Temperament of Body Matters Not Food


First Temperame, Then Food

Dear friend! I will again stress that human food is not good for everybody. There is a science of temperament. Without fully knowing it, you cannot remain healthy. Nor can medicine play its role effectively. If a warm-tempered body eats warm food and takes heat-giving medicine, it means you are not treating him, but you are killing the body. Please first know your body’s temperament, then feed your body food that is suitable for your body.

I have seen many health problems my friends and loved ones have solved. They were not getting well with the medicines of many very good doctors. When I guided them to doctors who understood the body’s temperament,. When they met a doctor who knew the temperament of the human body and food, they were cured with very little time and medicine. So I would advise you to know your body’s temperament and the temperament of your food first. If you still have any health problems, then consult a doctor who understands the nature of the human body. You will be fit soon, by God’s grace.

Most ill bodies are not due to viruses. The majority of illnesses are due to the wrong foods. When you eat proper food, your immune system becomes so good that the majority of virus attacks fail. Your food makes you sick. Your food can make you healthy. If you do not know the temperament of any food,. Please, do not eat that food. First know, then consume happily.


Today I am going to describe the effects of zucchini and round cucumber on the fitness of the human body.

Zucchini is a delicate and cold-tempered vegetable of nature. It is abundantly produced in the summer. It is a very digestible food. It is a wonderful gift of nature for weak stomachs and hot-tempered bodies. If ghee and red pepper are used less in this vegetable, it becomes more beneficial for the stomach. Iron is also found in this vegetable. Iron is in its peel. Therefore, its peel should not be peeled. If the peel of a vegetable is peeled off and cooked, its usefulness becomes very low. Cold-tempered bodies should eat less of it. It is very useful for them if they mix and cook it with gram and with the meat of buffalo.

Its Benefits

It is useful for the human nerves because it digests quickly. It relieves and helps to relieve sore throats. It is an excellent food for arthritis patients. It regulates the menstrual system of women. Patients with hemorrhoids benefit greatly if they eat this vegetable half-boiled without ghee. They will never complain of constipation. You can call it the best food.


A Fine Food

Round cucumber is also the best human food. It is also a summer vegetable. This is also a cold temperament. It has a warm temperament and is very useful for the body. A cold temperament can also be eaten in moderation. Round cucumber is very useful for thirst, excessive heat, acidity, burning of feet and chest, headache, nerve relaxation, and physical weakness. It is digested slowly. It is harmful to a weak stomach.

This food also becomes better for cold-tempered bodies if you cook it with buffalo meat or lentils. It removes acid from the body, so eating more of it improves skin tone. This food causes the body to excrete acids and other waste products, which strengthens the human heart and brain. It helps a lot with removing dry skin.

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