So-Called Compassion vs Cruelty

Human nature

by Izat Khan

Compassion And Cruelty

If you seize it, every wound will bleed. If you sigh, then fear is a disgrace. Don’t panic. Despair is disbelief. We observe the false human story of compassion vs. cruelty.Today we see again the evil nature of man and his cruel and brutal thinking. It is said that the so-called spirit of sympathy and brotherhood in the village is greater than that of the city. Many other qualities are only known to the villagers. This talk or saying is no less than a myth.

Some friends will not agree with me. I request that such friends go to a neighboring villager and tell him about your dire need. Provided that this villager relative has no vested interests in you. You put the jam of your need under these so-called expressions of compassion. Here, 95% of the jams will have to be picked up empty. And the few drops that fall in those remaining jams will be enough to embarrass you.


Compassion, Not cruelty, Dance

Suppose you need some money and want to save the life of a loved one. If you look at the face of a questioner, how sad is silence? First of all, you have to adopt the state and appearance of a beggar. You have to bow your head and body, and then you have to submit like this. Brother, you know very well that my financial condition is very bad. My son’s health is very bad, and there is no money for treatment. God has blessed you with every blessing. Lend me some money. I will be grateful to you all my life. So you will get to hear this kind of rare response:

“I would be happy to help you, but you probably don’t know that the two or three cars parked outside have to be paid in installments. I am in debt.”. “I have to treat myself,” even if he doesn’t have a cold.“I have to marry my son, even if the daughter is five years old.

“I have crops to grow. Otherwise, I would be happy to help you.”.”My case is going on in court. I am also indeed in need of money.”. “I want to take a loan myself.” “Just yesterday, one of my relatives took money from me. Now I am empty-handed.”. “Perhaps you don’t know. The doctor told me about the operation. I will have to borrow from someone myself.” I have already promised to lend it to a friend.”I’m going to start building a new house.” “I’m going on a trip with my family next week.”.

The culture, economy, and society of each country may have different answers. I am writing these answers according to the conditions of my society. Your answers can be different.

“I would have given you a loan, but I am going on Hajj this year.”I have to work on the graves of my parents.” “I have decided to participate in the election, so I will apologize.” I was going to come to you to take a loan myself.” I’m about to start a new business. I’ll need friends like you myself.”Why didn’t you bear false witness for me last year?” “Your grandfather was against my grandfather, so I cannot give a loan.”You did not vote for my friend in the election. Now you have come to ask for a loan.”I have to build a place of worship; otherwise, I would have given the money.” “There may be a problem in my house too. Then where will I borrow from?”You will have to hear many more satanic phrases like this.

Bow down to Satan. Kick the so-called humanity. Go home and worry about your loved one. I don’t know how the poet said this. Don’t despise human beings in any form. God walks on earth in disguise 

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