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Health Destroyer

Freinds!Today I am going to tell about Miraculous Food,Moringa. But first, friends! For God’s sake, do not destroy yourself. Eating the wrong food means you are hurting your body. If you do not know about your temperament, your body, and your food, it means you are committing crime and sin. If you are eating food knowingly against your temper, then you must be punished by a doctor. I think the person who is using the wrong food looks like a suicider who is attacking his innocent body.
The temperament of the Body and Food
Please first know the effects and temperament of your food and body. Always eat natural food. Man-made food does not deserve to be called food. You can name this food a flavor for the mouth. Your only fine product is nature. You should eat the products of nature. Today I will mention the blessing effects of Moringa.
Moringa Is Natural healer

Moringa is a magical and blessed tree. This tree is a wonderful healer for human health. Especially for the poor, it is no less than a blessing. Because it is cheap food and better food than many vegetables and fruits.

Here is a small picture of the wonders of this natural food. It is written in the famous health magazine “Hamdard” that Moringa beans contain 17 times more calcium than milk, 9 times more protein than yogurt, and 4 times more vitamin A than carrots.12 times more vitamin E than almonds. The beans of this tree contain 15 times more potassium than bananas and 19 times more iron than spinach. Its benefits are more in its leaves than in its beans.
Moringa Is Blessed For The Poor
People who eat the greens of its leaves say it can be called the best food in the world. The oil that comes out of its ripe beans is like the best olive oil. It is an elixir for weak stomachs. It has a lot of energy for weak bodies. It plays a very important role in increasing the milk supply of breastfeeding women. It is used in cosmetics. Its dried leaves are mixed with the juice of a lemon and applied to the face to brighten the complexion. This natural food is used to make medicines for diabetes, high blood pressure, and fever.
Moringa is a valuable drink.
The vinegar made from the roots of Moringa is very useful for patients suffering from back pain, fever, and paralysis. It is a very nutritious food for the human nervous system. All the diseases that are caused by malnutrition can be eliminated by consuming this human food.
is very cheap food and natural medicine. It can be grown at home. It starts feeding in two to three years. However, it is more common in countries with higher temperatures. In the presence of this tree, no one can say that I am malnourished or sick.

Food That is Medicine


Because it is the food and medicine of the poor, it is nowhere to be found under the patronage of the government, the media, or any physicians. Therefore, it is the moral duty of human sympathizers to highlight the importance of Moringa around the world, especially in poor countries.
Hot Temper
Keep in mind that this natural gift has a warm temper but is not too harmful. It is an excellent tonic for cold-tempered bodies. Hot-tempered people who live in cold countries can eat it four times a month, and those who live in hot countries can eat it twice a month. And those people who are very weak due to malnutrition can eat four times a month despite being hot-tempered
Blessed Food

.I think God has created this blessed tree, especially for the poor. The poor often do not have clean drinking water. If the leaves of the same tree are watered, the harmful germs in the water are eliminated. Animals love to eat the leaves of this tree, which greatly increases their milk production. Poor farmers who are unable to spray their crops due to financial difficulties If the farmer sprays the juice of one kilogram of leaves from this tree with ten liters of water, the crops will benefit a lot. If mixed well, their crop is protected from disease.


By observing these properties of this tree, one can decide for oneself how useful this food is for the human body. There are no side effects of this food except eating too much. ۔

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