Great God And Greatness Of Man

God And Man

by Izat Khan

 Great God Says


The Great God has said that I have given man a very beautiful appearance and great intellect, but the man himself has become a victim of degradation.


You don’t have to agree. Your opinion can be different. I think 99% of people are trapped by self-interest. The feelings of compassion, love, sincerity, self-sacrifice, and sacrifice you see are all dirty chains of interests. It is too late for any link in the chain of these interests to be broken. All relationships take the form of enmity, rivalry, and hypocrisy.

DeGaulle said that the more I understand humans, the more I love dogs. I agree with him; if you doubt it, do your research.  And it is also only a human honor that God has declared the bad character of man worse than all the animals. God has also said in his revelation that most people are bad.

Greatness Of  Man


99% of humanity’s coin is black and dirty, but the one percent that is very white and the brightest mark is so charming and beautiful that it often overshadows the larger dark part. As God has said in His revelation about some angelic human beings, I am pleased with them; they are pleased with me. And also that good people have the highest standard of character.
This honor and greatness are given to man are given by his Creator and God recognizes the greatness of his character.


 It is said about such people that when they stop, they look like the moon, and when they move, they look like gentle breezes. When such people are seen in the hot sun, they feel pleasant shadows when they talk to someone, and only charming flowers fall from their lovely lips. 

Few people support and make this physical universe a habitable place. In every city and neighborhood, in every factory and office, in farms and in every hospital, in churches and mosques somewhere or in big houses a person of transparent character is sitting, whose actions and thoughts are cleared of the filthiness of others.

 These people also have some true followers. All of them strengthen the soul and satisfy the heart. They are the jewels of the earth and the sky. The pillars of the sky are held by these people. It is said that the price of a house in Konya was set at 2500 Dirhams by the owner. When the customer asked about the price, the owner said that his house is worth 500 hundred dirhams and the neighborhood is worth 2000 Dirhams. The customer asked in surprise, what kind of house is it, whose neighborhood value is also being collected. The owner replied, “My neighbor is Jalaluddin Rumi.

Blessed people


Good people get light from the sky, but some people get such light from the heavenly throne on the earth that the universe looks bright and colorful. It is a shower of beautiful flowers and it is such a beautiful shower that one who gets drenched remains drenched in flowers for life. The greatest sign of the purity of these saints and the love of these lovers is that those who see the waves of the lovely lips and the radiant rays of the beautiful eyes are automatically mesmerized.


 A common man like us gets convinced of his inferiority when he meets them. The viewer has to say that the grief has subsided like this wave after wave, so the grief has come to rest, just like the smell of spring has come, and the message of the sight of a friend has come. The sight of them brightens the face of the sick. They are so great and lovely that the dead come back to life to see them.

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phí giao dịch binance April 7, 2023 - 6:34 am

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