God And History Of Humans

God And the History of Humans

God says that those who do not use their intellect are worse than animals. Who else can know the history of his creation better than the Creator? God says I made man beautiful; he began to touch humiliation. God says that I have given man a very beautiful form and intelligence, but the man himself has reached the point of degradation.God said that humans have proved ignorant.

Yet the Merciful God says by the light of the sun, I swear by the darkness of the night, God has not left you nor is He angry with you. This verse reflects human greatness and also says that man has proved to be a totally quarrelsome person. But man does not refrain from evil and cruelty for the pleasures of a few days of life, which confirms that he is a very evil and cruel creature.

We are liars and our false history

Time has shown that the majority of historians have proven to be biased, prejudiced, unjust, misunderstood, and misrepresented. Most of the information provided by them is not only incorrect but also provocative. Despite many inspirations and many corrective books and efforts, man is not only moving towards wildlife but is also determined to head there.

There are so many lies in these writings of man that man has been influenced by them many times and has even taken the form of barbarism. Be it the educated man of the past or the so-called intellectuals of the present, most of his writings have provided the means of destruction, which makes the limbs of humanity look weak.

Man’s bias and obstinacy

The man of the East is not ready to accept the virtues of the West. The same is true of the man of the West. Both have a tendency to point out each other’s shortcomings. In this way, new rifts are created in human relationships day by day. Nations have suffered greatly because of historical lies, and they are not diminishing. Despite this, no one is ready to clean up history. No nation is ready to eradicate false and nonsensical stories. Instead of eradicating these provocative writings, new lies are fabricated to prove them true.

Terrorism Of thinking

I consider it terrorism and false thinking. Man is a very torturous and cruel creature. In this world, sometimes some events cannot be understood by human intellect. But with the help of context and with the guidance of inspirational books, it is possible to understand these events. Second, such incidents are beneficial for human


All human writings and speeches that show sedition, prejudice, or feelings of superiority or inferiority should be strictly prohibited. But this will never happen because human nature does not last long in the big house of good. Man wants to live in the hut of oppression and evil.

The hero of every nation has flaws because he is human. His flaws should not be hidden from his deeds. He should not be called an angel, nor should he be called a possessor of divine attributes, nor should the Pharaoh of any nation be called Satan. By doing so, humanity has suffered a lot for centuries and has gone astray many times.

It should be kept in mind that the word hero is very sacred and has been used very wrongly. The hero of any nation cannot be the enemy of any nation. A hero belongs to all. A person belonging to a single nation cannot be called a hero. We can call him a person with good character and managerial abilities, but we cannot call him a hero. We do this with less knowledge and emotional attachment.

Our Hero

Respecting the hero of a nation makes relations between nations much better. If the hero of a nation is insulted, then relations between nations become very tense. In particular, the religious heroism of a nation can take the form of arrogance and war. But it is futile to expect good from men. He has done a lot of injustice in this matter. Thus, human relationships have never been stronger in human history but have deteriorated and continue to do so.


Much of history is about war. These realities are painful and tragic. Most of the stories in the history of pious wars, oppression, and reform that are told to us are false. These wars were fought for the benefit of the kings of the time and their courtiers. The truth of these wars has not been told to generations till today because man loves lies

.Every nation loves its own culture, but it is bad to think, write, and impose one’s culture on others. Why do we see other civilizations as bad? Why do we see only flaws in other civilizations? Why not virtue? Why is a man so narrow-minded and bigoted? Is man really the best product of nature? We see the cruelty, injustice, ignorance, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness of humans in every sphere of life in history. Why is man such an evil creature? Why do we call innocent animals savages?



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