Innocent Eyes Ask

Innocent Eyes

by Izat Khan

Brutal Human Being

Being a human being, your conscience sometimes seems to grumble that you have come out of the world of the forest and been given the proof of being a human being. Every day, like others, I see hundreds of pictures of innocent eyes of fairies and princes on print and social media. Like others, nothing happens to me when I am insensitive and shameless. It is futile to expect any improvement from such a blind, brutal, and hypocritical human being, but sometimes the conscience gives a little more blow. This is what happened to me today.

Today, I saw a video of a few minutes in which two hungry innocent angels are collecting paper and empty drink bottles for bread in a street. A magnificent car stops at a big store nearby. Which a child quickly takes off and buys his ice cream from the store. And the innocent angels look at him with tearful eyes. And their eyes are lost in some sad thoughts. That was a terrible blast for me.

Millions of Innocent Eyes

There are millions of eyes like them, and there are similar questions. If humans had shown humanity, these questions would not have arisen. If questions had arisen, they would have been solved and satisfied. But human beings are probably the only creatures with a large majority who do not obey their conscience or their God. A big question in these innocent eyes is, is there any fault of mine in coming to this world and getting a human form or choosing parents and an area? Is there any fault in choosing sex, language, or color?

Their eyes also ask, Is there not even a few feet of space on the ground for us? Is there no place for us to stand in a school or a park? Such a big world—a few feet of my share of land? Or a school or a hospital—even an old bed to sleep on? While in front of us, there are crores of acres of land, lakhs of schools, and lakhs of wonderful hospitals. I have a small share. Why? How? 

In this miserable situation, the eyes of the innocent also rise towards the sky, but they ask the human beings that we have a share in the lights of the sun and the moon in the sky, but why have the people of the earth deprived us of every blessing? Why do human beings also object to our share of nature’s mercy and kindness?

Innocent eyes ask:

Who has been given my share of toys? Who has been given my share of colored copies and pencils? Why are there not a few people out of a population of billions who care about our future? Why are the heaps of grain cultivated and harvested by my hands and the fruits hanging from the trees beyond my reach? These eyes ask: Are the migrations of a lifetime destined for us?

My fate is why we see our mothers suffering and dying without help. Why should we see our fathers commit suicide? Why are we the only ones who suffer the punishment of dying of starvation? Why are we treated with contempt and disgust for no reason? These eyes ask why we are made scapegoats for war and riots.

Why is there no one to listen to the story of our victimization in the police stations and courts? Even though we are among the millions. Why have we been made so helpless that we are not allowed to protest? Even if we dare to protest,. So why can’t we find a leader? Even if he is found, why was he killed? Yes, there are many more unanswered questions in these eyes, the answer to which I do not have.

God Answer

Yes, it is with God, who has already told these innocent eyes that the answer will be given on the Day of Resurrection, which will give peace to all the desires of these innocent eyes forever. And those who do not answer you in the world will be deprived of peace forever.

If man was so good, why would he be expelled from heaven? He could not protect himself from the evil in heaven. So the majority of human beings have completely united with the satanic party of Satan and taken its color. And the few people who are proving to be humans have worshiped their God with the greed of heaven and the fear of hell. Therefore, man has been declared a self-interested animal. The story of Adam’s sons, Cain and Abel, is enough to understand how cruel, hypocritical, and selfish man is.

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Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. Its always useful to read content from other authors and practice something from their websites.

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Excellent blog post. I certainly love this website. Keep it up!


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