Famous Meat Food And Recipe

Meat Is Human Desire

Meat is the favorite food of men. Meat is second to none in its pleasure and usefulness. At this time, there is a lot of inflation in the world. Due to the high cost of meat, millions of people today cannot eat according to their desires, despite their strong desires. It is a matter of concern that, as far as human health is concerned, this food is denying human desire. All governments, especially the governments of poor countries, should subsidize this food.

It is our bad luck or not that meat is often cooked and eaten unnaturally. Due to this, the usefulness and pleasure of the meat are not taken full advantage of. In my opinion, if natural food is prepared and eaten in an unnatural way, the usefulness of the food is halved, but in some cases, this food also causes harm.

Human Temperament And Meat

Friends, I have already written in my blogs that the meat of animals often has a hot temper, and humans also often have a hot temper. Therefore, meat should be cooked and eaten carefully. There are some natural methods that can be used in cooking. If they are used, the hot effect of meat is also reduced considerably, and it proves to be very useful for health.

The natural method that I am telling you about today has been used by our elders for centuries. This natural method of cooking meat is very easy and inexpensive. In my opinion, it is probably the only method in the world that gives the real taste and usefulness of meat. I would request that all friends use this natural method to improve their health and enjoy the real pleasure of food.

I consider it important to mention this fact in each of my blogs: a person who does not eat according to his body’s temperament can never be healthy, and a person who eats according to his temperament will never get sick. All human diseases are temperamental. Here the question arises: if the diseases are caused by viruses, where does the temperament come from in these diseases? The simple answer is that for people who do not eat in accordance with their mood, their immunity becomes weak, and thus their bodies cannot fight the virus and become sick. But for those who eat according to their mood, the natural immune system is so strong that they do not easily succumb to any virus.

Famous Recipe For Salted Meat

A very famous dish in Pakistan and Afghanistan is salted meat. It is the favorite food of millions of people. Humans have been eating this food for centuries. The fact that a food has been favored by crores of people for centuries is great proof that the usefulness and pleasure of this recipe are accepted.


The ingredients of salted meat are two kilograms of fat and the bone meat of lamb. One spoonful of salt, two tablespoons of ginger and garlic food, three tomatoes, a turmeric powder half spoon, and 250 grams of ghee. If there is more fat in meat, then 150 grams of ghee, two spoons of curd, six green chillies, and five grams of green coriander. Three lemons, six potatoes, four onions ۔

First, wash and dry the meat. Mix ginger, garlic, and lemon juice well in it, and keep it for 30 minutes. Then spread the potato pieces on the bottom of the pressure cooker. Put a layer of meat on the layer of potatoes. Put tomato, turmeric, green chili, and salt on the layer of meat. Put a layer of chopped onion on this layer. After that, slowly add two kilos of water and ghee so that the layers do not break.


Let the meat cook for thirty to forty minutes. The meat should be soft enough to separate from the bone very easily. As soon as it starts to separate easily. The salted meat is ready. If you have not eaten meat prepared in this way before, then for the first time in your life, you will get to know the real taste and usefulness of meat. All those friends who have warm bodies should eat salt only in cold weather. These foods are very beneficial for cold bodies.

Best Way For Meat Lovers

Friends, I will say again because it is a very important health issue that all the meats of other animals except three or four animals have a warming effect, so their excess consumption is harmful to warm-tempered bodies. Therefore, if you want to reduce the heat effect, then the best way to prepare the meat is to eat it by boiling water very well. Add one or half a spoonful of salt to the water. Also, do not use any spices or anything with the meat. Allow the meat to cook well. This method reduces the hot and heavy effects of the meat to a great extent.

In this way, the heat effect of the meat will also be reduced, and the stomach will also be digested very easily. All other methods in which ghee and spices are used add to the warming effect of the meat.

It is my strong experience and observation that, due to the differences in the temperament of the human body, the meat of every animal and bird is not useful for every human being. But friends, it is my opinion, which is the experience of 56 years of life, that the meat of camels, sheep, and goats that graze in the forest is the most useful for everybody. Similarly, the meat of quail, white pheasant, and river fowl is also among the birds. Therefore, one should take care of one’s temperament by eating the meat of all other animals.

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