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Natural Prescriptions Of Elders

A century and a half ago, there was no doctor in most places in the world. The human body was treated with food or herbs. This method of natural treatment involved centuries of experience, observation, and hard work. There was hardly any house where old parents, grandparents, or any other elder of the village were not present in the form of a doctor. Nature was so kind to man that, despite being mostly uneducated, our elders made the prescriptions of natural foods so effective that they exist in many forms today.These natural and autheenic prescriptions are in use for body health.

We were inherited these prescriptions and natural remedies by the elders and spread. The prescriptions are so simple that every mother would prepare them in the kitchen on the occasion of any pain, and they would recover. These prescriptions were obtained from human experiences and observations.

Just as eating food has good effects on human health, people consume more of that food. Similarly, these natural prescriptions are natural remedies that greatly affect human health. In the previous blog, I discussed some recipes, and some will be discussed today. In this modern medical era, millions of people use these natural remedies, and science proves their effectiveness.

In this century, Hamilton, who was uneducated, continued to teach surgeons based on his observations, and the university awarded him a medical degree. In this way, many Hamiltons have passed in our past.

First, let me briefly mention to you a BBC report about how our ancestors, in the past when there were no laboratories for research, were so advanced in terms of their age just by observation and rational research.

BBC And Natural Prescriptions

A 17th-century doctor tells us in detail the natural treatment of mental health disorders, and modern science also confirms it. According to a BBC report, Burton was a British monk and scholar. He incorporated ancient Greek philosophy and 17th-century work on medicine into his book. His book draws on two thousand years of scholarly work.

He understood the subject very well because he himself had suffered from depression—the depression that creates despair and depression and withdraws from life.

But the question is, how applicable is Burton’s extraordinary research to depression and mood disorders in the present day?

Scottish journalist Amy Liptrot has re-examined Burton’s work and written a book titled ‘The New Anatomy of Melancholy’ that takes the subject forward in a 21st century context.

Amy Liptrot says the advice given in the 1620s about human mental health is still effective and applicable today.

1: Consider your mood and observe its trends.

People with depression may feel that there is no cause, but their mood can often be influenced by a certain phenomenon.

Burton believes that depression is a hereditary disease. He examined trends in mental illness across families and across generations.

His theory was largely correct; today, genetic inheritance and the environment are considered major causes of depression.

Dr. Frances Rice, who works with families dealing with depression, says, ‘Where a parent has severe depression, I want their care to include their children and other family members, and there should also be the facility of self-treatment related to depression.

Burton’s exploration of sadness was not limited to negative tendencies, but his writing takes the reader to the dizzying extremes of their emotions.

Today, this awareness is a very important tool in the treatment and management of this mental illness.

In his book, Burton collected a large number of ideas and suggestions that others had written.

Bathing in the river and cold water outside the house are also included in such tips. This is also among the tips given for longevity.

He had something in mind when he was giving this advice.

Dr. Mike Tipton, director of research at the Extreme Climates Laboratory at the University of Portsmouth, says: ‘Once you get used to and physically able to tolerate cold water, you can cope with stressors like depression. Your reaction also improves.

Even those who live in cities can get closer to nature; citizens should go to parks, grow plants in their homes, and watch birds from their windows.

Nature And Our Elders

According to Burton, nature plays a key role in alleviating the symptoms of depression.

He has described the benefits of herbs and flowers in his book to clear the fog in the mind. They say that plants like borage and hellebore help to remove sadness and make the heart happy.

Plants such as borage have been used since ancient times to treat sadness, anxiety, and depression, says Professor Simon Hiscock, director of the UK’s Oxford Botanic Garden. “This plant was believed not only to be euphoric but was given to Roman soldiers mixed with wine to give them courage during battle.”

According to Burton, the good effects of nature are not limited to plants that can be eaten. He was also convinced of the beneficial effects of gardening, digging, and plowing on the body.

British broadcaster and gardener Monty Don suffered from severe depression. They cite being physically connected to plants, tending to the soil, and seeing the plants they’ve planted flourish as powerful antidotes to depression.

“I think the best exercise is the one that has a reason and a purpose. For example, going for a walk with your dog gives you exercise, a cause, and a connection with nature.’

Burton’s ideas about the positive effects of getting out of the house have been formally recognized by the UK’s NHS and are included in the treatment of mental illness.

Telling your problem to others solves half the problem.

After some thought, Burton suggested ‘going to your friends’.

Burton said 400 years ago that it is better to share your problem with a friend than to keep it in your heart.

Feeling withdrawn and isolated from others is very common for people suffering from depression. Doing this does not benefit the patient, but to come out of such a state of mind, he finds it impossible to socialize with others.

Dr. Rice, who spends time with entire families to understand depression, believes recreational activities should be part of treatment, even if these activities are the opposite of what patients are thinking of doing.

Burton also had something in mind when he suggested ‘going to your friends’.

If you tell your doctor about your bad mood, they may prescribe antidepressants. But did you know that in countries like Denmark, Canada, and the UK, doctors now recommend social therapy like art classes, museum visits, and group walks?

Avoid laziness, but don’t overdo it either.

It is true that Burton did not use the term work-life balance or work-life balance, but instead, he must have commented on ‘love of learning versus over-study’.

