Opinion Of Prophet Is Equal To Devil Is Democracy

by Izat Khan

 Ideal System Of Humans: “Democracy”

Human thought can fly as far as its imagination reaches. Human thought is stuck on the flowery but thorny plant of democracy. Despite the human parts and all their moments of injury, people call it an ideal system. In the praise of this philosophy, so much beauty and grace have been shown that the resin of a good conscious person drips.The man is singing a song of democracy.

Undoubtedly, this system is best defined as the government of the people. Although all the people have come to the fact from the practice of this system for decades that the democratic system is the government of the lords, which is made by the lords and by which the big and small lords are served,

  Democracy Is Game Of Rich 

Because this is the game of the rich and man is very selfish, cruel, greedy, and deceitful, there are so many songs about the beauty of this system in front of the common man for the benefit of the big people that the less educated people are still not out of its charm. The difference between monarchy and democracy is so great that earlier, one idol had to be worshipped; now, many idols have to be worshipped.

Yes, the methods of worship have indeed become quite easy. It is a football match in which two big teams with a small number of players are allowed to play. The rest of the billions of people are only allowed to watch through attractive advertising and buying tickets. People can only applaud or sigh that they wish we were players like them. They have to pay for the tickets to watch the match, and the players take the prize of crores.

Will oppression show the way of mercy? It does not happen; idols will show us the way of God. It would not have happened.

Both the fun and the self-delusion and the cheating and the hypocrisy are pathetic. There are many good qualities in this system.

This Is True

There are indeed many merits to democracy, provided that it exists in a society with economic and social justice. In societies where there is inequality and a lack of education, this system is nothing but the dictatorship of a group. Because in such a society, a miscreant, a hypocrite, a thief, and a talker can get a position of leadership in this system. There are hundreds of proofs of this fact, and in the same way, honesty and trust have been badly lost hundreds of times in the democracy.

Who is God?

Look at the ignorance, cruelty, and immorality of man; the vote of an unwaveringly ignorant, uneducated, and unconscious person in this system is equal to the vote of the greatest thinker of the time.ٰthe West, which is the creator and recipient of democracy, tries for a few moments to straighten its respectable mind, and Ms. thought that the vote of Churchill and Abraham Lincoln was equivalent to a third-class dancer in a third-class knight club.

What a hell?

Then why does their language stutter when they call this system the best political system?  Consider the animality and devilishness of man. The opinions of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Krishnaji, Mahatma Buddha, and Guru Nanak are considered equal to those of an embodied devil in this system, but they can also be defeated by the opinions of this devil.

This system tries its best to humiliate all the legitimate work and aspirations of forty-nine percent of the population. In backward countries, the majority party does extreme cruelty to the small population. In this system, the leader has to deal with lies, propaganda, and hypocrisy several times a day. A terrible cycle of hatred, abuse, and injustice begins.

How Can a Man Do?

There is a realm of human thought and heart. Man himself is the creation of God. How can he be the creator of any system for man? He is imperfect and mortal. How can he be expected to create that system without the guidance of nature? Man cannot fulfill all of his natural needs. Man is imperfect and mortal. How can he be expected to create a system that can fulfill all the natural needs of man without the guidance of nature?

a man who himself is needy, temporary, and suffering from hundreds of flaws. Bad conditions are a distant thing; his thinking changes in heat and cold and light and darkness. God created man and also blessed the system. Do you know why God-sent goodness and ease do not make men happy?

God Says

That is why God said I do not guide the wicked. And he also says that I only show the evil way to the wicked. God says that I make the evil ways of evil people pleasing to them. The Pope rightly said that in this democratic system, many madmen make foolish efforts for a few madmen.

In this system, there is sometimes 30–40% voting. Those who get 22-21% of the votes will occupy 70% or 80% of the population for the next five years. Suppose there are ten political parties in a country. On polling day, seventy percent of votes are cast, considered the best casting in any democratic country. If each of the nine parties gets six percent of the vote and one party gets 14 percent of the vote, it will become the ruling party. So a minority party will rule over such a large majority. Even if the majority of this party consists of evildoers and less educated people,

 Is the Democracy is an ideal system? The philosophy of majority rule does not exist here. From time immemorial, the spectacle of gods has been created in this world due to simple minds and hearts. In the inspired books, God says that the majority of people in the world will be evil people.

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