Decline Of A Nation And Religion

by Izat Khan

Decline Of A Nation

Be it past or present in the world, the reasons for the decline, slavery, intellectual subjugation, and bankruptcy of a nation have been the same everywhere. History and the present witness that the major and prominent reason for the decline of every nation has been the religious conservative section. Or even if the political class was the reason, they were victims of superstitions, rituals, and conservatism, whose roots are connected with religion.

Any nation that limited religion to church, temple, and mosque became prosperous and ruled. If that nation does not suffer from excesses and respects the golden principles of universal morality that are mentioned in every religion, it will maintain its position of honor for a long time. But those who limit the purely human values of religion to the church, temple, or mosque and do not respect these values in worldly affairs quickly fall into decay or disrespect.

 Universal Story Of Decline And Rise

And the efforts, resources, and procedures of the nations that emerged from decline are also the same. This universal, true story of decline and rise is true from nation to nation. Even today, any nation or individual who wants progress and a position in this world must go through the same path. This is a universal law of nature that cannot be changed. Yes, there may be some new but subtle changes over time due to changes in the social and material environment, but the basic factors will remain the same.

When a nation falls victim to decline, the wise men and true leaders of the time make some such writings and speeches, which are the same in every nation. Even today, some nations are so unfortunate that they try to do something different from the universal principles to get out of their decline, but they are not successful, and they are disgraced. Although nature has set a path for them to reach their destination, The sooner one adopts this path, the sooner one will reach the destination in a dignified manner.

True Thoughts of True Leaders Of a Declined Nation

The thoughts of a true leader of a declining nation are something like this. Our nation is far away from knowledge. We are far behind the requirements of the time, and the sad thing is that we do not realize it. We have no modern institute or system of modern education. Our religious leaders are the main hindrance to the path of modern education, particularly in the fields of science and sociology. Due to political and religious sects and disputes, chaos has spread. Someone is calling someone a traitor; someone is calling someone an infidel. We are being ruled by other nations. Industry and agriculture have been destroyed. Poverty and disease are dancing naked in the streets.

The overall morality of the nation has been destroyed. Those who are responsible for correcting the morality of the nation have themselves become so immoral that they abuse the religious sects against it all day long. And their intellectual backwardness is so great that they are committing a great sin by calling the decline of the nation God’s will. The religious class has gone so far astray that this satanic logic is explaining the nation; this downfall is the cause of the misfortune of the nation.

However, all this downfall is due to ignorance, negligence, laziness, superstition, personalism, malpractice, religious leadership, and not complying with the requirements of the time. The political and religious leaders of the nation are showing so much discussion and disagreement on insignificant and minor issues as if the national downfall has occurred due to this problem. Although this problem has nothing to do with the national downfall,

That problem and similar and smaller issues occurred after the national downfall. Half of the population of society consists of women. One or two percent of them are illiterate. Nor are they familiar with any art. There is no concept of slavery or freedom among women. There is no other use for them except for giving birth to children.  From this, it is clear that the next generation will prove to be more ignorant. Thus, the whole nation has become a slave to strange superstitions and traditions, but the condition of women is very alarming.

The whole nation is against the new policies, efforts, educational thought, syllabus, and requirements, but many have come down on hostility. They are afraid of industries and consider craftsmanship a shame. Unemployment is common everywhere. There are camps of poverty and disease everywhere. There is no respect for the law in the country. Many intelligent people are silent or have migrated due to the fear of the tyrants and religious leaders of the time.

The practical rule is that of the religious leaders. These leaders are calling science and crafts anti-religion. These people are also against the education of women. Some people are in contact with the enemies of the country. They are taking many benefits from these enemies. The most active activity of the nation is criticizing others, regularly performing superstitions and rituals, and listening to and telling obscene things.

The person who wanted to reform the nation and tried to prepare the nation to meet the demands of the time, our ignorant so-called religious, political, and educational leaders, made him a criminal and treated him like a criminal. Now the nation has gone so far in this ignorance and degradation that there is no other solution except a new emergency education system or a bloody revolution. The bloody revolution will also be effective if the new education policy is implemented immediately after the revolution, and the old thought and every old policy are not linked to the requirements of the time.

Scenes Of Paradise

Today, we see that all the developed countries have also passed through a decline. The reasons for their humiliation were the same. The efforts, methods, and policies that these countries developed were also the same. These countries have also followed all the real golden principles of religion in worldly affairs and are following them closely. If these countries start obeying the three commandments of God, the world will present a paradise. And the three evils that they openly consider evil are usury, adultery, and lust for dominance over others.

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