God And Religion

by Izat Khan

Religion Is Opium?

The facts do not allow even a single breath, yes illusions seem very beautiful. The majority of the human population has been uneducated, prejudiced, individualistic, and self-interested since time immemorial. If human nature is studied as a whole, even educated people have been proven to be cruel, hypocritical, self-interested, and liars. What is the cruelty and injustice that educated people have not done? Religion consists of God’s commandments and advice. Religion is a beautiful light and complete knowledge. But in general, for ignorant and sinful people, religion has become a game, a business, a tool to achieve interests and goals, and for many, it has also proved to be a form of opium.

What Does God Want? What Are We Doing?

 Humanity has suffered irreparable losses due to this crime. Marx likened religion to opium addiction and to a large extent he is right. My opinion is that a person who is not good mentally and emotionally, who does not have good material resources, and who does not have knowledge is an unfortunate person in the eyes of God. Such a person does not know the spirit of religion. It has been said in God’s revelation that my obedient servants will be honored in this world and I will also be honored in the hereafter.

 The book of Muslims, which is called the Qur’an, in which the order of prayer has been given 500 times. The religious leaders of Muslims emphasize this order the most. Although in the Quran, the most emphasis has been given to taught and research. This thought and research have been ordered more than 700 times. Wherever research and thought have been given, it has been given on the creation of the universe, the sky, the earth, the sun, the stars, the mountains, the sea, the birds, the night and the day, the crops, the seasons and the stages of the creation of man and the human and animal bodies.

 But in my 56-year-old life, I have not heard anyone emphasizing this order except for two or three scholars. This order is a command to pay attention to science. But due to a lack of knowledge, people have been made to ignore such a great divine order and to follow orders with less emphasis. The same situation once occurred in Christianity during the period of Coppernecks and Galileo.

  The result of which you can see the condition of Muslims yourself. Religion is the first school of education. All sciences were born or found in this school of education. But hypocrites, liars, talkative, cheaters, magicians, and self-interested people described religion as a completely different kind of knowledge and objectives. A majority of the population still believes this satanic theory to be true. Except for the promotion of knowledge on a large scale, the lives of humanity will not be spared from this very horrible theory.

The Third World​ And Fortunate West

The third world, where the majority of the world’s population lives, is a witness to this fact. Every person’s life here is deplorable in every aspect. The main reason for this is the wrong interpretations of religion. In these societies, there are many religious rituals and festivals that the devil keeps on seeing for a long time.

 And those nations that limited religion to the church, their condition, character, and thinking are in front of the world. Have you ever thought that if the era of monasticism and priests were going on in Europe today, as it is still going on in other nations, would the condition of Europe be different from the rest? No way, maybe it would be worse than the rest of the nations.

 God gave a clear message to man through his prophets that the moon, the sun, the sea, the mountains, etc were created for man. And also that all big material goods can be conquered by man. Man can use them for his benefit through hard work and knowledge. God has made man the ruler of all material things. He is ordered to conquer and use these things. It is God’s order for man to live a very active and good life in society. Man’s reckoning on, the Day of Judgment is to have the same dynamic practical life as the Prophets. Hell is the punishment for ignorance, negligence, laziness, selfishness, and selfishness.

Due to the wrong religious interpretations of wrong and misguided people, men became a  monk for worshiping in monasteries. He considered this beautiful world as a temporary thing. Sitting in a miserable room in a miserable condition, he considered the praise of God to be the greatest work. Although God and any messenger did not say to do this, but disapproved of this practice. God told man to live in this world only in a dignified manner.

 God declared every good work as worship. Whether in the field of knowledge or art, agriculture or politics, or any other. Religious contractors everywhere have considered sitting in the room and bowing down and prostrating as only worship. Even today, many societies consider scientific inventions, ideas, and art as non-religious works. The result of which is that these nations have been living a very poor life for centuries.

 God disgraces and humiliates such nations who do not make full use of God’s blessings and who do not understand the true meaning of God’s commandments and try to follow them.

After the Prophets, when the hypocrites, talkative, clever, cheaters, magicians, and self-interested people come into the field of religion, they turn religion into business or magic or into a state of a drug like opium.  These religious teachers, who are actually beastly people, taught monasticism, individualism, selfishness, self-interest, and inaction, which even humanity could not get rid of.

 When it is said to them that God’s beloved lives in this world with great pleasure and in the Hereafter, they have nothing to answer except shame and arrogance.  The fact will not be recognized that we are unable to understand the true spirit of religion and could not update our religious needs according to time. Or we could not get modern knowledge and skill that is a basic requirement of life. and  Or we do not work hard. Or we have not supported the modern requirements of the time. Or we have lost research and thinking. Or we waste time on unnecessary activities. Or we have not learned from developed nations. Or we lack humanity and ethics. Or we could not build a good education system and institutions.

 A few intelligent people will give this kind of answer, but the majority’s answer is that distance from religion or our fate is bad. Someone should ask the blind about their intellect when did God stop them from going to the moon and the sun, rather God’s command is to conquer them. Although the command to do it has been present in their religious books for centuries۔Majority of them will be ignorant of such commandments and encouragements of God. Because these religious leaders would never have told them.

Situation Of My Country

The population of my country Pakistan is more than 220 million. Our holy book is in Arabic and our language is Urdu. Quran translation in Urdu is available everywhere. Our religious teachers tell people that the reward is found in reading the  Arabic language. Most people believe this truth because of their knowledge of religious teachers. By putting people on opiate addiction of the same reward, the result is achieved and four percent of the population does not even know what is written in the Quran.

 Muslims pray five times a day. In our country, 90% of Muslims do not know that they are speaking to their God in worship. Because the teachers have calmed them down by putting them on the opiate drug as a reward. Muslims read a word before starting every work. which consists of four words. You will be surprised to hear that the population of Muslims in the subcontinent is more than 60 million, in which 60% of the population still does not know the meaning of these four words.

 Millions of people have been addicted to the reward of religion and have become victims of complete neglect of God’s commandments and their duties. This is the picture of every religion. Religious teachers everywhere have taught people only a few exercises to earn the reward of religion. No attention has been paid to the complete discipline of life that God gave in the revelation.

 However, pray is only training. The real work starts after training. But the religious teacher only conducts training from birth to death. The result of which is that until today man is performing such rituals in the name of religion and God, which Satan is ashamed to see. Because only drug addicts can do such dirty rituals and actions. Seeing this situation and the role of religious people, people rebelled against God and religion, and some people declared religion as opium for man.

It is the human duty of developed countries to do a great service to humanity by freeing these nations from this religious ignorance. Otherwise, their glorious future is still far away. But man is a hypocrite, self-interested, liar, cruel, and deceitful, he will not be able to do it.

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