Is a Human Super or Savage Being?

Human Being

by Izat Khan

Where is the human version of God?


Do you think that we are a super or rational creation? If so, I do not agree with you.My blog’s posts are in book format. To understand my posts, you have to read my last posts and forthcoming posts.This is all about human nature.

It is a matter of conscience. It is a matter of common sense. If there are rough or dilapidated houses in front of a rich person’s farmhouse or bungalow, In front of his Land Cruiser, if he finds bicycles or wheelbarrows,. If there are landless farmers on a landlord’s estate,. If there are street vendors in front of the gate of a capitalist’s industry,. If there is no free bread for the beggar in someone’s shopping plaza,. What would you say to this hellish area and its inhabitants? 

What will you say to that officer or boss who himself gets a salary in lakhs and the messenger has twenty-five thirty thousand pay and still his owner is not happy? If your city has grand hotels and also has thousands of hungry babies,. Do you still insist that man is a super creature? These horrible scenes are present everywhere.



Stains in the name of humanity

These rich bosses also claim that we are human beings and super creations of nature. But nature says that people who do not live according to the rules and desires of nature are worse than animals.

The irony is that in every age and place, the time of these tyrants and oppressors is their slave; their destiny is permanent; they are respected everywhere. They are greeted everywhere, and every month brings them new rewards. They also have the right to rule. Their nights are colored, and their days are green. On the wings of these savage barbarians, golden fringes scatter. For them, the wine glasses are spilled. Soft and beautiful bodies sway for them. It seems that no window in our house was built facing the wind, nor was any house built with thought.

Isn’t human a savage?


Have you ever wondered why there are these courts, why there are police, and why there are these armies? Why are these doors locked?
Why are these trillions of dollars of weapons prepared? What is the fear of being snatched and hanged all the time? Why do we have to make new laws every day? Why are these prisons? Why are there boundary lines on the borders of countries? Why is a person confined everywhere to a personal fence and somewhere to a communal fence? If no one knows this fact, then surely he will have a good meeting with the devil. Ask the devil.


Man is a barbarian and a very cruel savage. Earlier, when someone died a dirty death, that death was compared to the death of a stray dog. You can now see it everywhere: in modern hospitals, in halls, in offices, on roads and fields, and at home all the time. That is why someone said that one dog in the market told another dog to run to the forest, or else they would have to die the death of a man.

Our fallacies

See another side of the thought and character of the savage being. An educated person has many hugs from an uneducated person. An educated person considers the uneducated person to be the root of many problems. An uneducated person also has this thought about a well-educated person. My vote is with the illiterate because all the power and resources are with the so-called civilized, educated, and enlightened minds. But the horror and brutality in the world and in man are increasing day by day. All the inventions of cruelty, ignorance, and barbarism were created by these so-called civilized people. Are atoms and missiles made by an illiterate person? Is this socialism and capitalism system made by an illiterate person? Are millions of people killed in wars and millions of victims of torture by illiterate people?

So-Called Civilized


Due to economic problems, the lives of billions of people are like hell. Is the culprit in this situation an uneducated person? Is the uneducated person responsible for ending this night of oppression? Is the so-called civilized man trying to end this night of cruelty? Rather, isn’t the so-called enlightened person busy trying to make this night dark? The so-called civilized, educated, and enlightened man has shown such barbarity that he could not force other so-called reformers to run an effective movement to reduce their defense budget for one year and make it welfare.


Put it on so that most of the economic woes can be solved and the destruction of human resources and production can be reduced. The so-called civilized, reformer, and enlightened man has shown such barbarity that he could not force other so-called reformers by running an effective movement to reduce their defense budget for one year and make it welfare. Put it on so that most of the economic woes can be solved and the destruction of human resources and production can be reduced.

It is not in the nature of a savage that he can reform or allow someone to take measures for the well-being of a human being. If you still believe that man is a super being, I say that man is a savage and cruel being. God says that those who do not obey the orders of God and His prophets are worse than animals. So how can a person in such a situation claim that they are better than an animal?

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