Meat is human food?


by Izat Khan

  • Body Temperament And Meat Food

  • Friends, you know that I write only about natural food and the temperament of the human body, and I believe that if food is not eaten according to temperament, it causes harm instead of benefit. If food is consumed according to temperament, it leads to health. Every natural food, if eaten according to its temperament, is also medicine; if not, it has the effect of poisoning the body.
  • Meat Food 
    • Today, we will talk about meat. Human teeth and stomachs are not made suitable by nature to eat meat. Yes, the sweetness of the tongue and the saliva of pleasure enable a person to digest heavy food like meat. Meat is the preferred food for men. It is useful for human health. It gives much strength to the body. But if a man does not use it according to his temperament or body, then this natural food has the most negative effect on the body. All meats except beef, camel, rabbit, and broiler chicken have a warming effect. 
  • People with warm temperaments can eat the cold-tempered meat of these animals happily. If people with warm temperaments have a bad stomach, then they should not use beef. Yes, if the meat of a cow is boiled well in plain water without any spices or ghee, then this meat does not affect the stomach much. However, heart and kidney patients should not eat beef. The meat of different animals must be eaten in different quantities. For example, if you digest goat meat easily, you will have difficulty digesting the meat of pheasants, quail, pigeons, etc. because the meat of small animals contains heat, and dryness is common, which affects your digestive system a lot.

  • Meats from phlegmatic animals tend to digest slowly, such as lamb and rabbit. The effectiveness of meat from different regions also varies. Hot bodies should eat only the meat of cows camels, and rabbits The meat of all other animals is harmful to them. A healthy and young, hot body can sometimes eat the flesh of other animals. Sick and elderly people should never eat hot-tempered meat. Yes, in very small quantities, sometimes this food can be used. If the hot temperament has a stomach, kidney disease, or heart disease, then it should eat only camel and sometimes goat meat. If hot-tempered bodies do not refrain from using this natural food according to their natural temperament, it is natural to have cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, sudden death, and high blood pressure.

  • Cold-tempered bodies should eat their food carefully. The most caution should be exercised in the matter of this food. Because of the many benefits this food has, its disadvantages are also equal. This food will hurt you sooner or later. The best precaution is that it should be used in small quantities, and it should be eaten according to one’s temperament. Another meat soup may be used that is much less thick. If you want to eat meat and not soup, it should be boiled well in plain water and eaten without any spices or oil.

  • Lastly, I understand that this is not daily human food. Because this food is eaten carelessly, it causes many diseases, so it is very important to know the temperament of the meat and your body before eating it. If eaten accordingly, it can benefit from both its efficacy and its health. For all those animals whose milk is useful for human health, only their meat is useful for human beings. All those birds that only use their beaks while eating, only their meat, is useful for health.

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