Kashmiri Hareesa a Lovely Food

Hareesa Recipe

by Izat Khan


Hareesa Is Pure Food

Based on my experience, I can say that Kashmiri harissa is such a lovely food that it can be said that once you taste it, you become addicted to it. The name of this food is also included in the famous foods of this region. Keep in mind that most of the foods in the cold region have a hot taste. Therefore, all the foods of this region should be used sparingly by hot-tempered bodies and eaten in winter. Yes, these foods are very effective for cold-tempered bodies.

Ingredients And Preparation

The main ingredients of Kashmiri harissa are goat’s thigh meat and chickpeas, or mung beans. The method of making it is that first the pulse is boiled, and then the pulse is made into a paste. In this paste, as required for the preparation of common pulse, red chilies, water, onion, cardamom, fennel, cloves, cumin, and salt are added. Mix it well, and immediately remove it from the flame.

The meat is separated from the thigh. The meat is boiled well. The thigh bone is ground well. The boiled meat is pounded well, and finally, it takes the form of kneaded dough. The thigh bone is also finely ground. Now pulse paste, minced meat, and bone pulp are mixed well. Pure ghee, as required, is mixed in this mixture and placed on the stove. This food, called harissa, is kept on the stove until it thickens well. Finally, green mint and green fenugreek seeds are added to this harissa. It is spread over it. Kashmiri Harissa is now ready and is enchanting in taste, strength, and aroma.

Some people mix roasted goat back meat separately to increase the effectiveness and taste of this natural food. As you can see in the first picture,. Keep in mind that there is a big difference in taste and energy between the hotel and Kashmiri house harissa. This food can be prepared the best way at home. Despite all the virtues of the food, be aware of the fact that this food is hot in nature. Therefore, hot-tempered bodies should eat less and eat it during the winter season.

Kashmiri Tea

After eating harissa, Kashmiri tea is drunk, which is unique in its specialty. The tea of the Kashmir Valley is also unique from the rest of the region. It has special importance due to the cold weather here. This drink is popular not only in Kashmir but also in Pakistan and India. It is now very common to use it in events like marriages. The color of this tea is also a specific pink.

Here is the recipe and its ingredients. The essential ingredients of this drink are green tea, cardamom, cloves, almonds, pistachios, baking soda, milk, and jaggery or sugar.

It is prepared as follows:. Boil six cups of water well. After boiling, two teaspoons of green leaves and half a teaspoon of baking soda are added. The water is boiled again. Four pieces of chopped cardamom are added to it. The water is allowed to boil until it is reduced to half. At that time, add sugar and jaggery as required, and after a minute, add a spoonful of ground almonds and pistachios. After two minutes, take your prepared Kashmiri tea off the stove.

Now drink this fragrant drink to your heart’s content to remove the cold from your body and increase your energy.

This drink is also good for cold-tempered bodies and weak bodies. For hot-tempered bodies, use it only in winter and in small quantities. Otherwise, this Kashmiri tea will cause harm to them.


I have written in many of my blogs that not every food is for everybody. Rather, every food is for a body of a specific temperament due to its specific mood. Knowing your body and food temperament is very important to staying healthy and fit. It is my strong belief that the person who eats his food knowingly will never remain unhealthy, and the person who consumes food without knowing his temperament will never remain healthy.No matter how many medicines he takes or dietary precautions,.

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