Food Of Prophets And Its Recipe

Pure Food

by Izat Khan

A Delicious Food 

Friends, today I am going to describe the recipe for very delicious and healthy food, which you may not be aware of before. This food is also referred to in religious books. In some traditions, it has been declared the favorite food of the prophets. It is said that in the beginning, the ingredients of this food were very simple—two or three—but later, these ingredients increased. It can be said that, due to the ingredients and efficacy of the food, authenticity is found in these cases.

For All Temperaments

This food has a pure, natural recipe. Which can be eaten by all temperamental bodies. The main purpose of every food is to improve the health of the body. This purpose is very much found in this food. Second, the natural element prevails in it. Which is not often found in food today. Thirdly, it is full of pleasure. The fourth benefit, which I think is very important, is that people of all temperaments can eat it.

The name of this food is milk meat. Because the meat is cooked in milk. That is why it is called milk meat.

Ingredients And Preparation

Its ingredients are one kilogram of meat, three pounds of milk, one pound of ghee, half a spoon of ginger, half a spoon of black pepper, four cloves, three onions,  one spoon of red pepper, one spoon of ground coriander, one spoon of vinegar pepper, half a spoon of turmeric, half a spoon of white cumin, half a spoon of ground black pepper, one lemon, cinnamon, cardamom, and three spoons of cornflour. The meat should be boneless.

Add milk to the meat. Add cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and salt as needed. Keep this mixture on the stove. Keep this milk meat on fire for about 45 minutes, and keep stirring gently. Take the pot off the stove when the milk gravy is close to one pound. Put this mixture in a big dish. Put all the other spices on the meat and mix them well. You should not use water at any point. Milk gravy alone will make this mixture mix well. After that, take a separate pot of pure ghee or any good oil as required and heat it on the stove. The ghee should not be heated too much because the meat is already softened in the milk.

At this stage, we have to make the meat crispy like pakoras. You only need to put the meat in it for two or three minutes. After that, put the meat in a dish. Squeeze lemon over the meatballs. Take yogurt as you like Dip a corner of meatballs in curd and eat them. You will find it very tasty and effective food.

Royal Broth

Our second food is Royal Broth, and its recipe is as follows:. The popular name of this food is Shahi Qorma. This food came to the subcontinent from Russian states or Iran. When it came to the subcontinent during the Mughal period, it was named Shahi Qorma. The cook who knew how to prepare this food better would be called a royal cook.

The ingredients for this Shahi Qorma for eight people will be as follows:. Ghee or oil eight ounces, goat meat three pounds, ginger one spoon, garlic one spoon, onions three, cinnamon three, cloves half a spoon, black pepper,little lychees ten pieces, two spoons of Kura, two spoons of red pepper, two spoons of coriander, one and a half spoons of cumin, twelve ounces of curd, and three spoons of crushed almonds. Saffron used to be an essential part of this food during the royal period. Sixty-five ounces of water.


Fry the chopped onions in hot oil until golden. Then separate them from the oil and keep them in a dish. Add spices and cardamom to the hot oil and fry it. Now add the meat to the oil. After a few minutes, add the ground spices and the fried ones as well. Stir the spoon evenly for fifteen minutes. Boil the water separately and add it to the meat. Boil this mixture well for a few minutes, then reduce the flame to low. Now add the curry powder. Cook until the broth thickens. Your Shahi Qorma will be ready when your ghee or oil separates from the broth. After removing it from the stove, add crushed almonds to this broth. If saffron is available, then add saffron to this soup. Now eat this delicious, flavorful, and powerful food with your family and friends, like kings and nawabs.

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