?If man gets out of the wickedness of hypocrisy, wealth, fame, lust, and power, then this earth can become a center of happiness for all of humanity.

But man is so bad and cruel that this situation does not seem to arise.If someone sees this happening, then I think that it is the complacency of that person.

It is surprising that the Christians killed themselves and millions of other people and handed over this land to the Jews, their enemies of the past. Sometimes the human conscience of a person likes to crown hypocrisy and self-interest. Can any city or land be more respectable than humans? If not, what about human conscience and thought? The Jews are now settled in this land.

Short Story Jews

The elders of the Jews were persecuted and enslaved many times. Perhaps nature punished them for what they did. After centuries, they have found peace and government in this century.The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and later Christians oppressed this nation immensely.If you study the history of the Jews, it appears to be a mysterious nation.

This is the story of the new punishments given to the Jews after the ancient, harsh punishments.ٰٰٰIn 627, they were expelled from Hijaz due to their positions. In 890, they were expelled from Syria.This nation then went to Portugal, but they were quickly expelled from there. In 920, they went to Spain. In 110, the Spaniards also expelled them. The question arises: why was this nation expelled from every place? The answer is clear. It could be that their actions and deeds were such that the local population strongly disliked them. These matters were often religious.

In 1209, they were expelled from England, and they arrived in France. France could only tolerate them for a year and expelled them. They again arrived in Belgium. They were expelled there again. In 1370, they went to Czechoslovakia. After 10 years, they were expelled from there.In 1209, they were expelled from England, and they arrived in France. France could only tolerate them for a year and expelled them. They again arrived in Belgium. They were expelled there again.

In 1370, they went to Czechoslovakia. After 10 years, they were expelled from there.They came to France again. In 1399, France kicked them out, and they came to Holland.They came to France again. In 1399, France kicked them out, and they came to Holland. For some reason, they came to Russia in 1442. In 1501, Russia pushed them to Italy.In 1540, they went to Germany and were kicked out with great dishonor.

Then they arrived in Turkey. Then they went to Russia again.At the end of the 19th century, the Russians attacked them, and they escaped with great difficulty and were very brutally and disrespectfully punished. In most places, they had to live in specific clothes and areas.In Germany, Hitler did the worst of cruelty to this nation. Hitler acts as a savage. God knows best what crime and sin this nation committed; wherever it went, it was punished severely, disrespected, and thrown out. American President Franklin told the American people to avoid the conspiracies of this nation.

Wherever they went, they were caught plotting and expelled. It has been a very scheming and unreliable nation of its time. Finally, nature had mercy and gave this nation a home. I would never say that other nations are kind and reasonable.And only the Jews were wrong. The role and thinking of the rest of the nations were also not admirable. But the role of the Jews was perhaps the most negative and isolated.

Instead of learning something after being pushed and humiliated for centuries, they are now pushing the Palestinians for decades. Wherever, whenever and in whatever color you read or see the story of man, the intellect becomes unwise after seeing its immorality, self-interest, cruel nature, lust for power, wealth and hypocrisy. This holy revelation of God about man comes to light that when man does not use his intellect and good conscience, he becomes worse than all the animals.

O God, O Jerusalem!

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