Humans Horror And God

Human Cruelities And God

by Izat Khan
Human Darkness and Horror

God has blessed man with precious emotions like love, kindness, and compassion. And ordered to use and spread these attractions. God strictly forbade man to show horror, cruelty, hypocrisy, cruelty, oppression, and cunning.

The period from 1945 to the present is considered the age of progress and human enlightenment. In this era of peace, about 160 wars have taken place. In these wars, tribal enmities, uprisings, and personal animosities, millions of people have been brutally killed. In addition to this blood, there are extremely long and heartbreaking stories of excuses, helplessness, sighs, and sobs. Not a single year has passed in this age of peace in which man has lived without the juice of human blood.

Blood Is needed Of Bloody and Cruel Humans

However, a few years ago, men killed millions of people in the First and Second World Wars. From this example, one can estimate how savage, riotous, conspiratorial, horrifying, bloody, rebellious against God, and lying man is! He calls this period the age of peace. What a cruel tyrant who beats the drum of peace and dances to its beat! City after city was burned. Even so, man has celebrated with joy.

Observe a few examples to understand the so-called enlightenment, justice, democracy, and moderation of a civilized man. In 1960 at the beginning of the Enlightenment, 600,000 Filipinos were shot dead for failing to justify American slavery. Millions of people were shot in Russia in the name of human well-being for communism. Where millions of corpses fall, millions of hearts sigh and then melt. Every time man becomes a rebel of God, he becomes bloodthirsty. This cruel person likes to bathe in blood. Therefore, God has made his rebels worse than animals.

Man is shy in front of the forest world

In Indonesia, 800,000 people were stabbed in the throat in the 1960s. Then burning embers were placed on the tongues of voices, emotions, and feelings. Both the killers and the instigators of the killings were called civilized, enlightened, democrats and advocates of justice. In the 1970s, in Cambodia, a catastrophe was created for its people. Two million people were shot dead.

The conscience of an enlightened person was not damaged or the tongue of a judge was not cracked. In Indo-China, the so-called enlightened and justice-loving people have thrown so much filth that a total of about four million people have been buried. But no significant abscess was found on the tongue or heart of any intellectual or democrat. Man still feels no shame in front of the forest world. Neither man is ashamed before his God.

Meanwhile, millions were killed in Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and East Timor. Why was this death a spectacle? It will continue until man obeys God and obeys it fully, but it is impossible, so there will be a day of retribution where we will have to answer ۔In Rwanda, Somalia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Burundi, Iraq, the same bright, enlightened and civilized world has killed millions of people. Killing a person with humiliation is not only a human profession but it is a pastime and there is no difference between the character of an educated person and an ignorant person but the crime of a civilized person is more in every case.


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