His theory was that spending too much time on reading and writing meant less time was left for activities such as exercise, adequate sleep, and social interaction that are essential for mental health.

Balance is important in life. When our minds are weary and we are prone to frustration, study pulls us out of that state, giving us a positive direction and purpose. But too much studying makes us lazy and lonely, and we tend to neglect other activities that are necessary for a healthy mind.

If self-awareness, swimming, nature, socializing, and studying were beneficial to people 400 years ago, why can’t they be for us today?

Although Burton’s words are from the past, his work on the symptoms and treatment of depression is still relevant and applicable today.

A natural prescription for Constipation

Eat four ripe guavas.

Bread made from coarsely ground wheat flour, which has not been sieved, relieves persistent constipation.

Eat five figs daily.

Eat ripe apricots with four or five seeds.

Eat papaya in proper quantity; God willing, the stomach will be clean.

Swallow three to four spoons of asparagus husk or one spoonful of any digestive powder with water every sixth day. It is often neutralized by the daily use of suppositories or digestive juices. Therefore, keep a break from its use.

White Teeth

Take a spoonful of baking soda, salt, and sugar and keep it in a bottle. Brush your teeth with it daily. The yellowing of the teeth will go away.

A teaspoon of salt mixed with mustard oil and applied on the teeth will whiten the teeth

Grind the peels of lemons and add salt to them. Cleaning the teeth with it daily will remove all the stains from the teeth.

Amazing Prescriptions

Eating an apple a day does not require a doctor.

Eating a basil leaf does not cause cancer.

Eating a lemon a day does not produce fat in the body.

Drinking one cup of milk a day does not cause bone problems.

Drinking three liters of water daily does not cause any disease.

After forty, minimize the use of eggs, meat, salt, fat, oil, ghee, sugar, and hot spices to remain healthy and jolly.

Use more vegetables and pulses, and eat salad, carrots, and cucumber to remain active.

Apples, pears, etc., fruits, and grains eaten with the peel are very nutritious.

Do not eat food on a full stomach. If hunger is high, gram or an apple should be eaten in small quantity

If you sit straight and sleep on earth, then there will be no back pain.

Do not drink cold water.

Drink eight glasses of water daily in winter and ten glasses of water in summer.

Exercise, or physical work, is the mother of fitness.

​Ginger to prevent nausea

If you suffer from nausea or heartburn after cholera or an upset stomach, try ginger. A study revealed that even just one gram of ginger is beneficial for nausea. Apart from this, ginger is also beneficial for stomach gas and indigestion. Keep in mind that ginger is useful for cold-tempered people, not for hot-tempered people.

Chicken soup (not broiler) for colds

According to a medical study, the consumption of chicken soup slows down the activity of the white blood cells that leads to severe infections; in other words, the soup prevents many things that cause colds.

Apples and carrots for white teeth

Apples and carrots are not only good for the body, but they also make your teeth shine. According to a study, when apples and carrots are broken and chewed with the teeth, they are helpful in removing the stains on the surface of the teeth. Apples and strawberries also contain malic acid, which helps keep the surfaces of teeth white.

Use of honey for coughing

Don’t you like the taste of cough syrup? So know that the World Health Organization has also included honey in children’s cough medicines. According to a study, if children suffering from coughs are fed ten grams of honey before going to bed, the complaint of coughing decreases and sleep is not disturbed.

Ice prevents headaches

Massaging an ice cube on the back of the head or neck helps relieve migraine headaches. The cold sensation of snow also removes stress from your mind. In a study of migraine sufferers, when this method was tried, they saw a significant reduction in pain within half an hour.

Duct tape for hard pimples or warts

Hard pimples or warts are not harmful to the skin, but they can be passed from one person to another. The good news is that a medical study revealed that covering these pimples with duct tape eliminated them. However, before trying this, clean the affected area thoroughly, take a piece of tape, and then wrap it around the affected area. Keep changing the tape every few days until the rash or wart disappears.

Stomach upset

If you are suffering from cholera or vomiting that also results in low levels of essential salts in the blood, one solution is to drink the salt water left after boiling rice. According to experts from Nottingham University, rice contains carbohydrates that are converted into sugar in the body and become absorption mechanisms in the stomach, which helps to digest water and salt, while this drink also provides energy.

Half a headache

Try aloe vera for migraines; it contains several ingredients that lower cholesterol levels and also has anti-inflammatory properties, but some medical experts say that it can help with headaches and migraines. Also great for pain relief and muscle relaxant, apply aloe vera gel to your hands and face, while its aroma can reduce pain to a great extent.

Dry skin

Try using oatmeal for dry skin or itchiness. According to medical experts, barley porridge contains chemicals that reduce itching, while the oil in it moisturizes the skin. Put porridge in a cloth and hang it next to the tap so that the water flows through it into the bucket, and then take a bath with it.


Lemon is great for preventing the appearance of new nail pimples as well as brightening the skin. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and press it on the nail pimples. After some time, wash it off with cold water.

Skin peeling or scratches

If the skin is scratched or peeled, vinegar helps improve blood circulation to the surface of the skin. Soak a strip of cloth in vinegar and leave it on the affected area for 20 minutes or throughout the day.

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