Natural Food and Obesity


Obesity has become an issue in the field of health. Obesity not only affects health but also affects personality. It is also interfering with our daily activities. Obesity has less to do with food than with our genetics and unhealthy lifestyle. Various methods, exercises, and foods are recommended to reduce obesity. But the complete solution has not yet come out. 

   There is an area near me with a population of thousands. I did not see a single person there who was obese. On inquiry, I was told that there were no obese among our elders. Although their diet and lifestyle are similar to the population of our area, which is prone to obesity. Many other examples prove that genetics plays a major role in obesity. And many examples show that unhealthy lifestyles also play a major role in obesity. There are other reasons too but their role is minor. Even small reasons can indeed become big reasons.


    I strongly believe that people who suffer from hereditary obesity should never use weight loss drugs. Doing so may worsen their health. Because the drugs will not reduce weight. Exercise, a simple diet, and positive thinking can definitely stop your growth. People who have gained weight due to their unhealthy diet and habits. They can be treated easily with a healthy diet and habits. I use my and my friends’ proven method in this regard. If you like it, you can follow it.

    You should always wake up early in the morning and drink one or two glasses of water without rinsing. After half an hour, mix one or two spoons of honey with lukewarm water in one glass of water and mix the juice of one or two lemons in this water and drink it. After half an hour, have a light breakfast of your choice without white sugar and fat. In the afternoon, eat any vegetable according to your body’s temperament. After two or three hours you can drink a glass of milk from a cow.


 Before eating dinner, drink a glass of water and eat an apple or two with the skins chewed well. If you still feel hungry,eat dinner as you like. But reduce the amount of white sugar and fat in your choice. I will again stress that it is very important to drink a glass of water before every meal. Never consume food without hunger, or more than hunger. Food should be simple and homemade. Do not eat hotel food or pack company food at all. Increase daily the consumption of water. Drink one lemon juice mixed with water in the evening without honey. Sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Do any exercise or game in the morning or evening, but sweating and shortness of breath are necessary. Follow this routine for a month. 


The most important thing that will play an important role in reducing your weight is positive thinking and humanity. This is a unique spiritual therapy that has no substitute in this universe.No medicine, diet, or exercise can counter this. I strongly hope that after a month you will start losing weight reasonably. If you do not lose weight with this tried-and-tested method, then you should give it up.

A friend of mine has good knowledge and tips about obesity. He says that I have seen some people lose a lot of weight in another way. They observe a unique type of fast for a few months. They drink only water, a glass of cow’s milk, and eat a raw yellow turnip or malt with pulp every other day and lose a lot of weight. But this is not my test.

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