God and Case of Human Nobility

God And Nobility

by Izat Khan

God And Man

Oh man, how great was your guest,kind and great God? Oh man, what a guest! And what a host! Oh, man! The owner of this world and the hereafter is still waiting for you on the throne. You ruined this beautiful life for the sake of oppression, lust, conspiracies, hypocrisy, injustice, ingratitude, and wealth, and now you deserve punishment. Sun and moon, winds move towards their destination, the weather is bound by its time, and grains are bound by their color. The streams flow towards the rivers and the rivers are desperate for the sea. Plants and inanimate objects are performing their duties well. But there is a man who is running very fast in the opposite direction of his destination.

A human being who is being taught by God and His men again and again with love but is full of luxury and selfishness is stuck in a dilemma. The one who was to alleviate the suffering of others is adding to the suffering of others۔ He had to hang the ornament on the forehead of nature but he is unloading himself۔Bertrand Russell writes that ever since man has tasted the grain of wheat, he has not allowed his folly to diminish.

Humans to Land of Beasts




Human greatness and humiliation cannot be measured. Just as human dignity cannot be weighed or measured, so human humiliation cannot be weighed or measured. Man’s Nobel is only due to his perfect faith in God and the Day of Judgment, knowledge and wisdom, and a sense of responsibility. When a man loses this foundation, he becomes the worst of creatures. God says that those who do not use their intellect are worse than animals. What are the deeds which, by not doing so, impose darkness on man? As for the unbeliever who consciously denies the Oneness of God, His Creation, and His Provision. And he begins to worship himself, then he is given a worse position than the beast, and then he begins to live a life of brutality and savagery.


The case of the believer is different. Believing and paying the rights of faith with intellect and heart is the only nobility. Nobility is a bright scale whose light has no known beginning or end. As we see the life of God’s holy prophets. Their journey of greatness is from the earth to the last heaven. Because their lives are adorned with the qualities that God wants to see in a man. On the other hand, there are pharaohs whose lives are filled with evil and animal desires and who deserve to be cursed in this world and the next.

Good and evil are different paths. The one who goes ahead becomes the credit of the universe. The one who stays behind makes the universe an ugly stain. The world bows down when man moves forward. If man retreats, the world bows down to him.

When A Man Becomes Animal

The believer moves from aristocracy to savagery only when he begins to perform deeds that show that there is no God nor the Hereafter
. Then humiliation and malice are imposed on him. This stage is also reversible. If one does not repent then the next stage is to claim to be God. When the human conscience becomes polluted? When it becomes a perpetual prisoner of wealth, fame, power, and lust۔The captive of these desires does not care for any moral value for the attainment of these four desires and does not care for any human value after attaining it. These four desires are both good and bad dreams also. They are also good reality and bitter waves. In reality, man has come to take an exam of these four desires which are the true reality of human life.


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